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  1. miss Goddess, I own Lana Wood`s biography of her sister and also Gavin Lambert`s bio "Natalie Wood A Life".
  2. Natalie`s fear of deep water manifested itself early. Stuart Heisler, the directer, wanted Natalie to dive off a sailboat and swim towards a nearby raft. When Natalie began screaming that she couldn`t do the scene, Bette Davis, who was playing her mother, came to her rescue. The scene was never shot.Sorry, I forgot to supply the movie title "The Star".
  3. "Our Very Own" is a 1950 film which stars Ann Blyth and Farley Granger. Natalie plays her kid sister. Ann finds out that she is adopted, and she seeks out her birth mother. The great Ann Dvorak costars, and Jane Wyatt and Donald Cook are Ann`s parents. Farley hated mosted of his Goldwyn contract films, but this film is a winner for me.
  4. Gary looked fantastic iin the white suit and the panama hat. Thanks for the pics.
  5. Hi Coop`s Girl, Beggar`s can`t be choosy, and I purchased the video to "now And Forever" in the colorized version. It is better to see Gary this way than not at all. The movie did have a sad ending, but he was thinking of Shirley`s best interest. Mrs. Crane was elderly, so I like to think that Shirley would go back to Gary and Carole Lombard in a few years.
  6. Hi Miss Goddess, Natalie was one of the few child stars who`s career continued to adulthood. Talent and beauty and Natalie herself won out. I agree with you about "Love With The Proper Stranger". This movie was shown as a retrospective to honor the producer Alan J. Pakula. He had died tragically in a car accident, and this movie was made when Alan was still producing/Robert Mulligan directing. "Marjorie Morningstar" is my other favorite Natalie performance. I love the Catskills locations, and Gene Kelly played a version of himself. This is another movie that is seldom seen, and it is a shame.
  7. Tonight I watched a GC movie that I hadn`t seen for years "Now And Forever". Yes, it was a Shirley Temple movie, but Gary was the star. I liked how his relationship with Shirley progressed, and he did it so lovingly.
  8. especially when the person is tall, dark, and handsome, LOL
  9. Hi Dan, i hope that you have gotten some sleep by the time you have read this post. "Springfield Rifle" and "The Courtmartial Of Billy Mitchell have stayed with me because of Gary`s performance and the storyline. "Good Sam" is a favorite for the holidays. A movie that has slipped by me is "The Real Glory". I believe that TCM is showing it early Sunday in honor of Broderick Crawford.
  10. Hi Coopsgirl, I started my GC collectection ten years ago. I ordered "The Films Of Gary Cooper" by Homer Dickens thru a bookseller and paid $65. I remember not telling my ex how much the book cost. LOL Mr. DeMille could be corny, all I remember of "Unconquered" is Gary and Paulette Goddard grabbing onto a fallen tree so they wouldn`t be swept over the falls. NWMP did have the beautiful Madeline Carroll and Robert Preston. I loved Gary in "The Lives Of a Bengal Lancer" and "Beau Geste".So brave, so noble, so handsome!
  11. Dan I am satisfied with a few words of comment. I didn`t care for "North West Mounted Police" or "Unconquered". I did like "The Plainsman" (Jean Arthur fan), and I enjoyed "The Story Of Dr. Wassell". Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Hi Dan, I have gone back a few posts, and I havent seen these movies mentioned. I own the movies " Bluebeard`s Eighth Wife", "North West Mounted Police", "Unconquered" ""Good Sam", "Springfield Rifle", and "The Courtmartial Of Billy Mitchell".Two of these titles I didn`t care for, and I wonder what your thoughts are on this subject.
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