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    My Favorite films: historical, westerns, dramas, bios, sci-fi, everything Star Trek, Suits, House of Cards, Doc Martin, John Wayne, Ronald Coleman, Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson

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  1. On January 7, 2011 I started a thread titled LISTS on the Favorites Forum. My goal was to list films in my library at the time and to really just get members involved with listing their library of films, or any type of list of any films, actors, directors and so on. The thread has over 63 pages as of now. But because I have deleted over 100 films from my original list of films, I thought it was time to see how many films I have and which decade led my list. My second post on that thread showed how many films I had at that time in my personal library. A total of 621 films were listed. Of t
  2. fxreyman


    On January 7, 2011 I started this thread. My second post showed how many films I had at that time in my personal library. A total of 621 films were listed. Of those, 121 films were still on VHS. Since moving back to the Chicago area in January of 2015 from Colorado Springs, I have deleted all 113 VHS films from my library. And since that time I have added 16 new DVD titles giving me my present day number of films in my current library of 524. Of those 524 films, 12 films can be found in my iTunes library. The breakdown of my films per decade are as follows: 1920's: 12 1930's:
  3. Not sure. I am fairly sure that since they are Spain-based, they probably have toured? Not really sure. Maybe their website can provide additional details.
  4. Since I have loved watching films over the years there is one element of filming that I have absolutely fell in love with and that is the scoring of films. I have found a great YouTube channel from the Film Symphony Orchestra… I will try and post as many of these wonderful bits of films I have discovered… From the FSO website: What is FSO? The Film Symphony Orchestra is a ground-breaking artistic project which was founded to address a gap in the musical and cultural industry in Spain. We are an elite, professional symphony orchestra made up of more than 70 musicians, exclusively
  5. From the first season of the wonderful "The Waltons" starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite and Michael Learned.
  6. Season one intro to Harry O, starring the late, great David Janssen as iconic private investigator Harry Orwell.
  7. This was one of the best series to ever appear on television. The Bearcats! starred Rod Taylor and Dennis Cole as Hank Brackett and Johnny Reach, two "soldiers of fortune" who roamed the American Southwest during the Wilson years (1914). They typically accepted work from clients who were in trouble or had troubles needing to be taken care of. They were not paid by a normal fee, rather they insisted on a blank check and they would fill out the fee after the work was completed. Johnny Reach said in the pilot film, Powderkeg... "If you can put a price on it, you don't need them badly enough." Inc
  8. I remember watching this show every Sunday night when I was seven or eight. Did not really understand it, but my parents watched it, so it must have been good!!!
  9. This series ran for one season on CBS. Starring the late, great Stuart Whitman with many wonderful guest stars. Great opening to a show by the late great Maurice Jarre.
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