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  1. I watched Read Window Saturday night on TCM, so I was able to connect the use of binoculars to enhance the watchers' vision in the two films. I think the idea of a watcher is one of Hitchcock's touches: the powerfulness and the powerlessness of the watcher would have appealed to him. Not to mention the tension of the audience watching the watcher and anticipating his being caught. I think I would call this an everyday sort of suspense--a definite theme along with the blond, the ironic social commentary, and the hint of greater menace with the purloined introduction letter. I love silent fi
  2. I don't believe their end is happy. The water under their bridge is too deep, too dark and too swift. It will collapse and leave them both floundering alone.
  3. This scene always makes me sad because Gilda is in so much emotional pain. The real, fragile woman must be protected by the outrageous flirt. Is that the essence of noir character? A person whose life experiences created a hard shell that is able to deflect emotional arrows? Noir characters are so much more than they seem on the exterior.
  4. I did my work for "The Heist" module this morning; then I spent the next six hours dissecting films. It was delicious. Tomorrow I'm going to re-read The Maltese Falcon (it's been a few years since I last read it) and then watch the film with my newly educated eye. Now, back to the television.
  5. "The moon never beams without bringing me dreams" of Bette Davis in The Letter. The moon, the line from "Annabel Lee" and Bette Davis have been entwined in my mind since the first time I saw the movie. The moon is a character that has aided her romance as the moon always does, but, now it's ready to reveal its true motive to her and to us--the bright light of the moon shows the dark side of love.
  6. The opening scene made me anxious because of the absence of music; I just heard an empty silence punctuated by the everyday sounds of life. I actually jumped when the car horn blew at little Elsa. My mind expects music to accompany a film, so no music, no orchestra made me feel like I was watching from a window.
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