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  1. No matter how many times I've seen "City Lights" (and I've seen it numerous times), that ending ALWAYS chokes me up.
  2. After the last "TCM Guest Programmer" contest, I'm not so sure that I could TAKE another one! The idea was nice, but things (and people) just seemed to get out of control after a while.
  3. Do you know who I think would be great as an "Essentials" co-host? DREW BARRYMORE! She has a great sense of humor and she loves and respects vintage films....and just think of the family stories SHE would have!
  4. I just watched the promo with Robert Osborne announcing his return to TCM. He looks and sounds TERRIFIC! However, I must admit that it really seemed strange seeing him in casual clothes....even if they ARE "dressy casual"! At first I thought, "Oh no, is this going to be his new look when he returns?", but he explained that he's not wearing his usual suit and tie because he's still on vacation. Whew, that's a relief....Some things just shouldn't change!
  5. {quote:title=LoveFilmNoir wrote:}{quote}**heavy eye roll** "don't some of you guys get tired of these kinds of threads?!" ==================================== Actually, I do for a while....but I get fired up again when people say that Ben M. should be kept on TCM because he's "hot" and looks sexy in jeans. I have no problem with Ben being a host on TCM, but his "hotness" shouldn't be a deciding factor....That's what killed AMC after they axed Bob Dorian and Nick Clooney and brought in "young and hot" hosts!
  6. TikiSoo wrote: "If the host was truly a film expert he would have a fair idea of what he was saying about a film, in other words write their own script. If there was any doubt about a date, a name, etc, he would research the fact himself, just to make sure. I know several people who are truly film experts and that's how they work." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Gee, I can't imagine ANYBODY going to THAT much trouble for just a film intro!
  7. I can understand what FredCDobbs means. In Bud and Lou's earlier features like "Buck Privates" and "In The Navy", yes, technically they were the "stars" of those films....but those early entries had a LOT of romantic subplot footage where the team wouldn't be seen, and we were given long scenes with just the film's romantic couple.
  8. This doesn't concern Abbott & Costello directly, but it DOES deal with the "Comedy Team Comparison" issue that has been discussed in this thread. I often find it interesting to see how different comedy teams handled similar material or premises. In 1931 Laurel & Hardy starred in their first feature film, the prison spoof "Pardon Us" in which they were prisoners. The following year Wheeler & Woolsey starred in a feature with a very similar "prisoner" premise called "Hold 'Em Jail"....and that's where the similarity between the two films ends. The big difference is in the a
  9. A while ago I bought the Warner Archive DVD of "The Show of Shows", and although the back of the DVD case states that the film runs 123 minutes, the actual DVD clocks in at a little over an hour and is missing several key acts/musical numbers. Someone told me that they heard that Warner has re-mastered the disc so it now contains the complete (or nearly complete) film. Is this true?
  10. For the record, many "Golden Age of Hollywood" stars DID go into rehab....only back then they called those places "sanitariums" and those stars would check themselves in to "take the cure" or "dry out". Stars like John Barrymore and even W.C. Fields would TRY to kick the stuff, but they would soon go back to their old habits upon leaving the facility. A big problem in those days was the fact that many of those wild stars didn't have to suffer the consequences of their actions.....The studio heads would cover for them and make things "go away" if the stars got themselves in trouble. The
  11. > {quote:title=VP19 wrote:}{quote} > As a native Syracusan, I hope that the 2012 Cinefest will be able to use the downtown Landmark Theater (formerly the Loew's State), which is currently being renovated to expand the stage to make it a better venue for stage productions. I guess that the big question is how "film presentation friendly" the newly-renovated Landmark is once it reopens. In recent years the theater has concentrated its efforts more on live stage productions and concerts than film screenings. That does not make the theater out of the question as a future Cinefest venu
  12. Cinefest Update: Many new titles have been announced and added to our websites and Facebook page, including the East Coast premiere of the recently restored version of "The Story of Temple Drake" (Paramount, 1933) starring Miriam Hopkins and Jack Larue, which was one of the big hits of last year's TCM Film Festival. This Pre-Code drama has been painstakingly restored by The Museum of Modern Art, and a new 35mm print will be screened as part of Cinefest's big 35mm show at Syracuse's historic Palace Theatre on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Many, MANY thanks to TCM who participated in the
  13. > {quote:title=TikiSoo wrote:}{quote} > Wow! > With all the talk around here about how much everyone is enjoying these early film rarities shown on TCM, I would think more people would be fired up for Cinefest. Could Syracuse weather in March have anything to do with it? ;-) > --------------------------------------------------------- Oh, don't be so impatient, TikiSoo....give it time, give it time. Once these folks start checking out the various Cinefest-related sites and see the rare goodies that we have lined up, they will start salivating and begin to seriously consid
  14. Now you have three online sources for checking on announced film titles and other info for Cinefest: 1. Our Facebook "Cinefest" fan page (also a great place to post your comments): www.facebook.com 2. The Cinefest website: www.syracusecinefest.com 3. Patrick Picking's excellent site: www.picking.com (This site has just been updated with many newly-announced Cinefest titles). Happy surfing!
  15. Did anyone see this on "Saturday Night Live" last night?: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/the-wizard-of-oz/1261494
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