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    My Favorite films: historical, westerns, dramas, bios, sci-fi, everything Star Trek, Suits, House of Cards, Doc Martin, John Wayne, Ronald Coleman, Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson

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  1. Ha, Ha, Ha... Sepia. I was NOT wrong. Cagney did portray Halsey in The Gallant Hours. I was correcting Ray Fiola. I never mentioned Tora, Tora, Tora. Nimitz never appeared in that film. He was still a rear admiral and did not become CICPAC until December 31, 1941. Any real NAVY history buff would know that!!!
  2. Actually, Cagney was portraying Admiral William "Bull" Halsey. Henry Fonda portrayed Nimitz in the 1976 film Midway. He also appeared as CINCPAC II in the John Wayne film In Harms Way. CINCPAC II was Nimitz. Addison Powell portrayed Nimitz in the 1977 film MacArthur with Gregory Peck as MacArthur. Graham Beckel portrayed Nimitz in 2001's Pearl Harbor.
  3. The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 The Professionals 1966
  4. Hey guys! Long time no talk!!! When I am not driving for Uber (yes, I drive for Uber, have been pretty much full-time since late last fall, mostly in NW Chicago suburbs and city of Chicago) I try to watch some of my favorite movies on my computer which is a lot easier now that I have upgraded to a 27" iMac. Just watched Talk of the Town once again. Love this movie. The interactions between the three leads is so wonderful. Cary Grant, Ronald Coleman and Jean Arthur. Love Jean in this movie. Edgar Buchannon is wonderful as well.
  5. Yeah, right... And old VP Joe Biden while still in office threatening Ukraine with withholding a billion dollars of aid IF they don't fire the prosecutor who was looking at his son's Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine.
  6. I guess the bigger problem here is that even though no "official" impeachment of the president has started, and the only things going on now is the regular oversight being done by the house committees, then why is the story being told the way it is on every other news outlet. If you watch MSNBC, CNN, and the three major news programs (ABC, CBS, and NBC) you would think the president is going to be going down and soon. Very deceptive news media. Goes to show you what they ultimately want. Continue this circus as long as they can to get maximum exposure for themselves, just like they did with the Mueller investigation.
  7. Very interesting. And here I had thought actual US House of Representatives Impeachment hearings were underway. I guess not... https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/464140-ignore-the-hype-this-is-not-an-impeachment-inquiry
  8. This all Much Ado About Nothing. If the dems in Congress really do get their way and vote for impeachment and then it goes to the Senate, guess what happens then? The President's lawyers can call as many witnesses as they want to testify. And those witnesses could very well be the following people: Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, Christopher Steele, Bruce Orr, Nellie Orr, and the list could go on and on. I wonder if the dems have even thought about what they could set in motion?
  9. You are not being too forward at all! Yes, she is getting better after having had her right ankle replaced in April due to complications from LUPUS. We are getting through this and yes, I hope better days are ahead. Thank you for your well wishes!
  10. As always you seem to hit the nail. I am not complaining rather just posting my opinion. I still engage with conversation but lately it has been less and less due to my wife's illnesses and me having to take care of her, and my driving for Uber which usually takes place in the evenings. I still very much enjoy conversations I see here and when I can, I do participate. But mostly I just read, unless I really think my opinion is going to be valued.
  11. I am not saying there isn't any great discussions today. But back then there were so many more discussions going on and that was due to the fact that we had some really great members who respected one another and appreciated things they had to offer. Many of those folks are no longer posting here. And why is this? Several reasons, they probably got tired of posting, several have had health issues, some have just left due to others leaving, and some are no longer posting I think because of a general lack of civility from a small, yet vocal group of members now posting. In some ways, today's message board can reflect a certain level of combativeness that was always there before but never to the level that it is today. And that is reflected on the general attitude applied to certain posters who post here today. Now I am not saying that the boards have totally gone to the dogs, but there seems to be more of a willingness for certain posters to try and upstage others and some try to bring out the worst attitudes all the while trying to maintain their own unique, yet troubling sense of themselves. Of course this is just my opinion.
  12. Spence, Members come and go all the time. Unfortunately some pass away like FredCDobbs and Kyle in Hollywood. I think eventually everyone who has started posting here with a few exceptions have departed or as you have indicated post very rarely. Not everyone can spend everyday, all the time posting here, people such as TopBilled for instance. Personally I miss the old days when I first joined back in 2008. Back then we had really great conversations about movies, non of the political stuff going on in the Off-Topics Forum.
  13. Where have you been old buddy? Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated!!! Been driving for Uber here in the Chicago area since a year ago August. Have not had a full-time job since June 2018. Very hard finding anything. Think my age (59) is working against me. Have you been in touch at all with Miss Goddess? Hope you are well. Miss sharing movie stuff with you!



    1. FrankGrimes


      Hi, Rey! I'm glad to hear you are doing all right. And thanks for the birthday wish.

      Miss G is doing pretty good. She lived in Oahu for a couple years but is back in NYC. She's doing pretty good.

    2. fxreyman


      Hey, glad to hear from you! Since you have not posted for awhile and this is pretty much up to you, any chance you could share with me your personal email so that I can keep you updated about stuff? If you feel I am asking too much of yourself, please tell me, okay?


  14. I was gone for several hours last night... What happened to the dust up around here???
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