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    Writing, reading, films, music...cats.
  1. We all know that DISH is the "Tracphone of Television", i.e., if you use up all your gigabytes allowed for the month, customers must purchase more just to check email (when bundling internet and tv) but now they've shown just how greedy they really are: a multi-billion dollar corporation that treats it's customers like waste. I encourage all DISH employees to stage a walk-out, as I'm sure the stress from complaining customers is more than they can bear. Or, if we the customers had the courage to boycott them entirely, that could work too. How much more of their greed can we stand? Do they rea
  2. Love the concept of Essentials Jr., but will someone tell Bill that the word "picture" is not pronounced "pitcher"?
  3. What a shame that the copy of YOUNG WIDOW, which just began in my time zone, is in such a sorry state. If ever a film needed restoration, it's this one, unless you just somehow got a hold of a really bad print. And it wasn't the best copy of the previous film you just ran, with spots all over Walter Huston and lines on Jane Russell face---not the kind we have in real life. I hope these don't end up in worse shape than they are now.
  4. I love being able to suggest a movie, and a few of my requests were fulfilled, although it could have been a coincidence. At any rate, I think it would be extremely cool if we, the audience, could vote on these suggestions. You do want to keep your viewers happy, right? Well, you have been and I thank you. But please give this some thought. Bam "Baminark" Carle
  5. You are SO right. The best does mean favorite to a lot of folks.
  6. And the only place I have to go to see the old cartoons is Internet Archives, which is better than nothing. Seems like TCM hardly ever shows them anymore like they used to, another shame.
  7. My sister has Antenna TV where she lives (in L.A.) and loves it, but the cable carrier I currently have (Xfinity) does not offer it, not where I live anyway. But like I responded above: sooner or later, I HOPE, they'll be back on tv. At least, best of the best.
  8. I hear you. Route 66 currently is being shown, and I cannot believe what happened when I first discovered this channel. I was in another room and heard the theme song and all of a sudden I had the most vivid memory of putting my jammies on and brushing my teeth and then my mom would let me stay up with my big sisters and watch it. It blew me away. And yes, I'm a member of "the club", all except for the grandma part...but aunt will do fine! There were some good shows in the 80's, but they're only "classic" to that younger "demographic", as they like to say. And I remember the old NICK to
  9. This being my first visit to the TCM message boards, I was just wondering if anyone ever considered how great it would be if they could create a "Turner Classic Television" channel. The problem I have with TVLand is that they consider shows made in the '80's "classics". I'm talking about REAL classic tv, like "Your Show of Shows", Burns and Allen and other shows from the '50's, when television was new. I love the fact that they're airing some of the old "theater" shows, which were dramas that were not a "series" concept, but a different story, different cast every week. There is a local chan
  10. Well, now you can all call me stoopit because I do not know anything about "TCM HD". Since I'm otherwise occupied, this being the anniversary of my birth, could you save me the trouble of scrambling around this site and briefly tell me, and most likely many others, just what that is? If you reviewed this film, I'd love to read it. Thanks again. You've all been a huge help!
  11. Well, I was online at the time, but what I saw was just as I said: they said their mom and apple pie dialogue, THE END appeared, then it jumped right into the second ending with NO placard. None. My tv is four feet away from my computer monitor, and I guess it's possible that I blinked or something, but I don't see how I could have missed it, if it came up between THE END and the second ending. Thanks, though. I remember I was wrong once before...lol.
  12. Thank you, folks. Since I did see the film end, and then jump right back into the middle of a scene b/t Shearer and Gable, I know I would have seen the aforementioned placard had it been included. Then there would have been no confusion on my part, since I can read. And though I am a devout fan of RO's and TCM, I somehow missed his explanation on the two endings. Thanks to all for responding---makes this site AND all the wonderful movies they show so much more fun.
  13. Umm, okay...what was that? Just sitting here at the computer, with TCM on across the room, and the film ended, or so I thought. Apparently, the film had two different endings, and right after the MGM lion appeared, with THE END stuck across the screen, up came the other ending. Am I right? Without any explanation by Mr. Osborne afterwards, unfortunately. Please: someone confirm that I am not losing what's left of my mind. I didn't get to see the very beginning, having been in the other room. Did he announce at the beginning that two endings would air? Probably not, since it came on during the
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