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  1. I'm a bit surprised that she's not mentioned too, Mongo. Personally, I'd love to have met Miss Hepburn, but, honestly, she could have been pretty intimidating in person---maybe she needed to be admired from afar! What a dazzler she was, physically beautiful combined with a sparkling intellect. Though I'd have been worried that she'd critique everything from the china to the food to my presence at any dinner party, I would've loved to have seen her on stage, however. Since her death, I've been reviewing some of her earliest films, such as "Morning Glory" and "Christopher Strong". That's close e
  2. I don't wanna stir up a hornet's nest or dwell on ugliness, but could some informed party please tell me what ever happened to Elizabeth Hartman? She was so endearing in "Patch of Blue", I was very sorry to hear that she was plagued with mental illness throughout her brief life, though all I really know is that she killed herself. While we're on this admittedly gloomy subject, why did Susan Strasberg, the daughter of the Method guru, the original Ann Frank on Broadway and a gifted actress, die alone in a borrowed apartment? Sometimes it seems as though the old phrase should go "whom the g
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