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  1. Born this day October 15th: Lead/co-star Tanya Roberts is 52. Appealing blonde actress from the Bronx, remembered as "Sheena" on the big Screen. In "California Dreaming", "The Beastmaster", "A View to a Kill", "Body Slam", "Inner Sanctum", "Almost Pregnant", etc. Married twice (currently since 1974). She joined the girls on TVs "Charlie's Angels" during the last season. Appears on "That '70s Show" as Midge. ********************************************* Lead/co-star Penny Marshall is 65. Talented actress/director in "The Grasshopper", "Where's Poppa?", "How Sweet It Is!", "1941", "Move
  2. Born this day October 14th: Lead/co-star Lori Petty is 44. Feisty, offbeat actress, remembered as Geena Davis' kid sister in "A League of Their Own". Also in "Cadillac Man", "Free Willy", "Poetic Justice", "Tank Girl" good role, ", "MacArthur Park", "Prey for Rock and Roll", "The Karate Dog", etc. She also designs Positive clothing via the internet and in retail stores. ******************************************* Lead/co-star Cliff Richard is 67. Capable actor and popular singer from Britian. In "Serious Charge", "Expresso Bongo" w/Laurence Harvey, "The Young Ones", "Summer Holiday",
  3. "Hi Bartlett2 I was just wondering did Ms. Day also play in the TV show Julia?" Hi drdoolittle! I don't believe so... She appeared in the Made for TV movie in 1975 called "Murder on Flight 502". She also appeared in 1986 on a two part episode of "Murder She Wrote", with Angela Lansbury! Bartlett
  4. Born this day October 13th: Lead/co-star Kelly Preston is 45. Attractive starlet, in "Christine" about the car, "52 Pick-Up", "Twins", "Only You", "Citizen Ruth", "Jerry Maguire", "Jack Frost", "The Cat in the Hat", "Broken Bridges", etc. Married to John Travolta since 1991 (2 children). 1 child from prior marriage. She dated George Clooney and lived with Charlie Sheen (who hasn't?). ************************************************* Co-star/support Pamela Tiffin is 65. Pretty, pert actress, favored by Billy Wilder for the female lead in his "One, Two, Three" (Golden Globe nominee). Al
  5. Born his day October 12th: Lead/co-star Kirk Cameron is 37. Appealing actor, hit it big as Mike Seaver on the TV series "Growing Pains" (Golden Globe nominee). In "The Best of Times", "Like Father Like Son", "Listen to Me", etc. Also successful in the "Left Behind" video series as Buck Williams. Married to actress Chelsea Noble since 1991 (6 children of which 4 are adopted). He and Chelsea are among the founders of Camp Firefly and The Firefly Foundation, which sponsor camping trips for terminally-ill children & their families. ********************************************* Lead/co
  6. Born this day October 11th: Lead/co-star Michelle Trachtenberg is 22. Cute and petite actress, made a splash as "Harriet the Spy". In "Melissa, "Inspector Gadget", "Can't Be Heaven", "Euro Trip", "Ice Princess", "Beautiful Ohio", etc. Loves to play tennis. On the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Dawn, and the soap "All My Chldren", etc. ********************************************** Lead/co-star Sean Patrick Flanery is 42. Promising, good-looking Irish actor, made an impression in "Powder", as an albino with super knectic powers. In "Frank and Jesse", The Grass Harp", "Eden", "
  7. Virna Lisi is still a **** today! As well as Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren! All three are and have been Beautiful and set the silver screen on fire with that "Hot" Italian blood that makes every Red Blooded American Guy "Drool !" Bartlett
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONGO!!!! I wish to congratulate You on your Special day with the news, that the TCWebAdmin has informed me you are the most popular Board Member that other Board Members utilize the "Ignore Member" Function option and with just cause!.......... LOL! Seriously .................(That is what the WebAdmin told me!) .............LOL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONGO! ( JOE ) on your very Special Day...... Have FUN & Plenty of LAUGHS! Also although I haven't seen many posting's ( Last post July 10th, 2007 ) from this Board Member........if your out ther
  9. Born this day October 10th: Co-star/support Bradley Whitford is 48. Dependable actor, in "Vital Signs", Awakenings", "Scent of a Woman", "My Life" good role, "Philadelphia", "The Client", "The Muse", "Bicentennial Man", "Kate & Leopold", "Father and Sons", etc. Married to Jane Kaczmarek (3 children). On TVs "The West Wing" as Josh Lyman (won Emmy Award), and as Danny Tripp on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". ******************************************** Lead/co-star Ben Vereen is 61 today. Essential, impressive actor/dancer, in "Sweet Charity", "Funny Lady" (Golden Globe nominee),
  10. Happy Birthday John Lennon!...... I am still in a state of shock because of that tragic December 8th, 1980, night when that Bastard Madman Mark David Chapman took your life. May he Fry in Hell real soon for it! You wrote the greatest song I ever heard.."In My Life"...and I am thankful that you shared part of "Your Life" with me one of your biggest Fans! God Bless You John, and I hope you have found the "Peace" you were looking for during your short stay on this violent planet! The hurt of your departure is still strong and deep for me! Bartlett
  11. Born this day October 9th: Lead/co-star Scott Bakula is 53. Dependable, rugged actor, in "Sibling Rivalry", "Necessary Roughness" good role, "Color of Night", "A Passion to Kill", "Lord of Illusions", "American Beauty", "Above Suspicion", "Life as a House", etc. Married twice (4 children). Star of the TV series "Quantum Leap" (he received 4 Emmy nominations) and won Golden Globe Award. Also appeared on "Star Trek: Enterprise", "Murphy Brown", etc. ********************************************** Lead/co-star Tony Shaloub is 54. Talented, comedic actor, in "Longtime Companion", "Quick Ch
  12. You have Fanatics on this Message Board who resent the fact.,,,.That some of us would like to see quality..... "Made For Television Movies"........... ( i.e. "The Corn Is Green w/ Katherine Hepburn"................"The Execution of Private Slovik w/ Martin Sheen............."Brian's Song w/ James Caan & Billy Dee Williams..........."Sybil w/ Sally Fields etc. ).................. and you want "The Andy Williams Show" ?........... LOL! Fat Chance!.............You would have better odds in winning the Lottery five times in a row! Some Board Members rather see "Good Times" with Sonny
  13. Born this day October 8th: Lead/co-star Matt Damon is 37. Talented, blond-haired actor, Oscar nominated best actor for "Good Will Hunting" (won best screenplay Oscar with Ben Affleck). In "Mystic Pizza", "School Ties", "Courage Under Fire", "The Rainmaker", "Saving Private Ryan" (title role), "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (Golden Globe nominee), "Ocean's Eleven", "The Bourne Identity", "Stuck on You", "Euro Trip", "The Bourne Supremacy", "Ocean's Twelve", etc. Married in 2005 (1 daughter). Once lived with Wynona Ryder. ******************************************* Lead/co-star Sigourney Weav
  14. For some reason...I can't read your message! Bartlett
  15. That Pumpkin was Scary?.......Now "Good Times" with Sonny & Cher.....That is Scary!! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!! Bartlett
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