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  1. Mongo, I'm so glad you brought up Kathy-O. Love that movie, it was intelligent and very well acted including Jan Sterling and Mary (sorry) "Fickett?" Please air it TCM!
  2. You cute smart little thing...Jerry's the one.
  3. Thanks, as always, for the Hollywood polo pic. We occasionally would trek out to Pacific Palisades to Will Rogers' place and watch the polo games...for free. I wonder if you can still do that.
  4. Thanks... I was born in San Francisco in 1925. During WWII I served in the Navy and also managed to attend the Actor's Studio. After that I was good enough at acting to appear in several plays on Broadway. I also played small to medium supporting roles in the movies. Two of the films were blockbuster and even tho the parts were smallish, the roles were pivotal to the movie. Later on television discovered me and I was cast in a tv series that's still considered a classic. Who am I?
  5. Yes I am. Nice going Finance.
  6. Thanks Lana... I was typecast as a society snob which my background lent credence to. I hope I'm anything but. Born in Boston in 1934, my American ancestors go back to the 1600's. I had showy roles in two well-received block busters which put me on the map. I also did episodic tv. Now I write a column and have authored (and got published) some books of fiction. Who am I?
  7. A man and woman are having a conversation on a hill adjacent to the Hollywood Bowl. There is a performance going on.
  8. Man on Fire? First, thanks to you guys who missed me. I'm a bit dingy but working on being a genius, well one can always try. Sorry, I forgot my Egg and I post.
  9. Clue #3: Wife wrassling with spoon full of dough.
  10. Clue #2: Wife bids goodbye to husband in no uncertain terms - in BIG letters written on a wall.
  11. A recalcitrant pig isn't about to go back into her pen.
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