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  1. Kyle, I figured out how to download in the large format. Thanks, man! I think "Angel" and "The Model From Montmartre" might look good together. They're both "splashy." I'm not crazy about the last two posters, though. I'm not sure why. I guess the artwork is a little too overdrawn for me. I really love the more simplistic 1930s-type art deco pieces. I also love simple stuff, like your [West Side Story|http://www.flickr.com/photos/7615434@N06/2847820855/], [scarlett Street|http://www.flickr.com/photos/7615434@N06/2801053931/] and [High Sierra|http://www.flickr.com/photos/7615434@N
  2. Kyle, That "Angel" poster is beautiful! The little splash of color looks great and might transfer fine to our wall. The face is just wonderful (how can you go wrong with Marlene?). I really like it. I'm going to register for Flickr and see if I can't get the larger format. Any other suggestions for yellow/gold, or green? --Matt
  3. I love these posters. Some of them are absolutely beautiful. I'm a big fan of posters. I printed several old [Works Progress Administration posters|http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/wpaposters/wpahome.html] on 8"x10" photo paper, framed them, and put them up in the bathroom for decoration. They look beautiful. My wife (mostly my wife) just painted our living room in mustard yellow and dill green colors. I'd like to find one or two nice movie posters that might match those and that are suitable for printing. Does anybody have any suggestions? We also painted the bathroom in a royal red color
  4. HGL, yes, it was CGI and that scene did look interesting, but like Reverend was implying, it couldn't save the movie. Some of the other CGI effects were pathetic, though (like the hills turning red).
  5. I don't want to rain on a parade or anything, but I thought "Black Moon" was awful. It was a racist exploitation piece. Of course, I didn't see the whole movie through, so maybe it redeemed itself, but I can't imagine how.
  6. I would absolutely love this idea, especially if they pick the movies *I* want to see. Seriously though, I never have a problem with the movies TCM picks. If I went through the schedule, I could probably find one movie each day that looks *really, really* interesting and two more that I'd like to see. The problem is that sometimes those movies are shown during the day, rather than at the 8:00 prime spot, which is when I, and most of us "middle Americans," like to settle down. A lot of times I don't like the movies that are picked (like our bikini movies last night), but I know some p
  7. It was on CNN Sunday Morning at 10:00. I think the actual title is "Reliable Sources." I just happened to have it on and there was ol' Ben!
  8. The last movie I saw at the theater was the new "Stark Trek." It was pretty much what I expected: lots of action, good special effects, silly coincidences in how the characters met and lots of quips. Typical modern Hollywood, I would say. The last movie I saw on DVD was "Wall-E." That was a fantastic movie. I normally don't like the CGI stuff, but this was everything that sci-fi should be: it was interesting, plausible, and had some good social messages.
  9. By the way, in his "Howard Kurtz" appearance last Sunday to talk about Letterman and Polanski, he looked fine. Of course, he was wearing a nice jacket with no tie, but he was well-groomed. :-)
  10. Anne, Amazon.com has "Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection" for $125-$150, which is about half of the cover price. The only problem, as I said earlier, is that there are no subtitles or foreign language tracks. The commentaries aren't all that revealing, but all 156 episodes are there. I just love reading everyone's descriptions of their favorite episodes! This is a great topic! Keep the memories and descriptions coming, gang.
  11. Just last month I bought "The Collected Twilight Zone" from Amazon.com for $130 (down from $300). It has all 156 episodes plus some extra features like interviews with actors, but there are no subtitles or foreign language tracks. That's very disappointing for me. Still, this is my favorite TV show of all time, so it was worth the price for me. My favorite episode? Oh, there are so many. Burgess Meredith's "Time Enough to Last" was brilliant, but it's been so parodied that it's lost a little luster. I really liked "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" about the characters in the barrel.
  12. Great stuff coming! I'm really looking forward to: * "The Informer" (1936) - great premise, never seen it * "2010" (1984) - much more understandable than "2001" * "Notorious" (1946) - great premise, never seen it * "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984) - hilarious and worth seeing again * "Comrade X" (1940) - the first time TCM aired this, I couldn't keep awake, great premise * "The Most Dangerous Game" (1932) - great story * Spy movies on the 20th * "My Son John" (1957) - domestic spy movie, great premise * "Ordinary People" (1980) - a wonderful, wonderful movie...very teary
  13. This is a very informative topic. Thanks so much for the info, everyone!
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