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  1. Cynthia, I'd join the OKC chapter, as I live in Yukon, but I actually just got rid of my FB account in July.
  2. *Blood On the Moon*- A faithful working of the Luke Short novel, and one of the first noir westerns. Robert Preston is outstanding as the oily baddie. *Ramrod* - Joel McCrea is caught in the midst of two dueling ranches, both in the wrong. Don DeFore's character is the model for Burt Lancaster's in *The Professionals*. *Vengenace Valley* - I know, I know . . . My first three all based on Luke Short novels. Robert Walker is mean, evil, and nasty, double-crossing his father, wife, and adopted brother. *The Violent Men* - Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Brian Ke
  3. 1. The Magnificent Seven 2. The Wild Bunch 3. Jubal 4. The Violent Men (Steiner's score needs to be on CD!) 5. Rio Conchos (FINALLY coming out on DVD this summer!) I'm putting our a book in a few weeks entitled "Head `Em Off At the Pass! 95 Westerns You Should Watch" It doesn't rank the films - - - as a matter of fact, in the introduction, I mention why particulart ones aren't in the book - - - but certain ones are listed for their 'watchability.'
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