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  1. I agree that the third Doris Day box set does not contain her best films. Tea For Two and April In Paris are enjoyable. It took me a few viewing, but I came to like The Tunnel Of Love. Starlift was not very good, and It`s A Great Feeling is one of the dumbest movies that I have wasted my time on. If my memory serves me correctly the only movies of Doris`s that have not been individually released on dvd are The Winning Team, Storm Warning, Midnight Lace, and Julie. The first Doris Day dvd collection rates four stars, and the second collection rates three stars according to my rating.

  2. Hi Mongo, A belated thank you for remembering Doris Day on her birthday. My computer was acting up, and I didn`t see the pic until today. Your Candids thread is enjoyed by everybody. Congratulations on being chosen as a TCM guest programmer. I will be watching all week.

  3. Hi Celluoidkid, Thanks for sharing the imfo on the choice of Alec Baldwin as the new co-host of the essentials. I have enjoyed Alec`s two previous visits to TCM. He is very arrticulate about movie history. I can remember the comment that he made from the AFI 100 Years 100 stars special in 1999. In reference to AFI`s choice of Gregory Peck, Alec said that he liked the fine line that he walked in "Gentleman`s Agreement". If I can remember that observation after nine years, Mr. Baldwin will choose very interesting movies from all genres with critiques to match.

  4. Hi Miss Goddess, Thank you for the beautiful photos of Loretta. I was a little disappointed that Loretta and Tyronne Power were not included as a movie couple in Robert Osborne`s new book. Ty is matched with Gene Tierney. I own the Tyronne Power romantic idol collection, and I loved the chemistry between Ty and Loretta in "Cafe Metoprole" and "Love Is News".

  5. Hi Film Fatale, Yes, "Niagara" is a Fox film. Marilyn Monroe garnered most of the attention when the film was released, but Joseph Cotten gives a fine performance as her neurotic husband Location filming was done in Niagara Falls, NY. and Ont. in the summer of 1952.

  6. The January 2009 schedule looks great especially the Private Screening with Ernest Borgnine and Jack Lemmon as SOTM. My only quibble is I wish that instead of a few of Jack`s lesser comedies, Day`s Of Wine And Rose`s, "Missing", and Glengarry Glen Ross could have been shown instead. I noticed that Joseph Cotten`s fine performance in Niagara will be shown in January instead of December when he is SOTM.

  7. Thanks for filling me in on the first half hour. I am sorry that I missed the gangster and the precode movie clips and discussion. How disappointing that Doris Day was given only a few minutes. She deserved more time than what what the producers allowed. So far, the actors at Warner`s have been discussed in more detail.

  8. Hi Theresa, The first movie that I watched was "Love Is News" The disc for that movie included a feature on Loretta and Tyronne. It was very enlightning to hear how well matched they were, and Loretta and Tyronne dated for a year. "Suez" changed everything. "Love Is News" was Tyronne`s first starring role, and Loretta was a stinker to him. She wanted to get back at him, and she sure did! The movie is classified as a screwball comedy. Does your Grandpa watch the older movies too with you and Grandma? I enjoy reading your stories so much. My choice at Applebee`s was riblets and chicken fingers. We ate the birthday cake at home. LOL

  9. Hi Celluoidkid, Last night I also watched the Warner Brother special. My work shift doesn`t end until 9:00 pm, consequently I missed the first thirty minutes. Did the special discuus the early gangster movies re. "Little Cesar", "The Public Enemy", and the pre code movies "Baby Face" and "Three On A Match". I agree with all the comments that have been posted so far. Clint Eastwood may own a large sharge of Time Warner stock. I taped a special on either TBS or TNT entitled "Here`s Looking At You Warner Brother`s, and guess who was the narrator.

  10. Hey Theresa, Thanks for the birthday message. My daughter bought me a chocolate birthday cake, and we had dinner at Applebee`s. My son gave me a new dvd vcr combo player. Today my daughter gift to me arrived from Amazon. You know that the first movie that I will be watching from the Tyronne Power dvd set is Cafe Metropole, followed by Love Is News and Second Honeymoon. We never can watch too many Loretta movies.

  11. Hey Theresa, Cafe Metrople was a lucky guess for me. It is the movie from the set that I most want to see. Loretta wore a wedding gown in "The Stranger" with Orson Welles. "The Farmer`s Daughter" was shown last night, and I watched the movie again. My two favorite scenes are Joseph Cotten showing off while ice skating while Loretta laughs, and the swedish massage. I hit the big 60 today September 12th.

  12. Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of one of my favorite actresses, Jane Wyman. Today I watched a few clips on You Tube of Jane singing two songs from "Night And Day". She had a nice singing voice which we were able to hear in "Here Come`s The Groom" and "Just For You". Every year I keep hoping that "The Blue Veil" will be shown or the TV series Falcon Crest will be released on dvd. A new biography of Jane`s second husband Ronald Reagan has just been released. It deals with Mr. Reagan`s Hollywood career, and I have read a review. Jane is not always shown as a perfect wife, but she was always more career driven. When Jane died, her son Michael said that he learned his sense of values from his mother.

  13. Hi Theresa, I asked my daughter to buy me the Tyronne Power romantic dvd gift set for my birthday. Since I haven`t received my present yet, my guess is "Cafe Metropole". Loretta will always remain my true classic beauty from the 1930`s and 1940`s. Tonight TCM is showing "The Farmer`s Daughter at 12:45 am.

  14. Hi Hlywdjkk, Now I feel like a knucklehead! The imformation that I posted on the Kennedy Center honorees was correct except for Ms. Tharp`s occupation. Of course she is a choreographer. I was ready to leave for work in a few minutes when I saw the news item on the MSNBC.com site. The other thing that rattled me was seeing George Jones`s name. Mr. Jones and I share the same birthday 09/12. Doris Day has been asked to received this award, but she has turned it down because of her fear of flying. Thanks again for the correct imfo.

  15. Today the Kennedy Center announced six recipients of the 2008 Honorees. They are Barbra Streissand, Morgan Freeman, George Jones, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry of The Who, and harpist Twyla Tharp. George Jones is the country and western singer who was married to Tammy Wynette. The awards will be presented on December 7, 2008, and CBS will broadcast the show the last week of December.

  16. Hi Helen, In 1997 Ron Howard narrarted a doucumentary on the life and career of Frank Capra. It was released on the anniversary of of Mr. Capra`s 100th birthday. I purchased the video, and Ron did an excellant job with the narration.The video showed him at Columbia Studios where Frank Capra directed his most famous classic movies.

  17. Hi Laffite and Theresa, Now you do the same thing to me? I am not an expert on Loretta`s early 1930`s movies, but I do remember her wearing a fur coat in "Midnight Mary". The photo with Norman Foster stumped me. I do know a few facts about Norman. His first wife was Claudette Colbert, and they never shared the same home during their brief marriage. Claudette continued to live with her mother. Norman`s second marriage was to Sally Blane Loretta`s sister. He later became a director, and made one of my favorite Loretta movies "Rachel And The Stranger".

  18. Hey Theresa, It was easy to why Loretta and Spencer fell in love while making "Man`s Castle". The looks that they exchanged are clearly evident throughout the film. You have heard the story of Loretta breaking off the relationship with the married Spencer because the guilt and her religion meant too much. She sent Spencer a letter telling him why the affair must end, and simply signed me. Spencer never spoke about the letter to Loretta though their paths crossed thru the years. Many years later after her father`s death, Susie Tracy visited Loretta. She found the letter among her father`s possessions. Susie told Loretta that her father loved two women her mother and Loretta.

  19. It was my pleasure tonight to watch "Man`s Castle" for the first time. Loretta Young and Spencer Tracy`s love for each other showed thru their dire circumstances. Loretta was luminous as Trina, and she showed many layers of emotions. Moirafinna wrote a very interesting article on the career of the director of this film Frank Borzage on the MovieMorbloks site. She goes into about the making and the performances of "Man`s Castle". I have always wished that Loretta Young would be chosen as TCM`s SOTM. She left us with a wonderful selection of movies from four decades."Man`s Castle" would be a movie that I would chose if TCM would honor Loretta.

  20. Hi FG and CK, Thanks for the lovely pics of Roz. She did not receive many posting when during her SOTM in July. I enjoyed every movie that I saw her in whether comedy or drama including Gypsy. Roz has fans on YouTube, and clips from " The Citadel have been recently added. Scenes from The Women, His Girl Friday, Never Wave At A Wac, Gypsy, and others are also posted. Take a look and enjoy.

  21. Hi Mongo, Thanks for your new thread "Candids". What a lovely wedding photo of Eleanor Powell and Glenn Ford. Hopefully by the end of the year, their son Peter will finish his biography on his dad.

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