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  1. Cynthia, I'd join the OKC chapter, as I live in Yukon, but I actually just got rid of my FB account in July.
  2. Great Western. Read about this in J.M. Harrison's Head `Em Off At the Pass. A **** to make, but they sure put out a good one.
  3. This highly underrated Western is covered in J.M. Harrison's Head `Em Off At the Pass! 94 Westerns You Should Watch, about the only book that ever gives it any coverage. Wonderful film.
  4. What is your favorite of his works? I love Head `Em Off At the Pass! 94 Westerns You Should Watch. When I contacted him, he informed me he was working on a work dealing with epics.
  5. I just read one of the best book on Westerns I've ever read:). J.M. Harrison's Head `Em Off At the Pass! 94 Westerns You Should Watch is very informative and has over 400 photos, a most of which I'd never seen before. This would make a great present for the Western lover. Edited by: CCLIB on Sep 23, 2012 4:49 PM
  6. *Blood On the Moon*- A faithful working of the Luke Short novel, and one of the first noir westerns. Robert Preston is outstanding as the oily baddie. *Ramrod* - Joel McCrea is caught in the midst of two dueling ranches, both in the wrong. Don DeFore's character is the model for Burt Lancaster's in *The Professionals*. *Vengenace Valley* - I know, I know . . . My first three all based on Luke Short novels. Robert Walker is mean, evil, and nasty, double-crossing his father, wife, and adopted brother. *The Violent Men* - Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Brian Keith, and an excellent Max Steiner score. `Nuff said. *Rio Conchos* - Richard Boone is magnificent in this actioneer about keeping one's word.
  7. Really, the film is an updating of Escape from Fort Bravo when you look closely.
  8. Hour of the Gun contains one of Garner's best performances. Yet Garner said that Henry Fonda was the quintessential Wyatt Earp.
  9. 1. The Magnificent Seven 2. The Wild Bunch 3. Jubal 4. The Violent Men (Steiner's score needs to be on CD!) 5. Rio Conchos (FINALLY coming out on DVD this summer!) I'm putting our a book in a few weeks entitled "Head `Em Off At the Pass! 95 Westerns You Should Watch" It doesn't rank the films - - - as a matter of fact, in the introduction, I mention why particulart ones aren't in the book - - - but certain ones are listed for their 'watchability.'
  10. CCLIB

    Lee Remick

    I fall in love with her eyes every time I watch one of her films. She had the *sexiest* eyes the Good Lord ever created.
  11. CCLIB

    Harry Carey

    Carey so deserves a biography written about him. I was able to find an excellent copy of "Straight Shooting" at www.ioffer.com I don't know if that seller is still at that site, tho.
  12. I picked up a copy at www.ioffer.com
  13. Wonderful film. Needs to be out on DVD. Thankfully, you can watch it on Netflix.
  14. TikiSoo: Record the ones you haven't seen. "The Searchers" is considered to be a landmark Western. It's a keeper. If you're a fan of O'Hara, then go for "Rio Grande", as that's her first teaming with Wayne. I thoroughly enjoy "3 Godfathers" as well. Extremely sentimental, and a wonderful Christmas film. Back to the conversation as to Ford's behavior: Another book that deals with it quite well is Harry Carey, Jr's _Company of Heroes_. Carey developed ulcers working with Ford, yet he loved the man.
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