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  1. I know this film was scheduled to air this week, but it has been cancelled. I'm assuming there was a schedulde shift as a result of the June Allyson tribute. Does anyone have any info on this or if /when it will air again? What about DVD or VHS availability?
  2. You are all so right. I don't think we will ever see the likes of her talent again. Almost all of her generation of film legends are gone now - Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Cary Grant, and so many others. I believe that Kate embodied the very soul of American womanhood at a time when "bombshell" was the selling buzzword in Hollywood. A bombshell she was not, she was the bomb itself, and she exploded on the silver screen with radiance, regality, intellect, charm and wit - traits that so many of her modern day counterparts could not personify if they tried. My favorites are "Undercurrent", "The Philadelphia Story", "Guess Whose Coming to Dinner", "Bringing up Baby" and "On Golden Pond." Goodbye Kate, and thank you. Be an Angel now, be an Angel among Angels.
  3. Ben Hur - Charlton Heston, 1959 Laura - Gene Tierney The Best Years of Our Lives - Dana Andrews Vertigo - Jimmy Stewart Carmen Jones - Dorothy Dandridge, 1954 Dr. Zhivago - Omar Sharif A Streetcare Named Desire - Marlon Brando Mutiny on the Bounty - Marlon Brando version Stormy Weather - Lena Horne North by Northwest - Cary Grant Leave Her to Heaven - Gene Tierney The Day the Earth Stood Still - Michael Rennie Now Voyager - Bette Davis Sunset Blvd - Gloria Swanson Stalag 17 - William Holden The Bridge on the River Kwai - William Holden The Longest Day - Everyone was in this film! Zanuck takes credit! I really can't stop -not a movie, I just can't stop! 30 Seconds Over Tokyo! A Place in the Sun - Elizabeth Taylor -this should have been 1st! Giant - James Dean East of Eden - James Dean Rebel Without a Cause - James Dean National Velvet - Little Elizabeth Taylor The Magnificent Ambersons - better than Citizen Kane in my humble opinion. War of the Worlds Okay, I'll stop now -whew!
  4. As we all are aware, AMC owns the rights to the 20th Century Fox and Paramount classic films. They used to do such wonderful things with those films - like show them!!! Now, they are too busy showing Cher movies and the Indiana Jones movies every other month. Prime example - "The Fall of the Roman Empire" starring Sophia Loren and Stephen Boyd. I have not seen in quite a long time and now it can't be purchased in the U.S. because it's been discontinued. AMC has not shown this film in years. What happened to them? Are they trying to appeal to 14 year olds or something? Thank GOD for TCM! Remember the days of Nick Clooney? What was the other guy's name? Not Burke, b4 him?
  5. I also watched the show, and was pleasantly surprised and amused at many of the selections. "Man" from Bambi was a good one. I agree with AFI in honoring Addicus Finch in the top Hero slot. I was suprised that some characters did not make the list among the best and the worst. Juddah Ben-Hur - Hero: Oscar thought he was "Mr." from the Color Purple - Villain turned Hero for Danny Glover Ellen - Villain for Gene Tierney in "Leave Her to Heaven" she let a kid die-bad! Mr. Allison - Hero - Robert Mitchum in "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison." Rett Butler - Maybe a seperate category for "Scoundrel" on this one. Norma Desmond - Villain - Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Blvd." scary b@#! Agent Smith - Villain - The Matrix - he does dress well! Shaft - Hero - That Shaft is a bad (shut your mouth!) All three characters from "The Best Years of Our Lives" with Dana Andrews being the best Hero in the group.
  6. You may want to try using the contact info located on the inside of the Now Playing Guide. It lists a few numbers in Atlanta. That may be a start.
  7. Yes, the other film featuring Glen Miller and his orchestra was "Orchestra Wives." I like the film for the light hearted plot and humor, but you're right. Glen was a great composer and musician, but not an Oscar contender.
  8. It is not elitism to recognize diversity in art. I am very open to varying opinions - even yours. Point being, to actually have diversity of opinions. Do you see? Diversity in opinions, diversity among TCMs audience, and diversity among the films and programming they air. I believe the producers implemented some demographic research prior to airing the bollywood films. Do not become defensive my friend. It is, after all, only entertainment.
  9. Hi there. I definitely agree with you, but only in part. AMC used to be such a wonderful thing, now I can't stand it, especially with the commercials and all. They are like a bad imitation of the USA network or something, and I told them so. However, regarding TCM showing pictures from the 70s, as hard as it is for me to admit, the 1970s is no longer a "recent" decade. We are getting older my friend. Do you realize that there are full grown adults walking about us who were born in the 1980s? I personally prefer the 1930s - 60s films, but time constantly redefines the term "classic."
  10. I must disagree. I always try to approach all art forms, especially film, with an open mind and a sense of some appreciation. Someone asked if Americans actually watched these films. To them I would say look around at the millions of Indian Americans living in the United States, but more so, you do not have to be Indian to appreciate Indian Cinema. I am American born and raised, dating back more generations than I can count, but I am increasingly becoming disappointed at the growing lack of tolerance or appreciation for other cultures in this country. I thought we were making progress, but it seems recently that we've jumped back 70 years. Let's stop the ethnocentrism, especially when it comes to art. There is a world of cultures and diversity beyond our borders. If we stopped living in a gigantic bubble we may be able to see it. I for one, will watch the bollywood and perhaps learn something in the process.
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