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  1. No need to be an azz clown. I was merely stating my opinion. I didn't know I needed your permission.
  2. Marty is a classic... Diana was great in The Avengers... The Hospital was a horrible movie with a horrible script. I saw no humor in it at all and the "rape" scene was just plain revolting. George C. Scott's character was a walking hemorrhoid with no purpose.
  3. Am I only one who thinks this movie sucks?
  4. The King and I Spit On Your Grave Asphalt Jungle Book Auntie Maim The Breast with Five Fingers Godzilla vs. Ma & Pa Kettle Abominable Snowman Without A Country Grapes of Wrath of Khan Abbott & Costello Meet the Fockers Call Northside 666 Here Comes Michael Jordan Al Capone Finds Andy Hardy Libeled Lady Sings the Blues The Bachelor, the Bobby-Soxer, and Baby Makes Three Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and a Man With A Camera
  5. At least Mamie is immortalized in song: http://www.amazon.com/Mamie-Van-Doren/dp/B0013HDDAS
  6. I thought i was the only one experiencing this issue. Last time I called and complained about a pixelated picture, the tech came out (no charge) I got a credit on my bill. Still, it's a pain in the butt.
  7. 1968...are you for real? Oliver!, 2001: Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes, Night of the Living Dead, Bullitt, Funny Girl, Rosemary's Baby...What a pile of dung I get to choose from!
  8. I don't think Arlene should be silenced and I'm not a Marilyn fan either. However, the story did seem a bit contrived.
  9. Yeah, let's just destroy the film and pretend like it never happened. Like re-writing history will just make racism go away, right.
  10. OK, whose name was deleted from the opening credits? It was so obvious a poor cover-up job was done.
  11. It's Veterans Day and you are showing Mogambo? Thanks TMC pinheads!
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