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  1. it was a good movie. i agree...hopefully someone in programming is paying attention or perhaps there will be a dvd release with bonus features. best wishes. take care. john
  2. i was thinking of cold turkey just today! that is so odd that you would mention it on here today. yes, dick van dyke was in it. i haven't seen it since probably the early 70's. it used to come on tv all the time.
  3. yes, i agree CelluloidKid a boy and his dog is great; probably an influence on the mad max/road warrior films. danny peary in his book cult movies...or is it cult movies 2 wrote a great review of the film. john
  4. thank you CelluloidKid for the information. i thought ms. black was great in house of 1,ooo corpses. i thought that would the role to put the spotlight back on her in a major manner. ms. easterbrook was great in the devil's rejects, but karen was missed and i always wondered about her absence. john
  5. she was right at home in house of 1,ooo corpses. does anyone know her reasoning behind not appearing in the devil's rejects? john
  6. danny peary has a really great book on the subject called alternate oscars. it is really fun reading. john
  7. blue velvet heathers the river's edge evil dead 2 wild at heart lost highway the reflecting skin parents sweetie the unbelievable truth...to name a very few.
  8. i also like: the reflecting skin sweetie the unbelievable truth parents
  9. thank you for the reply WonderMoon. yes, i have all ready begun my search! i just now went over to sinister cinema's site...to no avail! ...but i also know of many other sites i can check out, so perhaps i will be able to locate this film and finally see it again. yes, there are many films that i love which are undisputed classics and then there are films that are classics to me! most of the great noir films were b-movies and not released by the majors. noirs have always lived in the shadows! take care. john
  10. thanks again Sharon49! i appreciate your efforts. yes, i really like shadow of a doubt. besides psycho, it is my fave hitchcock. i have never seen the bad seed, but i have wanted to for a long time. i have heard that the shocking ending was studio imposed to provide morality to the story. the actress who played the bad seed later as an adult appeared in a couple of low budget horror films. i think she was playing a psycho mom, not child this time. i never saw those films. at one time jack kelly was in politics. thanks for the reply. great to hear from you. your friend, john h. runion
  11. the window sounds like it could be 'rear window' for kids, but 'rear window had yet to be filmed at that time. thanks for your input. it is greatly appreciated. john
  12. thank you for taking the time to reply CelluloidKid and DHelvering. thanks for the information as well DHelvering. i will check into those films. thanks again. john
  13. my favorite lynch film is blue velvet. i feel eraserhead and blue velvet are equally well made (logical response to the films). danny peary in his book cult movies has written probably the best ever review of the film. i highly recommend that fans of the film seek it out. also, the before mentioned documentary pretty as a picture is great as well.
  14. my very favorite (emotional response) cult movies of the last 25 years would have to be: blue velvet heathers the river's edge evil dead 2 wild at heart lost highway
  15. thank you cmvgor ! i greatly appreciate your efforts. i saw a film as a child of about the age of four that frightened me very badly. i could not remember the film's title; perhaps i never knew it. through the efforts of the good film fans here at TCM such as your self i was just today able to perhaps discover the name of the movie. now i am attempting to find out more info on the film as a way to confirm if indeed it is the same film. soon, i will try to locate the actual movie on dvd. thanks again! you are the best. john h. runion
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