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  1. I have not seen it since it was in the theaters but the story and the humor stuck with me. I still remember Dr Proctor having to do surgery on some guy but he wanted a smoke so bad. Then of course the ending. We could just hope that someone in programing sees this thread and checks it out.
  2. Here is a movie that could be a Cult Classic if it would get released on DVD. I am not sure how many remember Cold Turkey from 1971 but it was a very good comedy. Some big names in it and its a movie by Mel Brooks so you know what to expect.
  3. It is not that I have a thing for trains but they do seem to make great themes for movies. John Voight and Eric Roberts played escaped cons going through Canada I believe on a train that is out of control. Just watching it could give a guy frostbite. I have not seen it for a while and wondered if anyone out there has.
  4. I think I would avoid anyone who says "I'm your number one fan." They just might bring some Misery to you life.
  5. It is not a creepy line and it is not even in a horror movie but Richard Widmark giggling in his character Tommy Uddo in Kiss of Death is very creepy.
  6. I have several but a top ten favorite of mine is Stalag 17. Great writing and story. The closing is for me one of the best parts. After Seften escapes they are wondering why him and Animal says "Maybe he just wanted to steal our wirecutters."
  7. I never heard of Red Zone Cuba so I guess that says alot in itself. I agree with the others through. I thought about Torn Curtin being cold war but it is not really a favorite of mine. Maybe Seven Days in May though.
  8. I had forgotten about Capt Newman M.D. and what a very good movie it is. I started watching it one day when it was being shown and got completely engrossed in the film. What great characters in a story about another side of the war. Good choice.
  9. It seems as though they could look at the message board and see what people are saying and show some movies what we are talking about. It would be interesting to sit in on the planning meetings. I realize we see things from the viewers point of view but it gets rediculous to see some movies come around every two or three months and others shown only on very rare occasions.
  10. I agree. The first time I saw it I felt like I could taste the sand. The casting was excellent with each character having a unique part of the story. Check out The Train if you want another one that is a great story with an amazing train wreck scene. Message was edited by: Skeedaddy
  11. I think that you will like if you are familiar with early 70's music and culture. It is a movie that does not get played when it should. We see so many repeats of great movies and others keep getting overlooked. Every couple of months we will see DOA (which is a good one) or North by Northwest and still not see some of the cult movies that are just fun to watch.
  12. These are cold war films that I liked because of the intrigue and insidious actions of cold war thinking. The Manchurian Candidate (the original) 7 Days in May Fail Safe Dr Stranglove (not intriguing but insightful to cold war thinking) Message was edited by: Skeedaddy
  13. I like the darkness and cynicism of the characters. Most seem to believe that they have nothing to lose or that they have seen it all before so what the heck. It seems that maybe they can catch a break but if not ok. There is always one character that is so stunningly amoral it makes all the rest interesting as well.
  14. Three Dark Streets and The Naked City are two very good movies. Experiment in Terror takes though. I saw it as a kid and it still creeps me out. This movie holds up very well. Message was edited by: Skeedaddy
  15. This was on the list of noir that I must see. I will set the recorder for it.
  16. Skeedaddy

    The Train

    I wish I could get the Encore Action but I am out of luck. I will have to rent it. Does TCM show only what is in their library or do they get movies from other sources as well? It would be a great addition. I just think it is a great forgotten war movie.
  17. Yes to the B movie feel. There should always be a memorable line, scene, name or something that stands out. so what would a cowboy call a high speed worm with an attitude? A "Graboid" of course. Of course the discussion on the firepower of various weapons between Reba and her husband brings a laugh too.
  18. Skeedaddy

    The Train

    The Train needs to be shown on TV but in the letterbox format. It is a great was movie filmed in B/W giving the story grit and texture to pain. Lancaster does his own stunts and the last half hour would wear anyone out. Check it out.
  19. I saw it as a kid and then saw it not long ago on TCM. I didn't know that Ernest Borgnine played the viking king and I remember him jumping into the pit of dogs. I had forgotton about the brother against brother conflict too. I thought it was a pretty good movie.
  20. Tremors 1 cracks me up with these two guys working around a town in the desert that appears to have no purpose at all. Tremors was on TV some time ago. It needs to be back in the que.
  21. I should probably see the last two addition to Starship Troopers but I enjoyed the first one so much sequels tend to disappoint. I remember seeing it with a bunch of guys and thought I can't believe someone made a movie like this. When it was over I was thinking I was glad someone made a movie like this. Pure fun and a political message if you wanted to go deeper. Tremors 1 and MIB 1 are two others I really enjoy for fun.
  22. Does anyone know if The Big Clock and The Lineup are in the que at TCM? Thanks
  23. I always enjoy watching Tremors 1, Scarface, or The Usual Suspects. Not really cult corn but good to great lines in each.
  24. I read The Sea Wolf long ago and found that it had been made into a movie even farther back. Anyway, I would recommend the movie. It is based on the book and follows it in the most important areas. Edward G Robinson captures Wolf Larson very well and there is a genuine feeling of dread just watching these people on a very bad boat. Enjoy
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