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  1. I'm curious why there isn't anything (that I can find at least) on the website promoting the series (how do you make that word plural?)? I always run to this site to read up on the movies I watch or when I see a group of related movies like this. I'd be much more interested in watching these series, many that I've never heard of, if I could get a little more information on them. No, it's not required, but knowing more about what I'm watching increases my enjoyment! If there is an article would someone point me in the right direction, please? I've checked the News section and don't know whe
  2. Frank, don't take this the wrong way but I might just be a little bit in love with you. At the very least, I'm in love with this thread, the wonderful pictures you, and others, have posted and your love of Hitchcock. Recently, I've set an early new year's resolution to watch all of Hitchock's movies in 2008 so to discover these two threads you've started is just wonderful. I'm a big fan of Hitch's early work especially The 39 Steps, Foreign Correspondent and Lifeboat. I'm embarassed to admit that I fell asleep during Murder! I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this particular probl
  3. Thanks for the explanation and I do understand how difficult it must be to change the schedule on such short notice. It's a little easier to take when I noticed that there are five or six Kerr films coming up in the next few months. I would like to put in a request for a day of her films, possibly next year during her birthday or during summer under the stars. And, if the lesser known films could be included, that would be wonderful. I love the 'big' films you show but, for me, the true value of your channel is in the lesser known and/or not as easily available films that you show.
  4. This is a wonderful thread! I'm sorry I've discovered it so late. It's going to take quite a while to catch up with all of your previous spotlights. But, I look forward to it! Thanks for creating this wonderful thread and taking the time to research the stars. And, all those wonderful pictures!
  5. I obviously should have previewed my original post. I know it's James Stewart, not Steward. *facepalm*
  6. I'm still a bit of a novice on the TCM boards so I have no idea whether or not a thread with suggestions for what stars to feature next August will be read or taken into consideration by The Powers That Be. Even if not, I thought it would be fun for community members to put there ideas out there. Here are mine: First, I'd like to see a couple more character actors: Eve Arden Charles Coburn Frank Morgan Beulah Bondi Other stars: Laraine Day Teresa Wright Van Heflin (he might be considered a character actor) Vivien Leigh Leslie Howard Rock Hudson James Steward (might as
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