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  1. This was my response to Carmen: Wow, that's great Execuspeak for nothing will happen, you DON'T really listen to your customers so screw you. That's pretty much the answer I thought I'd get. I've been a Comcast customer since you hit our little town back in the early 90s. Well you made my decision much easier. Verizon here I come!! You have a great rest of your day too. Soon-to-be-a-former-Comcast-customer
  2. Got an email back from someone at Comcast that I emailed. This was their non-answer answer in really great Execuspeak, which just cemented my decision to bail on them:
  3. When they moved it up TCM still did 31 Days of Oscar even though there were only 28 days in the month so I'm guessing they'll still do the same thing or maybe move it to January.
  4. Anyone have a movie that made you angry at the end? You sit through it thinking "OK, it's got to get better", you think about giving up but stick it out for whatever reason, & then 2 hours later you're all "I WANT THOSE 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK!!" I know several people felt that way about "Blair Witch" but for me & some friends it was "Saw." We didn't want to watch "Saw" to begin with. Not that we don't like horror, just, well, we weren't in the mood. But one friend insisted we watch it so we did. At the end of it (BIG SAW SPOILER COMING if you care about things like that) I threw something at their TV & several of us yelled variations of, "****?!?! HE WAS ALIVE ON THE FLOOR THE WHOLE TIME?!?!THAT'S B.S.!NOEFFINWAY!!FOR 2 HOURS THEY DIDN'T SEE HIM BREATHING!!" Sorry if I spoiled it for you but let's say I took one for the team so now you don't have to watch that garbage movie. We don't let that friend pick our movies any more.
  5. Interesting thing I learned about Bozo was that he was sort of a franchise. If you had a Bozo show you were supposed to do certain things. Our Bozo, Mr. Dyzel, decided to do his own thing & I don't think they liked it. They wanted more sketches & gags & he did games & things like that instead. They had a land-the-ball-in-the-bucket game & I think there were 10 buckets with different degrees of prizes listed on cards. No kid had ever hit #10, UNTIL ONE KID DID. There was no real prize in it so when the kid hit it he vamped for a few minutes & moved on. The kid did get a prize though I can't recall what it was. Much like kids today, the Horror Hosts have moved to the internet. There's plenty still there & they're still active. You can find most of them at horror cons too & this time of year they're everywhere. Honestly, I watch a lot of stuff later on Youtube, the net or I just DVR it so I can skip any commercials. There don't seem to be many "water cooler" shows any more. The last I remember for me was "Lost." Now it's "Masked Singer" but even now I DVR it & try to catch the singing bits on Youtube the next morning if I don't see it all.
  6. I get that they want more money for TCM. After looking into Sling I found that they don't include local channels but TCM is available. The cheaper package of Sling only allows you to watch it on one device, whether that's a phone, laptop or TV. The other package lets you watch on more devices & it's more expensive.
  7. Same here. I'd even give that $10 to Comcast. I don't want or need HBO but I want & need TCM.
  8. Late to this thread but I'd totally be down for Rockville/Germantown chapter for meetups. I know they've basically done away with the Backlot chapters but right now the "official" DC/MD/VA one always has showings in VA & I'm just not driving that far for a movie. I don't need free tickets to the movie either, which was the only perk that Backlot chapters got & still get, I just want to meet up with other more local fans & have discussions.
  9. Sadly Sir Graves Ghastly is no longer on this earthly plane. He died in 2007. But he was an original! Count Gore started in the early 70s & ended in the late 80s (cable killed our TV vampire). Count Gore is Dick Dysel. He was, for a while, our Bozo the Clown & also our afternoon kid's show host Capt. 20, but his first love is & has always been Count Gore. He'll be hosting a showing of "The Exorcist" at the AFI Theatre in Silver Spring, MD on Oct. 26. He's still around & he.is.awesome. because he's "mine". I watched him daily as a kid then every Saturday nite with my father. The first time I met him was a horror con that was hosting Christopher Lee. I didn't know he was going to be there but when I came around a corner & saw him I almost cried. I totally fangirled over him. He was the guy that introduced me to horror in general & I told him how grateful I was that he was there & still working & interacting with us fans.
  10. And if you decided to NOT buy everything that was advertised on any sports program, you'd have a really hard time with that. So we pick our battles & Comcast found our line in the sand that is TCM.
  11. Unabashed Copland & Speed Racer fan chiming in here! I was a vid store clerk for 12 years, starting in the 90s so I'd venture to guess I've seen several thousand movies & whenever people would ask about Copland I'd go all in. Especially since Stallone plays against his usual tough guy type. As for Speed Racer, well, let's just say when I was 5 I just KNEW I was going to marry Speed. He was gonna toss Trixie to the side be mine!! When I heard they were doing a live action I was very excited. Then the reviews hit. When I finally saw it I was very impressed. It looked & felt like the cartoon but I was mostly impressed with Matthew Fox as Racer X. I thought he nailed him. I was not as fond of Emile Hirsch as Speed but that was because I wanted a dark haired blue eyed Speed like the cartoon, but his performance was good. I also love those Full Moon horror movies from the 90s, especially the Puppetmaster series. I have a soft spot in general for "doll horror". Not dolls like Annabelle, because she just makes others do her bidding, but movies where the dolls do the damage. Movies like Dolls, the Chucky series, Dolls, Dolly Dearest, the Trilogy of Terror chapter with the Zuni fetish (scarred me for life), that sort of stuff. So to answer your question, I'll go with another "doll horror" movie that scarred me for life & say "Magic" with Sir Anthony Hopkins as a ventriloquist named Corky & his ridonkulously terrifying "figure" named Fats.
  12. Aww...I love Ben! I bet he'd do it at least once! He's the same age I am & a local boy from the DMV (DC/MD/VA area) so he grew up watching the same channels I did & I'd bet money he was a Count Gore fan too! Count Gore was our local horror movie host: http://www.countgore.com/
  13. I think a LOT of the outrage is because it was added with sports & sort of on the sly. If you do autopay you may not get a paper statement in the mail. If you don't look at that stuff (which apparently a LOT of people didn't myself included) you just turned on your favourite channel & BOOM! it was gone. And apparently the original poster here is one of those that actually reads those things so I'm glad someone did.There was no scroll at the top of TCM to say it was going to a different package & if you still want it here's what you do. How many times have you seen a scroll on a channel saying "Such&such cable company is going to scrap this channel if you don't do such&such"? I've seen it often. A carrier holding a channel hostage for whatever reason There was none of that with TCM. At least not here in Montgomery County, MD. I'd rather pay $10 for JUST TCM. Go ahead & make it a Premium Channel. I don't think that would have bothered me nearly as much as attaching it to frickin' sports.
  14. I'm glad his Oscar nom was for Jackie Brown. He deserved it.
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