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  1. hiyi folks. have been away for several years. am sure my question has been discussed or resolved but last discussion re "beyond the forest", 1949, and Bette Davis last movie under her WB contract was that rights to the author's estate was preventing this movie from coming out on DVD. I have the excellent VHS tape that came out during the 90s. There were no special features. Surely, one would think the rights issue would have been resolved by this time. I've tried reaching WB Video on several occasions but there is never any response. Any answers? This would make a dynamite DVD/blu-ray release with commentaries from one or two film historians.
  2. Mary Astor wrote one of the best all-time memoirs of her long career, A LIFE ON FILM, and my paperback copy has countless stills from most of her movies. It's wonderful the way she evokes how it was to make silent, then talkies. She describes the changes in make-up, hair styles, her wardrobe (her favorite designer was Irene at MGM). She's also very candid about some of her co-stars, especially Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. Astor describes how trapped she felt after signing her MGM contract and all she played were 'Mother" roles--with the exception of Fred Zinneman's dark film noir, Act of Violence. Her first biography, MY STORY, published earlier is also fascinating--she confesses to being an alcoholic, her horrific father, her love affairs, etc. These books may be out of print but I would definitely try Amazon. They would be invaluable in any film buff's library.
  3. This totally unnecessary remake of a real American classic is worthless. Everyone is miscast, including the actresses who portray Carrie White and Margaret White the mother. The original 1976 masterpiece exuded vigor, excitement, intensity, extraordinary energy throughout. The brilliant color scheme, the marvelous musical soundtrack, and of course the outstanding cast made Carrie a landmark in movie history. The new Carrie is filmed in a faded, dull hue throughout. You feel nothing as our heroine discovers her hidden powers. This is another example of: Don't Go Fxxxxking with a Legend when it doesn't need remaking.
  4. Wow. what a fabulous shocker! All the buzz was on target. Great cast, production, script, direction--and usually I can always figure out what happens next, but not in this one. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout--with one stunning surprise after another. When I saw this in a crowded theater today, we watched the nearly last scene and we saw someone starting to do something they shouldn't and people were screaming: "Don't do it! Watch out!" This is my kind of movie that comes along so rarely. I'm buying this one for my movie collection. The heroine by the way was dynamite.
  5. "The Conjuring" proved that for a mere $19 million, a great cast, sharp story, editing, sound and script, you can create a fun, outstanding exercise in horror that rarely dissapoints.I feel like such a jaded veteran of horror films that I went in to sit patiently in the theater and expected to be dissapointed. The movie's modest budget, though, called for small sets (basically one house), its rooms where the action takes place. That this story was based on a documented true case of possession added to its backstory.It was with wicked satisfaction that while The Conjuring cost only $19 million, I read of those tent-pole movies that all flopped big-time at the box-office: Pacific Rim cost nearly $250 million and bombed--along with RIPD ($175 million) and that abomination called The Lone Ranger ($275 million) where we see Johnny Depp doing his oh so worn out trick of wearing his inch-thick mascara, crazy little hat and coming across as an old fey hack whose little tricks no longer entertain.
  6. After nearly a year of bad internet buzz about how World War Z would be the biggest movie bomb of the decades, i'm glad to say it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the over-long, over-loud, over-repeitious pretentiousness of MAN OF STEEL and all the other big tent extravaganzas that have opened since May.The movie gets off to a terrific shock sequence--of ordinary people in a crowded metropolitan area suddenly turning into hideous undead. These zombies move with terrifying swiftness and the scene of tens of thousands of them roaring up the wall of a fortress and then devouring the quivering populace was chilling, indeed.Brad Pitt does a great job as "everyman" hero. Although I think it could have been edited down more sharply, I wouldn't mind owning this on Blu-Ray when it appears. And yes, a sequel is already being planned.
  7. My head began to pound fifteen minutes into the movie. The relentless battles between Superman and villians became a hideous blur that I thought would never end. To me, it was made from the same ingredients that all the other Action Hero movies have become. Non-stop noise, fights, CGI tricks, etc. And that ear-splitting soundtrack!I'll take the beautiful black and white smoothness of George Reeves in his Superman TV series anyday over this way over-the-top extravaganza of mayhem.
  8. Am eagerly awaiting to see this sci-fi classic for its 8 p.m. Friday showing.(May 3)I remember well when it appeared in l953 and everybody in the big theater wore 3-D glasses--and we all ducked and gasped as the exploding rocks and boulders came racing out of the screen and right at our heads!The story is good and creepy, too, and I remember how sinister the wind blew dust across the road when Richard Carlson was racing into town. Carlson was a fabulous sci-fi hero. He looked so cerebral but he was also so sexy--especially when he wore just a bathing suit in "Creature From the Black Lagoon." The monster in this flick is pretty scary, too, and that great musical score!
  9. What a surprise!I actually liked this "reboot" of one of my favorite cult horror flicks from the l980s.This version never stops moving, has a great cast of mostly unknowns, wonderful musical scoring and sound effects and enough grisly shocks and blood spurtings to keep your attention riveted on this beautifully photographed shocker.I'm so relieved this wasn't another tepid, botched remake of a beloved classic. Also, this one had the blessings and participation of the original creator, Sam Raimi, and its cult star, Bruce Campbell. Perhaps they were responsible for this redo from being a disaster like the hideous remakes of "Nightmare on Elm Street" "Friday the Thirteenth," "Prom Night," "Fright Night," "The Wolf Man," and on and on and on....
  10. princessananka


    What a dreary, useless waste of film!Besides the really stupid script, this movie was filmed in such dark light it was almost impossible to see what was happening much of the time. Ethan Hawke roams this house with a tiny little flashlight and never once flicks on the light switch.A family was murdered in this house and of course we see the corpses--of of whom look like badly made up mummies. there are no scares and that old trick of a door slamming and the hero jumping into the air from horror has been done umpteenth times.Also, as usual, you have to wonder why people continue to live in a house of a horror where danger supposedly lurks around every corner? I'm so heartily sick of "ghost kids" and "haunted houses"--wish movies could once more scare us with intelligent people, a great script and great atmosphere.
  11. I was so excited about this series but have lost interest in it.Like all spin-offs, sequels, retreads, etc. of great masterpieces it doesn't work for me in its modernized setting.The black and white original created its own universe and set pieces that have become iconic.We remember the beautiful black, white and silver images in its l960 universe: the clothes, hair-styles, cars, etc.When I try to enjoy this updated series it just becomes another series about a killer teenage kid and smothering mother.That's why nearly all these remakes of legendary fright films never come close to the power of the originals.So that's why I'm NOT thrilled to see this Friday's opening of EVIL DEAD and even worse, CARRIE that opens in a few weeks. And now I've read the buzz that some filmmaker is going to REMAKE Rob Zombie's REMAKE of HALLOWEEN!!!! And then we'll start all over again with a REMAKE of the REMAKE of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, PROM NIGHT, FRIDAY THE 13th.
  12. Unless they find the perfect director for this project, then it'll become just another run-of-the-mill horror flops.My nightmare is that somehow M. Night Shyamalan might grab this one and turn it into another of his nothing movies--that is, there will be a lot of idiotic talk but you'll never see even a glimpse of the monster. And then since we all know that this director enjoys making his Hitchcock-like cameo appearance, he might be among the expedition as their token Indian.Or, equally worse, Rob Zombie might get this one and he would somehow transform this into another red neck massacre with the monsters all chewing tobacco and saying the "F..." word over and over again. And Zombie would somehow work in his wife and an array of naked girls.
  13. Does anyone out there know what's the status of this constantly referred to movie version of H.P. Lovecraft's terrifying masterpiece?I think I've been reading about this project for decades. Every major fantasy/horror/sci-fi director has commented about how much they want to film it.Guillermo del Toro is the one whose connected most to this idea but I hope he is not the one who might actually get a stab at it.To me, his idea of horror is too cerebral and his monsters are always children friendly (i.e., the monster mother in MAMA) or they're created more to admire than to admire. They don't shock you like ALIEN'S chest buster or John Carpenter's horrific mess of a creature in THE THING.Lovecraft left most of the monsters to the reader's imagination, as was his style. This made them as hightmarish as we could conceive of them in our own minds. I hope some young firebrand, like a young John Carpenter or a young Ridley Scott would grab this idea and be given total freedom in trying to find monsters that don't always resemble dinosaurs or lizards. Geiger came up with the monster if ALIEN and it's the last original creature that actually made me jump in my chair.
  14. I was entertained visually and thought the movie reflected the $250 million spent on it but it was mostly loud explosions and special effects--it had none of the heart of its classical ancestor from l939.I liked James Franco a lot as the wizard and only wish it had some musical numbers. This was a movie that could have used music. Also, the extras were all too ordinary and diverse. My favorite character was the adorable little "doll" girl who broken leg was repaired by the wizard.And they're already announcing not only a sequel--but possibly several more follow-ups!This movie was a mighty leap for mankind compared to the miserable "Jack the Giant Slayer." That flick was just unbelievably fake and juvenile and poorly conceived.
  15. Although this movie was budgeted at $100 million, it was still a C-average dud with totally fake looking CGI giants and a bland, unknown cast of untalented nobodies.It took the movie nearly 30-45 movies to kick off, with a terribly boring beginning. The giant bean stalks looked like old plastic. The so-called hero sported a 2013 hair style and leather jacket ensemble that made it look like he had just attended a rock concert. The heroine was so vague and mild I don't think we'll ever see her again.It amazes me that all those tens of millions of dollars could have been better spent on several low-budget but original horror/sci efforts. I've been watching several of those seminal horror classics from the 70s/80s, made by independent young firebrands for very little money and that still thrill us--like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Evil Dead," "The Sadist" (cost $33,000 to make), "Carnival of Souls." All classics. All extremely low-budgets and all still being watched today while junk like "Jack the Giant Slayer" and that god-awfu "Dark Skies" will be forgotten before summer.
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