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    I never shot nobody I didn't have to.
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    My Favorite films: historical, westerns, dramas, bios, sci-fi, everything Star Trek, Suits, House of Cards, Doc Martin, John Wayne, Ronald Coleman, Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson

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  1. I would never use those two words to describe Kamala Harris.
  2. Great idea for a thread!!! For the next ten days I will be taking it very easy. I tested positive yesterday for COVID-19. My wife had already tested positive on Thursday and because we are so close I was tested yesterday. I will need to self-quarantine for the next nine days. After which I should be able to return to normal activities. Obviously I will not be driving for Uber until those nine days are over so I am just going to check in one last time with one of my favorite tv shows of all time and just binge watch it until it is taken off of Netflix next week. That would b
  3. I don't have to suck it up... I have listed my favorites... Look over on the Your Favorites Forum under the thread titled LISTS.
  4. fxreyman


    Follow up to Amanda... In 1996 I created and composed a LIST of 101 films I felt were the finest English-language films up to that point in time. I followed that LIST with another 101 LIST for a total of 202 films. Here is the first list: 12 ANGRY MEN 1957 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 1968 ADAM’S RIB 1949 ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD 1938 AFRICAN QUEEN 1951 ALL ABOUT EVE 1950 ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN 1976 AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY 1964 ANATOMY OF A MURDER 1959 AWFUL TRUTH 1937 BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK 1955 BALL OF FIRE 1941 BEN HUR
  5. John Kass is an American columnist and former editorial board member for the Chicago Tribune. After Mike Royko passed away, he took over his column space on page 2 of the Chicago Tribune for many years. He left the Tribune in 2021 and started his own news website... johnkassnews.com He is well known in the Chicago area for his insightful opinion pieces. Especially about all things Chicago. You can find him here... Here is his latest edition based on what happened Tuesday night... https://johnkassnews.com/democrat-donner-party-after-virginia-looks-like-meats-back-on-the-menu-bo
  6. fxreyman


    Amanda, Very nice list indeed!!! Yes, it is very difficult to create any list, especially a Top Ten list. And that is because I think as movie fans, we may love many, many films and to list just ten is really, really hard. And that does not explain how as LIST makers our attitudes and opinions about the films we do list will change from time to time, or all the time. A list we make today might very well be different a few days from now, or weeks or months later. Additional films might appear on the list and then all of a sudden you have to re-organize the list and all of this just ta
  7. fxreyman


    Hello AmandaBonner and welcome to the boards!!! Just for your info, I started this thread way back on January 7th, 2011. I have posted quite a few times and then had many, many other members come on and post their views and ideas. It was a lot of fun. But eventually things away from the message boards… real life… started to take over and I did not post for quite sometime. However many more comments were made and here we are at page 63. Not too bad. I come on here from time to time to look around and see who has posted and what they have posted and I am grateful you found this thread.
  8. So I guess this reason you provide would also include not watching and film depicting western expansion in the United States during the mid to late 1800's? That list would then possibly include ANY western made in the last century and quite possibly any other film depicting any type of life that quite possibly could include living on lands that were basically stolen from the original Indian tribes. Guess that means many American films.
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