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  1. Is that Ronald Reagan in the underwear ad in Life magazine?
  2. I'm still unable to post pics but as a young Twilight Zone fan, I thought Gig Young and Richard Long were the same person.
  3. That's Fred? I thought for sure it was Walter Matthau.
  4. What food was Hitchcock reportedly afraid of?
  5. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but...Hitchcock's father was a grocer, much like the villian in "Frenzy".
  6. It was definetely Spellbound. The bad guy turns the gun on himself. Large prop was used, I believe, to keep the distant Ingrid Bergman in focus as well as the gun
  7. Thanks Finance. I'll ask an easy one so people can concentrate on Sapphire's question. Abbott & Costello (my faves) made 36 movies together. One of them started out in black & white (actually sepia) then turned into color ala Wizard of Oz. What movie was it and why did it change into color?
  8. Carole Lombard? Mr. & Mrs. Smith? a Hitchcock ....comedy?
  9. Good guesses but incorrect. Hint - This scene had music playing for the entire 12 mins.
  10. Sorry for the delay. Which movie had a 12-minute scene featuring 124 camera shots and no dialogue?
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