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  1. I love 'em. Just love 'em. Since I was a little whipper with a typical short attention span, I love watching quick moving cartoons, comedies, and especially when I was a kid, I was wild about under-cranked fast moving people and cars and everything else in what then were called "Old Time Movies". That ment they didn't sound,...to me. i still love em, Columbias - EW Hammond Educationals - Universals (which we rarely see) - MGMs - Paramounts (again-rare, since UM & M/NTA went belly up) - 20th Fox & Educational - Warners.... All these 1 and 2 reel short subjects are only used for filler between the major attractions on TCM. These great glimpses into past decades of socialability of "our world" were at least heralded by local theaters with the occasion marquee hanger, ---"Also Selected Short Subjects", same message we saw as a snipe spliced into the trailer reel every day. What do to?? What to do? It seems TCM has just about cornered the market on every Hollywood studio's output. Major Studio's. TCM doesn't have a library of features from Tiffany - Chesterfield - Grand National - PRC - and about another 20 Poverty Row studios. But this is a topic for another day. Let's talk shorts!! Back in the 50's-60's-70's, local tv stations had a block of time weekdays when housewives (work at home women) were planning and preparing the evening mean, and kids had arrived from school with no thought of homework, and basically nothing much to do, except watch kiddie shows on tv. Local hosts in every corner of the US got local and national advertising and ran these short films - serials - comedies & cartoons. What happened to all this great material?? It's out now on DVD's form those that care to rent or buy the disks. Why couldn't TCM get some of this material and set aside a block of time each day, AGAIN, like local stations did. This wouldn't stop TCM from still running filler shorts. At least then we would know that at a certain time of day we could look forward to some "brain down time" to enjoy some light hearted good 'ol short subjects. TCM already has an agreement with Hallmark or whomever has the current rights the MGM Hal Roach talking comedies. Suppose TCM secured the rights to the Columbia talking comedies output. The Old TV package was called the HOT 100. Then Columbia, ...er Screen Gems added another 100. These 200 were over and above the Three Stooges which is over 170 alone. These Columbia comedies starred some of the greatest vaudevillian and film stars of the 20's & 30's starring in their own "short feature", so to speak. Columbia/Sony has issued the entire output of Charley Chase (formerly of Hal Roach), Buster Keaton (formeraly of MGM & EW Hammond), Joe Besser, Joe Di Rita, and has generated a nice "poke full" of Shemp Howard some with ANDY CLYDE who had the second most output of shorts just behind the Stooges. This doesn't even include the existing Warner Bros shorts, and we might even add Paramount, and I would LOVE to see some Universal Slim Summerville shorts from the 30's - 40's. Whuddya Say TCM. An Idea with merit??
  2. I have been a movie "person" since age 5.  I got it from my grandfather.  I feel that to really appreciate the amount of work and technology going into today's motion pictures, I need to appreciate and acknowledge the history of the medium and all those that have and continue to pursue MOVIES.

  3. Many moons ago, when I was a late night TV station air switcher (back when switching was done manually) at a CBS station, they started a late night series called "The CBS Late Night Movie"---catchy huh?? One of the films was "Cry of the Hunted" with Barry Sullivan, Polly Bergan, Vittorio Gassman, and William Conrad.k What's chances of that showing up in the TCM library any time soon?????
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