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  1. Thanks! The original is the best!
  2. Before The Women was shown Thursday night, Robert Osborne said the movie had been remade twice. I know about the 2008 one but does anyone know anything about the other remake??? THANKS!!
  3. The movie where money falls from the sky to the black rural village is Tales of Manhattan. But, there is no storyline involving a daughter who wants to dance/act.
  4. To me, that is the best version of Dicken's Christmas Carol. You can buy the DVD from TCM/Movies Limited or Ebay has them, brand new, from $10...it's so worth owning!
  5. Loretta Young in Come to the Stable...with Celeste Holm
  6. Ok...this is a difficult one! It's a rare classic, probably in the late 30's or 1940's. Storyline: young rich "spoiled" woman contracts a disease that causes her to lose her hearing. Young doctor working with a senior doctor in the town comes up with a cure. I thought Loretta Young was the woman and Dana Andrews was the doctor but I must be wrong. Any idea on this movie or at least who might have been in it?
  7. Hi cclowell38! Thanks...I finally got it!!!! She looks good to me!!! Thanks again!
  8. You're right, cclowell38! My mistake...I read the dates wrong. Thanks for clarifying... I still can't get into the site you're displaying. I even went to the site directly....seems you have to be a member to get into anything. OH well...good try. Thanks again!!
  9. http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/5228/ddbio.html I found this one....she looks great here...1998 Message was edited by: Shopperv
  10. Thanks, cclowell38....Unfortunately, the photo doesn't pull up for me...it might just be me. I would really love to see her picture!!!
  11. Thank you for posting the Youtube for Christmas Holiday...I just finished watching it for the first time. Wow...it was very dark compared to all her other movies.
  12. The movie you're thinking about is called "It's A Date"...great movie. It was on TCM back in December 07. I have it on my dvr. Love it!
  13. I was able to find Christmas Holiday on ebay several months ago. It was a dvd copy. I haven't watched it yet...
  14. I have been a Deanna Durbin fan for many years. Unfortunately, many of her really good movies have not been converted to DVD...one of my favorites is Three Smart Girls Grow Up. Any other favorites of hers out there??
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