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  1. The beautiful Vera Zorina dancing to Slaughter On Tenth Avenue in the film "On Your Toes" .
  2. I recently saw the bacony scene in Romeo and Juliet shot in early two-strip Technicolor with Miss Shearer wearing long hair....I think Romeo was Leslie Howard...
  3. Hope they show Slattery's Hurricane...havent seen this in years....
  4. So Proudly We Hail was her very best performance... .
  5. 1. Robert Ryan 2. John Garfield 3. Claude Rains
  6. Leonardo DeCaprio and Simone Signoret ..
  7. I for one think the entire film shoud have been filmed ENTIRELY IN Oklahoma ...instead of a different state think of how proud Oklahomans would be ...
  8. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Carrying -- -- -- -- ' to Newcastle the opposite of starboard is - - - - him and - - - = .
  9. It was pronounced Zay-Zoo according to an old friend who worked with her once... .
  10. Gladys George opposite of Starboard + Ireland's patron saint =
  11. I wish someone would explain to me what Glen Robie's station wagon was doing in Warm Springs...
  12. And two of her best roles;--Theodora Goes Wild and Penny Seranade~
  13. JEANNE EAGLES is a favorite of mine, although I haven't seen it in a few years I think the performances were excellent, especially Virginia Grey.as a drunken has-been trying to make a comeback- Kim Novak gave it her all and was very good,especially in her early scenes--I was very surprised at how revealing her 'Dardinella' costume was and wonder how it ever got by the censors. The scene where Novak slowly waltzes into the scene as Sadie Thompson in RAIN acompanied by the music Wabash Blues is a wonder to behold, she holds your attention and actually becomes Miss Thompson and the transform
  14. TCM just showed IRENE with Anna Neagle -would anyone know why the middle of the film is in Technicolor and the beginning and end are in Black and White? The only tune in the fim is "In my Sweet, little Alice-blue gown" my moms favorite~ I found an old program in the attic of Ginger Rogers in Annie Get Your Gun and Jane Russell in Janus at the Warwick Tent in R.I.
  15. Right you are, Cashette, Polly Bergen did win an Emmy for her performance, I had the pleasure of watching the Polly Bergen version on my local public broadcasting channel and it was terrific, and it was originaly broadcast live..... :
  16. yes- i do remember Miracle in the Wilderness -a great movie! there was a movie called Christmas Holiday with Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly, that was very unique in the fact that it wasn't a musical, it was a story of a young girl who unknowingly marries a psycopath [Kelly] -it is a real tear-jerker, and Miss Durbin gives a stunning performance, by the way her mother-in -law is played by Gale Sonderguard~ : :
  17. Which three books would I take? 1] a book that covers farming, planting and irrigation 2] a carpentry book that tells how to build dwellings 3] a book that explains how to make cloth.
  18. my FAVORITE blonde is an actor named CARY ELWES whose name no one seems to recognize.
  19. She is NOT a witch, she is a crone and I love her....
  20. LOL----O.k. try this one-- Now let me see , it must be something never seen before,a spell that would change my Queenly arraingment into a peddlers cloak--Ah! here it is-this spell can only be broken by loves first kiss. to age my voice; an old hags cackle to whiten my hair ; a scream of fright....... :
  21. It's the best thing Jerry has ever done-did you know the script was originaly called "The Absent minded Professor" but they didn't want it confused with the Fred MacMurray movie- Some say Buddy Love was Jerry's version of Dean Martin- his comedy was very visual and the French regard Nutty Professor as a masterpiece -I liked Stella Stevens Miss Purdy character never figuring it out till the end~ :
  22. There is a scene in On the Riviera-where Danny sings Ball in the Jack and then sits at Gene Tierney's table-which shows he could play a romantic lead as good as the rest of them.
  23. Could it be Martha Raye singing Miss Otis Regrets? :
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