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  1. Dear TomJH--you just keep amazing us film fanatics with your extraordinary knowledge--and fabulous pix! Also, did you notice in both THE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM and DR. X there were two identical scenes involving "girlie magazines." In the first one, Glenda Farrell waltzs into the police department and she goes up to one cop buddy and says: "How's your sex life?" And she finds him reading a magazine with a bizarre female on the cover with a frizzed, Afro hairdo! In DR. X, one of the detectives is looking over the reading material of one of the suspects, a scientist, and
  2. Thanks, Tom, for reminding me of THE WALKING DEAD, which I haven't seen for a long time. That's another Curtiz movie I've jotted down on my list of other films of his that I need to watch again--thanks to your marvelously detailed essay. And, how could I forget MILDRED PIERCE, another bona fide classic. In pictures of Curtiz and star Joan Crawford, they appear to be smiling and friendly, which makes me wonder how much is true that he was a sadist to her and mocked her "big movie star" airs? If he could reportedly call Bette Davis a "No good-for-nothing, sonofabitching *****" on CABIN IN
  3. Wow, TomJH, what an absolutely stunning essay you've written on the marvelous and often overlooked director, Michael Curtiz! I've certainly noted his credit as "Director" over the decades when I've watched a great movie. CASABLANCA is the main masterpiece I've enjoyed countless times but as a horror fan, his two Technicolor efforts, MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM and DR. X, really made me appreciate his brilliant work. This man could do ANYTHING! Nearly forgot, he also made another all-time classic, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. The whole movie just brims with energy and freshness (especially
  4. I had always thought the voice was that of Lauren Bacall on a good day! Still, that voice over is so very vibrant and excited and warm. I'd love to hear her do more voice overs or better still, narrations.
  5. Hey, Frankie G! As promised, The Princess has returned to torture in a most wicked way, as only a 3,000 -year-old daughter of the Pharoah can do! I"m taking my inspiration from that fab torture scene in "The Mask of Fu Manchu." Remember that one? The gorgeous Charles Starrett is manacled to a marble slab and writhes in delight while the wicked Myrna Loy runs her long nails along his flesh and flays his delectable muscles with leather whips. Imagine me flicking the steel-trimmed leather strings over you. Is that mean enough?. I'm here again in NYC with not one, but TWO boy toys--my gorgeou
  6. Heeey, Frankie G! It?s da princess checking in to do some major torture to the incorrigible badboy of the TCM boards. I?ve been out of the good ole US of A for quite a while,living with my eye-talian boy toy, Antonio in Roma, located somewhere in Italy?where men are men and us gals love it.. We?re in NYC just for the day to take care of some business before flying back tonight. He won?t let me use the computer?he demands my full attention! How like a spoilt, Italian boy! Ah, L'amour, L'amour! We?re moving to Morocco in fall for several months?where men are men and all the other men love it--bu
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