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  1. Sorry, but the link to the trailer doesn't work. Anyhow, it was next to impossible to judge the film in qualitative terms a) in a minute's worth of clips, and trying to machete your way through all the hard sell hyperventilating of studio marketing types. You'll just have to take my word for it.
  2. Thanks for your interest, Princess! You might wonder why something that wasn't good enough for the small screen wound up in theaters-- legend has it that TV execs (known for their weak bladders) thought it was too scary. This one, to my knowledge, has not been released on home video. An outfit called Sinister Cinema was supposed to have carried it-- a quick search through their inventory turned up nada. You can see a theatrical trailer below. http://archive.org/details/DarkIntruder-trailer
  3. Having issues putting this up in "Suggest a Movie", so I'll do it here. I saw part of *Dark Intruder* on late night local (analog-- who knew?) back in the Eighties. It was released theatrically but was in fact a failed pilot for a TV series. An off-beat western starring *Leslie* *Neilsen*, my first impression was that this had to be a lost pilot for *The Wild Wild West* TV series that went through revision, trading Neilsen out for Robert Conrad. (Kind of like Jeffrey Hunter's Captain Pike was replaced by Shatner's Captain Kirk on Star Trek.) The proposed opening gambit for a series to be
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