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  1. I recommend that you take a look at *A Woman Is A Woman* (1961) also. Karina's first film with Godard is his most playful and you can tell that he simply adores her. -- Terry Wallace
  2. Excellent movie, Fred. I really enjoyed along with The Mikado. These rare pictures are why I like TCM. The acting was a bit wooden but to see Africa as it was almost 80 years ago is priceless. The information about the animals was fairly accurate - they put hyenas lower on the food chain then we know they are now but the info about the lions, wild dogs, water buffalo and other animals was pretty good. According to IMDB the man attacked by the charging rhino was an actual image of a rhino killing a local boy - that's pretty brutal. -- Terry Wallace
  3. An excellent schedule. The film that I think stands out is *Chichi Ariki*,.an Ozu I never heard of before. It's not available on DVD or video tape so I hope it stays on the schedule. -- Terry Wallace
  4. If you are going to quote you really should attribute. Rather than weakening your statement quoting other sources (particularly respectable sources) actually supports and strengthens it. Personally, responding to a post with an unattributed quote makes me feel like I was duped. -- Terry Wallace
  5. I have this recorded in the DVR but haven't had a chance to look at it yet because IFC was on a roll over the weekend which hasn't been true lately. Between Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train, Being John Malkovich , Denys Arcand's Stardom - and I just had to watch Lawrence of Arabia on TCM - there wasn't time to get to it. I did take a peek at it and it looks interesting, the part about the Chinese guy who wouldn't let them in because he hates Chinese was very funny. I wonder though - do you know if this film shot in Academy Ratio or was it Panned and Scanned? -- Terry Wallace
  6. I've seen Reefer Madness on IFC's Grindhouse (it's playing tonight as a matter of fact). The only offensive thing about it is just how bad it is as a film. From what I hear the others are no better or worse. And I'd also like to know KingGondo's source before commenting on TCM's censureship policies. -- Terry Wallace Message was edited by: Terry_W
  7. Thank you for the info. The Sinatra tribute looks very interesting with the documentaries and films - some fondly remembered like Hole In The Head. And I look forward to the resumption of Silent Sunday and the TCM Import in June. -- Terry Wallace
  8. Silent Sunday's seems to be gone along with TCM Import - I hope this isn't permanent. -- Terry Wallace
  9. The Final Days was shown on the Sundance channel several times last year paired with a 2005 German TV documentary by Marieke Schroeder called Sophie Scholl - In Defiance of All Powers. This documentary might be of interest to you. Here is Sundance's film description: "In 1943, German student Sophie Scholl was arrested and executed by the Nazis for distributing anti-war flyers as part of the White Rose non-violent resistance movement. Combining first-hand interviews, family photographs and previously unavailable documents, filmmaker Marieke Schroeder present a documentary portrait of Scholl
  10. It's worth mentioning that Ordinary People was responsible for an almost endlless playing of the Pachebal Canon in D on classical music stations at the time. The rather nice little piece played ad nauseum becomes very annoying in a very short time. As I recall its playtime was finally surrendered to an even more annoying piece a year later - Vivaldi's Four Seasons - which was in turn aried virtually nonstop when the movie of the same name was released. -- Terry Wallace
  11. Good observations. I would say Belmondo's character is closer to a gangster wannabee. The posing before the Bogart poster gives good insight into how he views himself. I am also wrong about Shoot the Piano Player preceeding Breathless. I'm just going to blame it on a senior moment. -- Terry Wallace
  12. Yes, it shows up frequently on the Sundance channel along with Tout Va Bien. It is a jolt of raw energy - I think it is an exercise in pure style, something the French are very good at. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg are the film's virtues. The rough camera work and jagged storyline are often mentioned as if they are virtues but I'm not so sure that they nothing more than the product of a low budget. Overall, I don't think it is a great film but it's place in film history is assured because it ushered in the French New Wave. It really is required viewing if you are interested in this genr
  13. Bad news for foreign movie fans, The Apu trilogy has been removed from the April schedule. It's been replaced with Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt (I think this a TCM premier), Bunuel's Viridiana, and Josef von Baky's Munchhausen - all worthy films but Ray's trilogy would have been so much better. It's out of print and it would have nice for TCM to introduce these beautiful films to a wider audience. I hope TCM doesn't give and can show the trilogy at a future date. -- Terry Wallace Message was edited by: Terry_W
  14. To be sung to Poor John in Cover Girl POOR FRED Fred turned TCM on for his mother, his mother, his mother Whem Fred turned TCM on for his mother, She took one look at the guide Turned her head and Sighed Poor Fred, Poor Fred TCM is meant for classic movie presentations Modern movies are a gross misrepresentation TCM now has ACM's reputation She took a look at the $10 a month Fred paid Fell to her knees and said Poor Fred, Poor Fred Fred turned TCM on for his mother, his mother, his mother Whem Fred turned TCM on for his mother, She took one look at the guide Turne
  15. My list of favorite films is not necessarily the same as my list of the greatest films. Here are a few of my favorites. - Kurasawa: The Seven Samurai, The Hidden Fortress - Renoir: Rules of the Game, Boudu Saved from Drowning - Jean Vigo: L'Atalante - Kieslowski: Tricolors, The Double Life of Veronique, The Dekalog - Lina Wertmuller: Swept Away... by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August - Jean-Jacques Beineix: Diva - Marcel Carn?: Children of Paradise - Bergman: The Virgin Spring - Max Oph?ls: The Earrings of Madame de... - Rohmer: Six Moral Tales, Pauline at the Beach - Fas
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