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  1. Hello Gcianna: I too am ole' school, and enjoy the Falcon/Saint series starring George Sanders. Even as a kid I loved the old mystery/detective movies that were made 10 to 20 years before I was born..1950. Do you remember the old..Boston **** movies with Chester Morris? I have on VHS the complete set of "The Thin Man" series, and a handful of..Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone..considered by the majority as the..definitive Holmes. I'd love to get all the Holmes on DVD (my absolute favorite mystery movies), but being as there are 14 of them with Rathbone & Bruce, they cost a pretty penny.
  2. Thank You Izcutter: Tks for the heads-up about..The Indentation Gremlin..lol. I'll Be More Careful In The Future :-)
  3. Sorry all for the prophet thread below. I typed out Coopers proverb as it is displayed in the movie, as well as his ending line on both threads, but I guess if you leave blank lines TCM won't copy, and send it. :-(
  4. And The Prophet Said: "And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed it's hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead." Old Arabian Proverb Ending... "Well Denham the planes got him." Coopers Words >>>> "
  5. Hello TCMers: I'm afraid after watching my DVD Special Features of Kong last night, I can not shed much light on your debates. I can however leave you with some interesting trivia about the movie. Besides the running commentary by Harryhausen, and another effects pro.. Ken Ralston, my DVD had short comments scattered through the movie by.. Merian C. Cooper (producer, director), and Fay Wray. In regards to the planes.. Cooper stated that he filmed the live plane scenes at the.. Lockheed Air Terminal, also known as, or located next to..The Lockheed Factory. He was not clear himself as to which i
  6. Thank You Mr.Dobbs For The Links: The one just below this thread was Very Informative, and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, just like when I was a kid listening to Weismullers version in the movies..lol. Whether his vocal cords, enhanced help, or Voodoo Magic...lol...those clear, crisp, resounding throaty vibrations in the middle of his yell.. Will Never Be Bested (in my opinion) whenever anyone dons a loincloth, and swings from vines in a Tarzan film!!! Thank You For Your Interest, Time, and Contributions To My Original Thread :-) T.Y. All Who Wrote... ****...I just had a wild
  7. CineSage... Tks for showing the correct spelling. I looked up..Bona Fide.. last year on the Internet for the correct spelling, but forgot over time what it was..lol. I knew I had Ray's last name wrong, but assumed all here would know whom I meant. A Legend in the Special Effects department for many decades. T.Y. Again :-)
  8. Thank You Mr.Dobbs: I do not watch any of the talant shows on television because for the most part it seems embarrasing, and belittling the contestants is their primary objective, but not knowing the origin of the URL you posted here in regards to the Tarzan yell, I accessed it, AND.. Was Astounded At What I Heard, and Saw!!! I do not wish to give away the content, BUT.. I would recommend any who read this thread, to Please Access Mr.Dobbs URL below, and Be Prepared To Be Amazed. Especially the one marked.. "Crazy Yodeling", it's the first, and in my opinion The Best, but you should access th
  9. Gentlemen: I was browsing thru, and read your comments. If your aircraft knowledge did not recognize the planes as bonified ones, then chances are Hollywood in it's infinite wisdom (not) overhauled them for esthetic filming reasons as they generally do with all moving vehicles in movies. I have seen cars in movies that look production, but there is always something different about them that doesn't jive with what we see on the street. Movie makers like to change everything to keep us on our toes..lol. It may be the case with your questionable planes, especially in the close-up shots. I recentl
  10. Thank You bOb39....wOw that was Weissmuller Himself huh...the studio enhanced part must be the sharp gargly pitched vibrations inbetween the Ahhhhhh Eahhhhhhh's at the beginning and the end. It's those high pitched vibrations that distingushes his Tarzan from all other movies, and TV shows. Thank You Again bOb For Your Concise, and Rapid Response :-)
  11. Hello All: I have always wondered, but can not find how the Johnny Weissmuller (the best of the Tarzan yells) was accomplished? Was it a persons voice, or mechanically contrived? Does Anyone Know? Thank You For Your Assistance.. :-)
  12. Sorry to interrupt this thread, but I need cmvgor to message me, I'm having trouble again, and I know of no other way to make contact. Again, Sorry For The Interruption.. :-(
  13. Yayyyy: T.Y. Mr. Dobbs.. yes that's the movie.. The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker.. I thought it was a Clifton Web movie. Many Thanks Fred :-)
  14. Need Help Please: Does anyone remember the name, and actors that appeared in a movie probably around the late 40's, or the 50's, and in black & white as I recall that had as it's premise.. a man who raised two family's simultaneously without them knowing of each other ?? Then after he died the family's became aware of each other, and met. Thank You For Your Help.. :-)
  15. The pictured gentleman's name escapes me at the moment...Von ..something I believe. He was a Hollywood director, and played opposite..Gloria Swanson in " Sunset Boulevard " with " William Holden ". ... Alan Rickman was the bad guy in " Diehard " !!! Remember him now ??..lol. Yup Dan..he did quote those lines in the western.." Quigley Down Under " He always plays an **** so well in movies...lol. See You On Set...have to run. MythClass :-)
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