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  1. Gosh, I love all of them from Lagosi to Vincent Price--Lon Chaney Sr. to his son but I have just an extra little twinkle in my eye for Boris Karloff.
  2. Gosh that is a hard question. I absolutely love classic horror movies and Universal's are certainlly the cream of the crop.I love them all but put The Mummy and the whole realm of Kharis movies on the top of my list. I love The Wolf man too,,,so many. I am not as fond of Dracula and Frankenstein movies but still watch them. My favorite star is Boris Karloff and I have a really nice hard plastic monster statue of Karloff as the mummy. Lon Chaney Jr. I love as a more pitiful, don't want to be, monster. Larry Talbot breaks my heart. Bela Lagosi, for me, was best as a partner with Karloff.
  3. MCD

    Horror or Sci-fi?

    I much prefer classic horror movies to Sci Fi. I am a big fan of Universal monster movies...... I will also occationally enjoy a fan gore picture like 2001 Maniacs. Love The Texas Chainsaw massacure and House of 1000 corpses type stuff. I want either creepy people-slashers or monsters. Don't care for things that come out of space.
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