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  1. Last silent I watched was the Douglas Fairbanks Robin Hood. My kids and I had watched the Errol Flynn version, and somehow Dad got to expounding upon how that was a remake of an earlier silent movie, etc., etc. So of course they wanted to watch it too. They enjoyed it, even in black and white and "silent". I do remember thinking that I should have previewed it first though. It's a lot more violent than I had remembered. There are a few scenes that were a little too much for my kids.
  2. "Lillian's mystique" for sure! I have Lillian Gish to thank for inspiring my interest in silent films. While in college, I ran across a book on silent film stars in a used book store in which was a full-page photo of Lillian Gish. In that picture she was so breathtakingly beautiful - other-worldly - a goddess! It literally took my breath away. From that moment I was on the hunt for her films. Of course that led to an interest in D.W. Griffith, Dorothy Gish, silent films in general, other stars (Clara Bow, Mary Pickford, etc.). Thank you Miss Gish! I have seen very few talkies with L
  3. Anyone viewed the new 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray of The Last Starfighter? I remember seeing this in the theater when I was a kid. In fact I think it was a double feature with Conan the Destroyer. Great movie-fare when a kid. Haven't seen Starfighter since then, so it may not have the same appeal. Any opinions? How about video/sound quality of this new Blu-Ray? The HD-DVD version got bad reviews, so I'm really curious if Universal made improvements for this new hi-def release.
  4. It was mentioned in another thread that Murders in the Zoo (1933) is scheduled on TCM in October. I hadn't even looked that far ahead. Browsing through - it looks like there's a nice selection of pre-codes coming. Some titles interesting to me: *Behind the Mask (1932)* - With Constance Cummings and Boris Karloff. Karloff is one of my all time favorites! I don't have this one in my collection. Very exciting. Constance Cummings is nice to. One of those classic beauties that I've only recently discovered. *Black Moon (1934)* - With Fay Wray. The description sounds great: "A wo
  5. That would be absolutely awesome if Temple Drake would be included in a future Universal Pre-Code set. Anyone know if there are plans for a Forbidden Hollywood #2 set from Universal? I've been enjoying their first set; slowly making my way through it. The Cheat was good..."shocking" even. But I thought Merrily We Go to Hell was pretty dull.
  6. I agree! I'm a long-time fan of the original series, and a bit of a purist when it comes to things like this. Example - I will only watch the theatrical release versions of Star Wars; can't stand Lucas' "enhanced" versions. Although I've enjoyed all the various incarnations of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Anyway...I have loved these new enhanced Star Trek episodes. It's been really fun watching them for the new additions, changes, etc. So far I haven't seen anything that I think is too much, too over the top, etc. In my opinion it all blends pretty seamlessly and often times truly
  7. I love Blade Runner - and have enjoyed all of Scott's various versions. As a big fan of film noir, however, I actually enjoy the original theatrical cut, the best. I like Harrison Ford's voice-over, which is so '40s film noir. The Blu-ray of this film is absolutely beautiful; amazing! It was like seeing this movie for the first time. And all those extra features! I still haven't made my way through all the interviews, documentaries, etc.
  8. Why has Temple Drake never been released on DVD? I don't remember ever seeing it on TCM either? I don't get it. This is one of the most infamous pre-codes ever! I would think it would be a hot seller on DVD.
  9. Another issue to think of for the long term is possible degradation of medium and image with time. This may well be a factor for disks, but it certainly comes into play for VHS tape. Tapes deteriorate with time. Absolutely! I started tranferring my hundreds of vhs tapes worth of TCM recordings to DVD+R discs and thought I was safe; that they would be permanently "archived" for the rest of my life span. Unfortunately, as I have discovered, this is not necessarily true. Because the dye used in burnable DVD-R and DVD+R discs degrades over time, anything recorded to these discs is not pe
  10. It is possible to make your own "enhanced anamorphic" DVD-Rs, however, if you have a widescreen digital TV with a component output. Adjust the TV to show the telecast in a "squeezed" format, and record it onto DVD-R through that output. The DVD will then have a squeezed image which, when played back through the TV's normal input (with the TV set to unsqueeze it), will fill the screen to the same extent a commercial enhanced DVD does. Very cool! I'll play around with this. Thanks!
  11. To show a real "anamorphic" image on TV would squeeze the whole wide screen down to a narrow screen for everyone who still has an old picture-tube TV. I hadn't thought about that. Makes perfect sense. Thanks!
  12. I really appreciate TCM showing widescreen movies letterboxed in order to show films as orginially intended by the film makers. However, on my 50" Panasonic it appears that TCM's broadcasts are not anamorphic as most widescreen DVDs are. It's basically a 4:3 image with the film letterboxed within. So, on my big screen the aspect ratio of the film is very narrow. I can compensate by switching the display with the zoom function, but then there's some loss in overall picture quality. Anyone know if TCM broadcasts widescreen movies anamorphically? If so, is it possible I don't have my cable bo
  13. Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of the Busby Berkeley Collection Volume 2 on 16th September 2008. The collection features four more Berkeley classics which are new to Region 1 DVD including Gold Diggers of 1937, Gold Diggers in Paris, Hollywood Hotel and Varsity Show. Awesome! Fantastic! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! This is good news. Keep these great sets coming Warner Bros. Would like to see *Fashions of 1934* though. Has some really amazing Berkeley numbers. The dance numbers are on the Busby Berkeley disc, but the whole film hasn't made it to DVD ye
  14. *whistlingypsy*: Don't know that I have a really good response. Pre-code is an era rather than a genre, and within that era many pre-code films of numerous genres were made. Some are more characteristic of "womens films"; I immediately think of The Easiest Way, The Sin of Madelon Claudet, and Baby Face. Pre-codes that focus on the challenges women face in trying to make it on their own in the world, struggling against the power/oppression of men. I suppose this genre of Pre-codes may not be very popular with men. I don't know. I'm a man, and I still enjoy these. First, I enjoy them for
  15. Okay...was able to watch The Animal Kingdom and Penthouse last night. Both are definitely solid pre-codes - but they are very different from one another. Animal Kingdom (1932) is quite mature in subject matter - Leslie Howard's character had a "free", "open" and "intimate" relationship with Ann Harding's character. But now he's engaged to Myrna Loy's character. Most of the film focuses on the temptation of being unfaithful to the new wife because the lure of the former relationship is so strong. Lots of frank dialog about sex, affairs, "free love", love triangles, etc. A rather slo
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