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  1. Your new redesign of the schedule page is not very well conceived. For one thing many members now do not have access to future monthly schedules. Many use these future schedules as an aid to help them organize their own newsletters and upcoming events they have schedule for their own groups.  I know that the new redesign is a big help with mobile users, but not having access to more than one month beyond the current day is not good. You need to have future schedules placed back on the main schedule page. Otherwise I find it a useful and more organized way of showing information.

  2. Well Top, I guess some things are never going to be perfect. But hey, I like the new format!!!! Hope you have been well!!!
  3. You are spot on. Both with your original posting and other comments. However, they are showing all of the films each day. As I wrote, if a film starts at 11 PM and runs into the next day, the first film scheduled for the next day is shown and that schedule runs up until the last film starts that day.
  4. This is obviously an attempt by the TCM staff to align their message board fonts and style to a new schedule. As far as being able to find out what type of film is being presented, directly under the title of the film is the type of film, i.e., Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Documentary along with running time and ratings. I see this as a progression toward a more user friendly experience. I did lo\ike the old format with color bars, but I think moving forward the way the schedule is presented now is more clear and concise. As far as not being able to see the whole 24 hour schedule is concerned,
  5. Some here who are advocating the removal of Gone With the Wind and any other film that shows any social injustice is really talking about the severest form of censorship. These films as many have written were produced during times in our country's past where social injustice prevailed. Not showing these films robs many of us the cherished memories we have of these films and if we are all sensible about it recognize that yes, these films were made during a period of time where black Americans were not treated the same as white Americans. It is called HISTORY. If we remove GWTW or any other film
  6. He was a great actor!!! Loved him in Masterpiece Theater's production of Danger UXB with Anthony Andrews.
  7. Yeah I think I have read very many reviews indicating that Ice Station Zebra was Howard Hughes favorite film and that he would screen the film hundreds of times. But I really enjoy the film along with Where Eagles Dare and Breakheart Pass.
  8. You mean like this... at the 34 second mark...
  9. My second list of 26 favorite films by first letter, actually 25 films, since I have no other films starting with the letter X. The Americanization of Emily 1964 Bite the Bullet 1975 Casablanca 1942 Destination Tokyo 1943 El Dorado 1967 Foreign Correspondent 1940 The Ghost Writer 2010 Hoosiers 1986 Ice Station Zebra 1968 Jaws 1975 Knute Rockne, All-American 1940 Lost Horizon 1937 The Martian 2015 North By Northwest 1959 The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976 Patton 1970 Queen Christina 1933 Random Harvest 1942 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 The Thing From Another
  10. This is a list of 26 favorite films. There could be at least ten lists I could make for 26 films each. This is just one off the top of my head and all of these are in my private film library... The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 Chisum 1970 Defending Your Life 1991 The Enemy Below 1957 Fail-Safe 1964 Goldfinger 1964 Hatari! 1962 It’s a Wonderful Life 1946 Judgement at Nuremberg 1961 King Kong 1933 Local Hero 1983 A Matter of Life and Death 1946 The Natural 1984 Open Range 2003 The Professionals 1966 The Quiet Man 1952 Roman
  11. For many years posters here have been discussing just what constitutes a "classic" film. Many have written that anything produced before 1960 would and should be labeled a "classic" film. Since many of the old "golden age" studios were still in existence at this time, though many would start to fade away or become obsolete during the mid to late 1960's, the thought was given that with the Hays Code giving way to the newly created MPAA guide lines (November 1, 1968), the term classic would apply to those films released before the MPAA came into existence. Looking back now I think 1969 woul
  12. Next thing we will be reading from TB is how often Robert Osborne spoke about this film and how much he adored the film. And because of that, all appearances of Mr. Osborne will need to be excised from TCM. Oh my god, he must have been a racist!!!
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