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  1. And since I once had a VHS library of cassettes that contained two movies each( that I managed to copy before macrovision) totaling 600 titles, it's a sure bet I sat through all of them while copying, and it's also a sure bet there's NO WAY I can remember them all. Since I had the cassettes numbered I did once put together a catalog of them all by number/titles, which due to the hurried move back in '11 which caused me to leave a lot of them behind, I'm without a source to refer to. Sepiatone Actually the list I provided was a list of films I have watched multiple time
  2. This is an interesting topic. My viewing habits throughout the years has been rather silly. If I see something that is on Youtube, I tend to watch it. However I do own over 600 movies on DVD. I also have a number of films I own on iTunes. I watch those more frequently. Those iTunes movies include: Bite the Bullet Breakheart Pass Casino Royale (Daniel Craig version) Chisum The Core Dante’s Peak Dead Again Deep Impact Executive Suite MacArthur Man of Steel Return to Me Star Trek (2009) Star Trek Insurrection Star Trek V The Final Frontier Star Trek Fi
  3. Okay, I'll bite... 1960 Spartacus 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg 1962 Lawrence of Arabia 1963 Hud 1964 Goldfinger 1965 The Sound of Music 1966 The Professionals 1967 In Cold Blood 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey 1969 The Wild Bunch
  4. Interesting topic. One could go through the entire history of the Academy Awards and perform an alternate Oscar for Best Picture... Here are my choices: 1940: The Grapes of Wrath 1941: Citizen Kane 1942: The Talk of the Town 1943: Casablanca 1944: Double Indemnity 1945: They Were Expendable 1946: The Best Years of Our Lives 1947: Odd Man Out 1948: Red River 1949: Twelve O'Clock High
  5. You know Top, everytime you write stuff like this it makes me think of another long-time poster with many posts who would write like this and take offense when someone else would disagree with them or debate them... HollyGolightly.
  6. Well, to become better educated, I have to admit my ignorance, and to admit I was wrong. Thank you for your clarification.
  7. Just finished my 71/2 hour Uber drive for the night. 8PM to 5AM. Just home now. You may be right Dargo. I don't know. Makes sense.
  8. Now before I get started writing this response to you I need to be perfectly clear with you... This is NOT an attack on you or towards you in any way. Nor am I trying to be unfair towards you or unruly in any way. I am just posting my thoughts about how you tend to respond to certain posters who seem to show up and make one comment and might then disappear, or other posters who have been here longer and decides to make these kinds of comments. It is also meant to show you that these "one-hit wonders" may feel a bit nervous when they voice their concerns and may feel like that becaus
  9. Lets be clear Top... These sentences/thoughts are your opinion based on your take of today's values and standards. Back in 1961, none of what Edwards and Rooney did would even be considered this way. Or at the very least by this time viewpoints of the Japanese people who had nothing to do with the way their government conducted the war against the Allies was softening. But I am sure Edwards felt that this type of comedy was needed only to present an opposing viewpoint, albeit sort of wrong stereotypical viewpoint based on today's morals. It was the times. Just like when viewing GWTW, we interp
  10. I wrote this yesterday in the 18 problematic thread about the South...
  11. Only problem was that the South never had a chance to win the war. The only time it did have that chance was in 1862. Many Confederate victories in the eastern theater led by Generals Lee, Longstreet and Jackson. Pivotal victories over Union forces led by incompetent officers allowed the southern troops wide ranging victories. Had Lee not tried to attack at Gettysburg, the war may have lasted a year or two more at the least. After Gettysburg, the south never had a chance and then President Lincoln whose patience was running very thin with those generals leading Union forces chose U.S. Grant to
  12. Please do us all a BIG FAVOR... Stop typing like this. It is very annoying and really you might think that you are being cute or different, but in reality it is very poor posting on your part.
  13. So, I have had a few encounters with famous celebrities over the years, but they would not fall into the "classic" movie star classification. In October 1982, the college I was attending hosted a sci-fi convention of sorts. They had panel discussions and a few TV stars showed up. The one person that was there who I considered to be very important, at least to me was Star Trek's James Doohan who had portrayed Scotty in the original series. After the discussion was over they formed an autograph line and I got in the line. After about an hour or so it was my turn to meet Mr. Doohan. He was ever s
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