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  1. Thank you, Bronxie! And the perfect pic to help me celebrate! 😍
  2. Happy Birthday to you, Bronxie! You are a treasure. Know that you are loved by many. I hope you enjoy your day.
  3. 1918: Hell Bent > Shoulder Arms > The Eyes of the Mummy 1928: The Man Who Laughs > Spies > Laugh, Clown, Laugh 1938: Port of Shadows > Sidewalks of London > The Lady Vanishes 1948: Raw Deal > Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein > The Lady from Shanghai 1958: Vertigo > Some Came Running > Touch of Evil 1968: Once Upon a Time in the West > 2001: A Space Odyssey > Firecreek 1978: Halloween > Superman > Convoy 1988: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! > A Fish Called Wanda > They Live 1998:
  4. Happy Birthday, Bronxilla! I hope you have fun terrorizing a city full of good eats! You are beloved by me. All the best.
  5. A very Happy Birthday to you, Movieman! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones. Albeit a soggy one! And congratulations on your daughter getting married! Are you now broke? 😀 Miss G is doing pretty good. She's still snippy as ever!
  6. Howdy, MusicMan! How's your world? Thank you for the b-day wishes! I do check the site on occasion. Lots of changeover since I was posting regularly. But I enjoy some of the newer folks. I text Miss G and Sweet T most every day. I also text with Rohanaka. She has a birthday coming up. I mostly return to the site for Bronxie. We exchange birthday and holiday wishes. She's a peach. And hello to SansFin!
  7. Howdy, Laffite! Great to see you! I like your Vertigo creation. Judy isn't happy to see Scottie! Mine is from To Catch a Thief; My darling "Francie". And I still love your avatar. One of my very favorites. And thank you for the birthday wish! Bonjour, Bronxie! A Blacula double-feature works for me! I have the two on DVD. I've never seen the sequel. i need to check it out!
  8. Thank you very much, Bronxie! You are always so very kind. I appreciate the birthday greeting. And that you remember.
  9. A very Happy Birthday to you, Bronxie! You are one of the best! You're still so much fun. I think you're getting younger.
  10. Thank you, Quiet Gal and Bronxilla! I know I'm quite late in replying but I've been slow to get back on the horse.
  11. I love "The Incident". I saw it back in the early days of the Fox Movie Channel and I was mesmerized. It's very much a social commentary. Rather similar to "Lady in a Cage", in many ways. I've had a small list of films I want a DVD release for and this has been on the list forever. I'm amazed that Fox has never released it.
  12. Amazon, Deep Discount, and the Criterion site get close to the B&N price but are still a little more. That is, if you're a member. Now if your B&N accepts a coupon during the sale, they blow the others out the water. My B&N always honored the coupons until this last November, when new employees were "by the book". Before that, I'd use the coupons on pricey Criterion boxes. A $100 box was had for $38.16 in PA (6% sales tax). Basically 62% off.
  13. I buy all my Criterions during the Barnes and Noble sales in July and November. That's 50% off. Plus members get 10% off. Some B&N stores even honor their coupons with Criterions. Although the coupons explicitly say not to.
  14. Yesterday was not a fun day. Lots of snow removal. We ended up getting about 19 inches. It's the second highest snow total for Harrisburg in the month of March.
  15. Good afternoon, Piecemaker -- Well, there is no accounting for tastes sometimes.. ha. My brothers all liked it too. (they were still in highschool and junior high for the most part... that was likely more the standard audience for that show, overall) But you never know why someone will like something. I once dated a boy (way... way back when I was in highschool. You know.. practically dinosaur days. ha) and his little sister (she was 7) ABSOLUTELY l-o-v-e LOVED The Dukes of Hazard. If you knew that little girl, you'd NEVER have suspected she would.. very prissy.. very much a "princess" but oh
  16. I admire such collecting, Mr. Gorman. I got a kick out of your Meatballs story.
  17. This is an example of the softer focus shots:
  18. If you don't mind me asking, is that the Shout Factory Dreamscape release? How's the quality? It's the Shout Factory issue. I haven't watched it yet, but here's a review from DVD Beaver: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film6/blu-ray_reviews_74/dreamscape_blu-ray.htm The same question about The Vikings (although I know that's not Shout Factory). I have both films on DVD, but have been considering the Blu ray upgrade. I have watched The Vikings. I never saw the film before. Very beautiful-looking film. I thought the image was pretty good. The transfer shows some grain. Where the l
  19. What I've bought this year, so far: Working Girl (Blu) Dreamscape (Blu) The Fireball The Accused Life Stinks (Blu) An American Tragedy 1977 World Series Hitchcock (Blu) Sing Street (Blu) The Thomas Crown Affair (Blu) The Vikings (Blu) On Golden Pond (Blu) Andy Hardy Volumes 1 & 2 It Ain't Hay Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema (Blu) The Color of Money (Blu) The Dangerous Years Meatballs (Blu) Her (Blu) The Hitcher The Italian Job No Way to Treat a Lady The Little Rascals Collector's Edition Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men (Blu) The Secret of NIMH (Blu) Sophia L
  20. I will suggest that you watch: Rhubarb (1951) because it also has Ray Milland and concerns baseball. Darnit! I don't have that one recorded and I don't see it on YouTube. The DVD is way too pricey to buy, too. I shall keep an eye out for it. Thank you for the suggestion, SansFin.
  21. Well 1932 is the pre-code era; Did Ford take advantage of that? That's not Ford's style, to be salacious. But there is more of a sexual element to this than most Ford pics. I.e. one should be able to make a more interesting and compelling film based on the same source material in the pre-code era than the production-code era. Less restrictions with script but film-making and performances are still being crafted during this time. It's often a production hodge-podge. Hugh upgrade in casting for the Hawks film, but I'm bias since Grant and Arthur are two of my top 5 favorites
  22. Instead of hogging the "Rambles" thread, I thought I'd just post what I've watched lately, here. Ski Party (1965) -- I quite enjoyed this surreal mix of Some Like It Hot with Dobie Gillis plus James Brown and the Famous Flames. Loved Annette Funicello's "cameo". Plus there's Batgirl! Angels in the Outfield (1951) -- I felt like watching some baseball flicks with spring training going on. Also, I always liked that DianaBat used to watch baseball films when baseball was starting. So some board nostalgia for me. This is a sweet picture. Paul Douglas excels in these kind of roles; the
  23. I watched Air Mail on YouTube last evening. I thought it was quite good. Although a different ending could have made the film really good. For those of you who may not know, the film is basically the first telling of Only Angels Have Wings. Ralph Bellamy is in the "Cary Grant" role, leading a group of pilots who are to deliver the mail in all conditions. Yeah, you heard right. Ralphie boy. Certainly a different dynamic. You will also find some similarities to other characters in Only Angels Have Wings. Slim Summerville plays a similar character to that of "Kid Dabb" (Thomas Mit
  24. Hiya, Bronxie -- I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, even though I can't believe you've never seen it before! I was actually a little disappointed. I just didn't find the humor as good since Bud and Lou were separated so much. Gale Sondergaard plays a mediumistic housekeeper (I won't spoil what Binnie Barnes says to her by way of introduction) who conducts a seance to contact "the ghosts of the well" and find out why their spirits are bound to Danbury Manor until "crack of doom". The seance scene has some genuinely spooky moments which are satisfyingl
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