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  1. *Thank you, Countess and Musicalnovelty,* for the vote of confidence. I'm sure Gloria Jean thanks you both for remembering her. Countess, I do hope you'll be able to see GIRL IN THE CASE someday, if only to see Eddie Lowe in the zoot suit! You are correct, Lupino Lane is related to Ida Lupino; his cousin was her father. (Is this a hip crowd or what?) Musicalnovelty, I can see that you like Vitaphone shorts! So do I, and I'm glad you approve of the selection. I share your enthusiasm for getting those '40s Universals out of the vault! Of course, *I must thank Kingrat* for being so di
  2. Laurel & Hardy in TWO TARS, which I have seen one thousand three hundred times. (I was the projectionist at an antique-auto museum, where I went through six prints of TWO TARS in six years.) Even now, it isn't "ruined" -- Laurel & Hardy can do no wrong with me -- but that's the movie I've seen "too much."
  3. Thank you, kingrat, for inviting annotations to my schedule. Here goes: This schedule includes programming between the feature films, because I'm a big fan of TCM's short-subject library. You'll see various shorts peppering the schedule, complementing the feature films. The Sunday schedule is just me having fun with the sequence -- the "ship" idea keeps going and going with variations until *THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA* and *The Ship that Died* finally deep-six the theme. (John Barrymore is followed by Errol Flynn, who portrayed Barrymore on screen.) The Gloria Jean tribute featu
  4. Ah, kingrat catches on quick! That was the idea with Mr. Horton. I would have loved to include at least one of his starring vehicles for Paramount (especially HER MASTER'S VOICE, in which he sings) but I doubt that Universal has broadcast masters on them yet. (Universal has some Gloria Jean masters right now, which is why I could include them.) Edited by: ScottMacGillivray on Jun 8, 2011 4:47 PM
  5. The Bowery Boys is the longest-running comedy series. I think the longest-running series of all is Hopalong Cassidy (66 features, and always with the same lead actor).
  6. Thank you, kingrat, for inviting us to come up with schedules. Here's mine: *SUNDAY* Theme: Can I Get Ships with That? 6:00 am *MELODY CRUISE* (1933). BW-76 min. RKO. Phil Harris, Charles Ruggles, Helen Mack. D: Mark Sandrich. p/s 7:30 am *BLONDIE GOES LATIN* (1941) BW-72 min. Columbia. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Ruth Terry. D: Frank R. Strayer. p/s 8:45 am *South American Sway* (1944) BW-10 min. Warner Bros. Band short with the Emil Coleman, Carl Hoff, and Joe Reichman orchestras. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s 9:00 am *ARGENTINE NIGHTS* (1940) Universal. BW-75 min. The Ritz Brot
  7. NINE GIRLS was scheduled last year but replaced at the last minute with DANGEROUS BLONDES. I gather NINE GIRLS existed "on paper" so TCM scheduled it, but the actual film elements weren't available when it came time for broadcast.
  8. TCM can certainly program a Gloria Jean triple feature right now. Besides bringing back NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK, TCM can now draw upon Universal's new broadcast masters on THE UNDER-PUP and DESTINY. They are gorgeous transfers from the original 35mm elements. If you've never seen Gloria Jean, these three features would be an ideal introduction. Let's make a night of it with four features: there is also IF I HAD MY WAY as Tom mentioned. It's been released on DVD, so a broadcast-quality master must exist. Please, TCM, let's see these Gloria Jean pictures while she's still w
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