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  1. I love this film and I have it in my collection, but i do feel that Bogey was a tad bit old for the part, though he was a fine actor and managed to pull it off. I think Bill Holden was miscast too as the younger brother. But a lot of casting has to do with box office. Apparently the execs thought these guys could bring in the crowds and they did. The movie was a hit. Today it's a classic and stands the test of time.
  2. I understand, though she was beautiful, she had a very small bosom. Women with great sex appeal have always had big ones.
  3. Don't forget My man Godfrey, with Carole Lombard and William Powell. This was a romantic comedy depicting the great depression. A cute film, well worth seeing.
  4. The greatest, most notorious romance of all time has to be that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I was a young teenager when the affair was going on. I followed it avidly in all the fan magazines. It was a great love. It's a story that will be told and retold. Too bad their marriage didn't last, but it held for 20 years. For showbusiness people, that's a whole lifetime.
  5. Thought you might be interested in knowing that Birth of A Nation was Margaret mitchell's favorite film. She was a young girl when the movie was first released.She would go to the local theater and watch it over and over again and dream of writing a great epic like that. Of course you know that the story was based on The Clansman by Thomas Dixon, Mitchell's favorite author. The Dixon influence is apparent in the Mitchell book. After GWTW was published and the film released, Thomas Dixon sent Margaret a congratulatory fan letter. She was thrilled, to at last receive validation from her favorite
  6. I approve. Old ski nose Hope was one of the great commedians of all time.My favorite Hope film was Son Of Paleface, with Jane Russell and Roy Rogers. I have it in my collection.
  7. I've never been too big on war films, but I did enjoy From Here To Eternity. I guess I really liked the human interest angle.
  8. Gee, this makes me a little jealous. I was writing books from the age of eight, but nobody was interested-then.
  9. I recall the case well. It makes little difference to me weather the charges are dropped, or not. But when a person has committed this sort of crime, he's marked for life, at least in the minds of most people. How many parents would trust their kids around him? There's always some kind of justice in the end.
  10. Peck was credible enough in the part, but it was Audrey who didn't quite convince me. I felt she was trying to do a take off on Grace Kelly, who was quite popular at he time. Audrey's best role was Holly Golightly. She was much more believable.
  11. My favorite by far was George C. Scott. He really did the part justice. I've seen the other actors too. But Scott's portrayal was something special. He literally became that person. He was a very fine actor. I think we lost him a few years ago. Everyone look this one up, especially if you haven't seen it.
  12. What about A Tree Growns in Brooklyn? I loved that film. I believe the star was Peggy Ann Gardner. Correct me if I'm wrong. I never get tired of watching it.
  13. Gilbert couldn't work for another studio, because MGM still had him under contract. Shortly before his death, Gilbert made a desperate plea in the newspaper, stating that MGM would neither give him work or release him from his contract. So great was his hatred for the actor, Mayer wouldn't budge. Gilbert died shortly after. This statement was made in- When The Lion Roars, a vhs of the old MGM studios. It will be out in dvd soon. I recommend it. Message was edited by: carolynkingsley
  14. John Gilbert was a handsome guy and a pretty good actor. But when he got to having off screen romances with L.B. Mayer's women, that's what really finished him. One pays a high price when he crosses a powerful man.
  15. I'm related to Wade Hampton, the great Civil War hero. Hampton is to South Carolina as Robert E. lee was to Virginia. Hampton's mother was a Price and my maiden name was Price, so it's from his mother's side. Oh-- and in 1876 he was elected governor of the state, ending reconstruction. Hampton restored home rule to South Carolina.
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