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  1. First, my latest WatchTCM experience... I wanted to watch The Night Visitor (East Coast) and clickety-click, it wouldn't play. ok. ?? I click the West Coast feed, it works. Multiple times I try East, then West, refresh page, sign out/in... same results. So I figure I might catch it later on the West Coast feed, IF I'm still awake. I watch a couple movies on West feed... it's time for The Night Visitor... I get something to eat, come back, Night Visitor is playing. For some stupid reason, I decide to refresh the screen. It goes back to Watch Live, showing both West and East selectors. NOW, click the Night Visitor on the West Coast feed and it will -not- play... but East plays (I didn't want to watch The Singing Marine). Sigh. Anyway, Stephan... I was born in (the Territory of) Alaska... been there a long time. I like hiking out of town, on the mountainside. After several decades, you decide that SIX MONTH Winter isn't so great. Oct 15th, the snow sticks, doesn't melt... stays there until tax day or longer into May. Tired of the bitter cold/wind, and... dark winter ...and sloppy 'break up' in 'Spring' (dirty melt from road chemicals/gravel and splashing from huge mud puddles/lakes). Having visited the west coast, east coast (briefly), driven around Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons (heard that story), and stayed awhile in Idaho... I decided I liked having a variety of vegetation (not just swamp spruce, alders, birch ...no fruit trees, etc) and actually four real seasons. And I had a friend in Idaho to stay with. Eventually, I'd like to have a small retirement place in the "Lower 48", and a small place in Alaska for summers... but my small town northern Idaho venture isn't working out, for now, and I have a little more time to work yet, so I'll be back to Alaska for awhile. And I wasn't bothered by mosquitoes in Idaho either, although there's probably a lot more insect life and somewhere there's snakes (none in Alaska, except maybe the 'panhandle')… but I like being warm. I find there's a lot of people who grow up in one environment or mental outlook... and as they age, they switch to the opposite in environment or outlook. I like variety, the spice of life.
  2. Well... like a half hour later, I refresh the screen on Films page, in Edge. The movie I wanted is now in a different position on the webpage... but I can play it. And... now Chrome can't...play it. Maybe they're trying to prevent multi sign ins... we can only guess. The not-playing is similar to what happens if you're not signed in, from what I could tell. I'm not going to continue guessing... I suppose, having better things to do... not watching tcm. But with Edge, I have the video controls along bottom edge.
  3. Watch TCM... If it's not all that hard, at least on PC, TCM should allow an option to view the old format of Film listings. All those white mostly empty blocks are garish and ugly. (I like the new top banner on Watch TCM 'Home'.) These kinds of webpages are often programmed with a choice of grid style or line item/text views. >> It would be better to have White (or yellow) TEXT on the general webpage background color... ...than those hard on the eyes white boxes. UGH. It's -not- necessary to make the PC webpages the same as the godawful mobile pages so you can save computer programming work in the guise of 'consistency'... it's just lazy, cheap computer programming. The full 'Daily Schedule page is good... www.tcm.com/schedule/index.htm >> TCM should restore the West/East coast schedules/links back on the Watch TCM pages, in their old format. - The old pages were artful... the new pages are devoid of art. Sad. Bookmarks: http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/schedule/west http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/schedule/east The "Explore More Movies" list of five films is a great mini-menu of recent-broadcast on-demand films. Just my 2c. ...............................................................................................................………………………........EXPLORE MORE MOVIES
  4. The Unsuspected, with Claude Rains, Audrey Totter, Constance Bennett, Hurd Hatfield... has the wrong still image in the Movies On Demand listing and for the Details page... it shows Zachary Scott and Eve Arden (probably from Mildred Pierce). Don't know where else to send that bit of info.
  5. Watch TCM works pretty well for me, but... (First... this is about Watch TCM on PC, not 'mobile'.) Watch TCM movie listing/info. - Details: Clicking "Details" in a movie's listing brings up an image and to the right is a brief information display... in a Large, Empty Space. At the top of this displayed info is the movie's rating, length, and... a 'category', usually, such as Comedy, Drama, etc. However, more often lately, I find it very irritating when I see a 'category' of "Adaptation". I can't see how that's useful. I don't really care whether it's an "adaptation" or not... I'd like to know the genre category, at-a-glance, not an origin classification. Since there's so much empty space... once could still include both the origin and a genre category. I think what many viewers are looking for is the GENRE of the film, to decide what to watch, plus... - Starring: It is commendable for TCM to list the lesser known actors, however... this now seems to be done by omitting the major stars and/or well-known actors of the movie. I really want to know whose work I'm going to be watching... I most often base my viewing on Genre and Principal Actors. There's PLENTY of Room to show the majority of the Cast in the Empty Space available in the PC version of Watch TCM. (The mobile version doesn't even provide a 'Details' display, so it's not necessary to conserve space.) if you're going to list the people 'starring' in the movie... you ought to list the Stars... followed by the rest of the Cast... as space permits... with there being a lot of space. The notable, recognizable 'stars' are not always in the image presented, nor necessarily recognizable as the image isn't all that 'big'. If the Details and Starring: matter to you, you might click the Contact Us button and say so. (It would also be a benefit if we could 'subscribe' directly just to Watch TCM over the Internet without the necessity of a cable subscription.)
  6. Anyone else having a problem streaming The Chapman Report? (Available until Dec 28.) I can watch other TCM movies on my PC, including the trailers for The Chapman Report... but starting up the movie just gives a blank black rectangle. If I click Watch Now a couple times, the white control bar shows up (with play button, progress slider, full screen icon, etc)... but no movie. Oddly, I can watch the movie on my iPhone with WatchTCM app over the same Internet connection... but not on my PC. I've tried three browsers, private mode to disable addons, etc. I'm a computer tech and this movie is the only one not playing on PC, the other movies play fine. (I don't believe parental control is engaged either.
  7. I like closed captions... except when they're badly done, which seems to be the case more often lately. I can't remember all, but in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Spencer Tracy, too often the CC subtitles lapse into "(inaudible)" for words that aren't that hard to hear or figure out. Then for Blondie of the Follies, there are spelling mistakes... Barrimore (or worse) for Barrymore, and when Jimmy Durante says "Garbo!" several times, the subtitles show: Garble. I don't know if it's a machine or an English As a Second Language transcriber, but it gets pathetic sometimes. "Garble!" "Garble!" Might have as well said "Gobble, gobble". Should be better.
  8. In 'Maisie Gets Her Man', Ann Sothern sings "Cooking with Gas" (or some such) and references '10s and 12s'... which means... what? Lyrics: We were in the doldrums, everything is 10s and 12s, then Franklin D. said "Follow me and let's start cookin' ourselves".
  9. I have read a bit more, and it seems that Ms. Novak may have wrote some poetry around 1950 when she was 17, about being on a train?... which perhaps she added to later? I don't know, not much info, just my guesstimates. Not that I think that poem was the basis for a song, just that I do think she wrote poetry well before she semi-retired. And... she wasn't necessarily the composer of the song, although one might think she should at least share credit. Perhaps 'Little Light' (or 'This Little Light of Mine') was based on one of her poems... sounds like a good title for a poem .
  10. What poem of Kim Novak's became a Harry Belafonte and Kingston Trio song? Or what song came from one of her poems?? Turner news about the *2012 TCM Classic Film Festival* said: "{font:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif}{size:12px}Novak moved to a cliffside dwelling along the wild coast of Big Sur, Calif., with the purpose of creating a new lifestyle in harmony with nature while combining it with her love of painting and writing poetry. One of her poems was made into a song and recorded by the Kingston Trio and Harry Belafonte.{font}" http://news.turner.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=5986
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