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  1. I would love to see Andy Warhol's three great flesh flicks: "Trash," "Heat" and "Flesh.", all starring the unforgettable Joe Dellasandra. These movies have mucho nudity and simullated sex but are well worth watching to see what one of of America's much hyped artists was doing on film during the 70s. "Heat," in particular, is hysterical, a take-off of Sunset Boulevard with sylvia Miles the aging film star and Joe Dellasandra her shiftless boyfriend.
  2. "The Producers" will have to check in as one of the worst musicals ever made. It's flat, colorless, and juiceless. IF you like photographed stage plays, then this might be up your alley. I went in hoping to like it because of it's phenomenal Broadway run. From the opening scene to the last, it's like everybody was ordered to play everything bigger-than-life and that becomes soooo embarassing to watch. Uma Thurman was totally miscast as the sex pot. Mathew Broderick was sweet and boring. Nathan Lane could have been great but he held back when he shouldn't and shouted out his lyrics when he shou
  3. "The Apple" is totally unknown to me but it certainly sounds like my kind of movie. I hope everyone in the cast sports huge Afro's, bell-bottoms and tie-dyed psychedelic blouses. If this can beat in awfulness "Hello, Dolly," "A Chorus Line," "Sextette" and some of the others mentioned, then I'll definitely have to buy it for my movie library. By the way, am I the only one who thinks "Gypsy" is another mega-bomb?
  4. No one's mentioned the horrendous "The Wiz", that starred 32-year-old Diana Ross as a new age 'Dorothy'. And let's don't forget 'A Chorus Line," which Sir Richard Attenborough managed to mangle and destroy. If only Ken Russell had gotten his hands on it, we might still be watching it today on DVD.
  5. Larry, you're hysterical! Love the idea of Burt re-doing "Sextette"...he'd be a scream. I saw him on some interview show and thought at first he was some elderly Oriental man because his face has been pulled back so tightly that his eyes were slanted. The same goes for Mary Tyler Moore who I saw last week on Fifth Avenue. She resembled a Geisha girl, what with her face pulled back so strangely. it made me think of that Spanish comedian who used his fist where he drew a mouth and eyes to create a Spanish woman and when she talked, he moved his thumb up and down for her mouth. I also watched "My
  6. I discovered last weekend that the worst movie musical ever made wasn't the wretched, "Hello, Dolly" starring a miscast Barbra Streisand. Or the mind-boggling "The Pirate Movie, starring kiddie stars who couldn't lip-synch to the music and often burst out laughing when they couldn't. No, I've found a movie musical so bad that it's good. "Sextette" was released in l978 and starred the 85-year-old Mae West. I use her age because she's referred to by her army of admirers as that "ravishing sex kitten." What makes you drop your mouth open like an idiot is that West obviously believes this stuff he
  7. Having an "Opera" theme is a dandy idea, Bollywood. If TCM couldn't license "One Night of Love" from Columbia Studios, then it already has two MGM musicals in its vault that star Grace Moore: "A lady's Morals" (1930) and "New Moon" (1931) the latter one co-starring Laurence Tibbett. This was later remade in l940 with Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy. An inside factoid: McDonald and Grace Moore passionately hated each other. Moore wanted desperately to star in MGM's opulent production of "The Merry Widow" but Irving Thalberg thought Moore was too overweight and he gave the coveted role to McDo
  8. "One Night of Love," one of HOllywood's greatest musicals, took the world by storm in l935. Starring golden-haired diva, Grace Moore, the film was so popular and critically acclaimed, it was nominated for five Oscars and won three for Best Musical Scoring, Best Sound Recording and for Technical Achievement. The movie, the star and the director, Victor Schertzinger, were all nominated as the Best by the Academy. Yet, no one has seen it on TV for decades. I brought my tape years ago but it's a tragedy no young TV viewers today can enjoy this delightful tale of an American girl who goes to Italy
  9. Mary Pickford's movies are so tragically overlooked today. When I watch something as wonderful as "Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley", I'm amazed that Pickford was creating gems like this nearly a century ago. Mention her name to our so-called young and up and coming film makers of tomorrow and they give you a blank look and that horrible question: "Whose zat?"
  10. I still adore AMC's Bob Dorian who vanished off the radar a few years ago. Bob Obsborne is okay but he always seemed slightly nervous and "tight" and not very spontaneous. I would suggest having a group of rotating hosts and hostesses, perhaps having some of the really young film buffs--but, this might not seem possible. When I met with a group of bright-eyed young kids at New York's Film School last spring, I was in shock over what they DIDN't know about film history. The names Bette Davis, Michael Curtiz, King Vidor, Clara barely registered. One film major actually asked me if Bette Davis wa
  11. "Topper Returns" and "Hold That Ghost" are two wonderful comedies from the early 40s that have strong followings. I watch these two goodies whenever I need a mood booster. They both have that magical quality of being timeless. Especially in "Topper" which featuers a fantastic cast of great B actors--and those double-takes of Patsy Kelly and Rochester's fabulous comedic timing.
  12. Two must-see silents that I watch repeatedly are the l914 "The Cheat," starring the fabulous Fannie Ward and directed by Cecil B. Demille. And the l920 Louise Glaum movie, "Sex." "The Cheat" moves along at break-neck pace as it recounts how a 'social butterfly,' Ward, steals $10,000 from a charity and she goes to sexy Sessue Hayakawa who gives her the money--but he later brands her when she reneges the role of mistress. She shoots him but her husband takes the blame and goes to trial.There's a sensational trial and Fannie is a knockout. "Sex," is terrific fun. Glaum was a Theda Bara clone but
  13. I'm watching the Haines/Chaney goodie this weekend since it's supposed to be another rained out event. I would love to have watched Billy and Lon during breaks of "Tell It To the Marines." I've read where Billy found Lon Chaney extremely handsome and sexy. Lon reportedly had a few personal quirks of his own. I rewatched Billy in "West Point" again last weekend and just loved it. I'm also re-reading "Wisecracker" the bio on Haines. He must have been the Hollywood party boy to end all partyboys!
  14. punkkitten, I, too, absolutely love "My Best Friend" with Mary Pickford and her future husband, Buddy Rogers. He simply knocked me out the first time I saw him in this sparkling gem. To me he symbolized that clean-cut All-American young guy from the Jazz Age. I wish he had gone further in movies. You might really enjoy Clara Bow's movies, especially "The Wild Party", which is among her first talkies. Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino were both love gods of the Silents. I've seen several of them at revival houses here in NYC, along with big symphony orchestras and these glamorous stars of ol
  15. "Young Romance", starring Edith Taliaferro, is the added feature on a terrific DVD restoration of Raoul Walsh's masterpiece, the l914 "Regeneration." Edith and company are delightful. "Regeneration" starring the incredible Rockliffe Fellowes and the stunning Anna Q. Nilsson, is a must-have. I got my DVD version through either Buy.com or Amazon. Rockliffe looks incredibly modern--a real, brooding hunk, of the Montgomery Clift school. Edith Storey was in the Thomas Edison compilation of First Ladies of the Screen. I adore her in "A Florida Enchantment." I'd love to see Marie Doro, too! I've see
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