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  1. I just watched my gloriously restored blu-ray version of the 1933 Michael Curtiz horror classic, MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM. i've watched it countless times as a plain DVD, a second feature on the disc containing its remake HOUSE OF WAX. The blu-ray disc comes with several juicy extras, like the history of cleaning up this sensational, pre-code classic, how it was discovered after being considered a lost film for decades. I'm just starting to enjoy the two commentaries about the making of this landmark classic from Warner Brothers. This heady broth of forbidden topics like drug addiction, ****
  2. I've seen only a few colorized black and white movies but one that I thought really stunning was the colorized KING KONG from 1933. The hues and tones and shadows were breath-taking. This version also had a golden tint to it throughout. There were stunning reds and emerald and blues throughout. Of course it can't replace the original black and white but it would make a nice double-feature for a movie party and let the guests voice their opinion.
  3. Steve was a true movie phenomenon. He made his astonishing torso his ticket to stardom and it paid off handsomely. Although "Hercules" is a true classic, I think his ultimate movie was the fabulous GIANT OF MARATHON. This was no cheap b-movie. You can see the luxurious production values on the screen. Outstanding interiors, locales, wardrobe, a rousing musical score and an astonishing underground battle directed by famed Italian director, Mario Bava. Outstanding cast, script, dubbing and Steve has never looked more like a movie god. His costumes were deigned to show off that jaw-dropping torso
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