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  1. 1. Evil Dead 2 2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) 3. The Exorcist 4. Dawn of the Dead (original) 5. Mad Love 6. The Bird with Crystal Plumage 7. The Thing (remake) 8. Torso 9. The Horror of Dracula 10. Rosemary's Baby 11. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (F. March version) 12. Mr. Vampire (Chinese. not that scary, but extremely fun. new vampire rules) 13. Human Lanterns (visual beautiful. marriage of kung fu and horror). 14. Black Sunday 15. Black Sabbath 16. Dressed to Kill 17. Road Games 18. The Ring (both versions) 19. Phenomena 20. Isle of the Dead (Val Lewton)
  2. Gangster: G-Men Angels with Dirty Faces White Heat Public Enemy Noir: High and Low (probably my favorite movie) Murder My Sweet Double Indemnity Narrow Margin
  3. Stagecoach The Searchers Winchester 73 Seven Men From Now Rise Lonesome Next Five: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly For a Few Dollars More The Magnificent Seven The Professionals The Outlaw Josey Wales
  4. A while back, I caught part of a cartoon on TCM. I never got the name. It was a Japanese or Chinese fantasy cartoon. It looked like something you'd read in Journey to the West. The animation look more like classic Disney than Anime. If anyone knows the name of this. Please share info. Thanx.
  5. I got this set for $29.99 at Sam's Club. I've watched Lady Killer and Smart Money. I thought Lady Killer was great. Smart Money was solid. If you're a fan of early Warner Brothers movies then like the first 2 sets this is essential. For $29.99, who could turn this down?
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