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  1. Dear Larry, I wonder if anyone could tell me how to find Red Skelton singing "By the Waters of Minnetonka," or point me toward other performances of the song. I've only heard it on a record sung by my great-grandmother, Edna Lieurance, who was really a very fine soprano. I see copies of the sheet music on ebay all the time! I plan to save the "From Russia with love" thread for the cold season, and a hot whiskey. :-) I've gotten quite dizzy reading your reminiscences, trying to conjure for myself what it would have been like to hobnob with such a glittering set. I need to get back in touch with the real world! May I ask, are you still involved with the Calgary Symphony? The "Beethoven in the Badlands" idea sounds quite epic! Classical music is dear to my heart, and I host a classical radio program on my town's public radio station. Melodiously, Cara
  2. Dear Larry, It's been forty-four pages and (for me) three days absorbed in your stories, and I have to say: you don't need to write a book. Because it is all right here on this wonderful thread, on a terrific-if-slightly-flawed website, available to everyone at no cost, and I for one can't thank you enough. This thread has many layers-- your travels and travails, other posters' stories, along with your reminiscences-- that would never end up in a book, that I loved reading equally as much. Thank you again. I grew up in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, by the way, not too far from the Alberta border. My parents were from Kansas but Dad was lured north with the promise of a music teaching job and his own Thoreau-ian aspirations. My father now lives in Red Deer. He is an instrument repair technician and the reason I play the flute semi-professionally today. I have one slightly famous person in my family: my great-grandfather was composer Thurlow Lieurance, who wrote "By the Waters of the Minnetonka." Nowhere near the scale of Nell, though! All the best, Cara
  3. Wow, what a buzz! Follow this link (and look down the page a little) to see an incredible live performance of the "Mambo" from West Side Story, recorded this month at the BBC Proms. Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. The conductor, who grew up in poverty in Venezuela, is the toast of the classical world right now; he's just been snatched up by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. http://gtltornt.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/venuezuela-triunfa-en-los-proms/ Here's a little about the musicians, from an article in The Observer: He and his orchestra are but the apex of a unique enterprise; the zenith of something deeply rooted in Venezuela, formally entitled the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela, but known simply as El Sistema. Inspired and founded in 1975 under the slogan 'Play and fight!' by the extraordinary social crusader Jose Antonio Abreu, El Sistema flourished with a simple dictum: that in the poorest slums of the world, where the pitfalls of drug addiction, crime and despair are many, life can be changed and fulfilled if children can be brought into an orchestra to play the overwhelmingly European classical repertoire. And that is what happened. The road taken by Dudamel and his orchestra is one along which some 270,000 young Venezuelans are now registered to aspire, playing music across a land seeded with 220 youth orchestras from the Andes to the Caribbean. Sorry about the tenuous association with classic movies; I only go to two message boards, and the other one is for Irish whistle enthusiasts! It's just so good though, especially if you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the work day. Cara
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