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  1. Good observations. I would say Belmondo's character is closer to a gangster wannabee. The posing before the Bogart poster gives good insight into how he views himself. I am also wrong about Shoot the Piano Player preceeding Breathless. I'm just going to blame it on a senior moment. -- Terry Wallace
  2. Yes, it shows up frequently on the Sundance channel along with Tout Va Bien. It is a jolt of raw energy - I think it is an exercise in pure style, something the French are very good at. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg are the film's virtues. The rough camera work and jagged storyline are often mentioned as if they are virtues but I'm not so sure that they nothing more than the product of a low budget. Overall, I don't think it is a great film but it's place in film history is assured because it ushered in the French New Wave. It really is required viewing if you are interested in this genr
  3. Do you suppose that the broadcasting of the Chase shorts by TCM has raised the market values of the fis films? -- Terry Wallace
  4. If you using a DVR be sure to pad a few minutes - this one is a tight fit in the schedule. -- Terry Wallace
  5. They have been great for the most part. I like them so much that I'm saving just the interview portions to dvd. So far the film choices have been great and I really look forward to the other programmers. Here's how I rate them: Whoopi - My favorite so far. It's interesting how her choice of film and identity merge. Alfred Molina - Most impressive of the programmers so far. Donald Trump - Least favorite as he didn't give away much. He took a very business attitude to movies in that movies were something he does as a respite from business. Gore Vidal - Someone to sit down and li
  6. The pain - I'd already missed three of the 24 I listed (Nickle Nurser twice!) now I find there's two more. -- Terry Wallace
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