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  1. Frank was honored on May 13th with his own postage stamp. The ceremony was chosen since it has been then years that Frank passed away. Three ceremonies were held. Frank Jr,Nancy and Nancy`s daughter were at the initial unveiling in NYC, The other two ceremonies took place in Hobokon, N.J. where Frank Jr. was present, and Las Vegas. Tina the younges daughter represented the family. The stamp is a very good likeness of Frank from the fifties.
  2. Hi Miss Goddess, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to rply back to you. Sometimes I fall into a deep depression, and it takes me awhile to get out of it. No, I did not attend the concert for Franke Jr. I didn`t have anyone to go with, and the tickets were too expensive. The website is Democrat and Chronicle.com/jazzblob. I hit the site, and it brought up the article and some nice photos of Frankie Jr. singing. Hope that you will have no trouble finding the site.
  3. To read the article Frank Sinatra Jr, is doing is Dad`s Way at Jazz Festival. Here is the site http:www.democratandchronicle.com?apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/200806061400/LIVING/806080304 The article is worth reading.
  4. Loretta Young, Fredric March, Kim Novak, Robert Young,Richard Widmark,Charlton Heston
  5. To All Of Frank`s Fan`s, Frank`s cd "Nothing But The Best" which was released on May 13th debuted at no. 2 on the Billboard Chart. I love the photos that have been posted of Frank, and that is how I want to remember him. A wonderful article was written today in my local newspaper on Frank Jr. He will be appearing this Friday at the Rochester,NY International Jazz Festival. I wanted to share this article with all of Frankie`s fans so I posted the article thru my profile e address.
  6. Hi Theresa, Here we are in June, and I still miss our Frankie. I looked forward to every Wednesday and Sunday night. Tuesday night I watched "Some Came Running". I am rereading "My Father`s Daughter" by Tina Sinatra. The book was published in 2000. The last twenty years of Frank`s life were not happy. I can understand why his last wife was not invited to the postal ceremony. It is not nice to be greedy. Thanks for taping the Frank Gene Kelly special. My vcr will only play tapes. It can no longer record or make another tape. Maybe we can exchange emails.
  7. Hi VintageBlonde, The Franke Sinatra biograpy that I watched was taped in June 1998. The Frank Elvis welcome back special 1960, and a High Hopes special from 1957 with guests Dean Martin and Bing Crosby are for sale on Amazon.com. The Sinatra family website also has their father`s merchandise for sale.
  8. Hi Theresa, Wow, another Frankie fan joined the group, and she knows you. How nice the she posted photos of our guy. I am still going thru my FS tapes, and tonight I watched an A & E biography that was shown three weeks after Frank died. It was interesting because Frank made comments throughout. The program included clips from Frank`s 1950`s and 1960`s TV specials. Frank sitting at a bar singing "One for My Baby", a duet with Elvis Frank singing "love Me Tender and Elvis singing "Witchcraft", and Frankie singing to an adoring Juliet Prowse.An interesting clip was Frank and Gene Kelly rehe
  9. Hi Theresa, Tonight is the last night night for Frank`s movies. TCM is showing the very best. In my opinion, Frankie became more handsome when he put on a few pounds. His face looked better fuller. I have Nancy`s book Frank Sinatra An American Legend, and Tina`s My Father`s Daughter. If you could make a copy of "Ole Blue Eyes Is Back" I would appreciate. We can works out the details.
  10. Hi Miss Goddess, I am sorry that you did not receive your concert tape. Frank did a concert with Count Basie, and The Main Event in Madison Square Garden is available. A set of Frankie`s Las Vegas concerts with a dvd also is available. It will take me awhile to build up my collection. Did you know that Frank was asked to play the lead in "The Pajama Game", but he turned the role down. It would have been a reunion too, with Doris as Babe and Frank as Sid.
  11. Sydney Pollack will be missed as a director and actor. Why cast someone else, when he could do the job. Dustin Hoffmanrequested Sydney for the role of George the agent in "Tootsie". Who could have said the lines "Nobody will hir you" or "I begged you to get therapy" any better. Sydney did a fine turn as Ben Affleck`s father in law in "Changing Lanes". I checked the balcony archieve on the At The Movies website, and Roger Ebert gave a tumbs up to Sydney`s most recent films. I enjoyed "The Firm", "Sabrina" 1995, "Random Hearts", and "The Interpreter". Siskel and Ebert also liked "Havana" a movie
  12. Hi Miss Goddess, My vcr will not record anymore, so I wasn`t able to tape "Ole Blue Eyes Is Back.I enjoyed the special and how nice that Frankie sang a favorite song for you. The revolving stage was a nice touch, and in the audience I saw Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball and Gary Mortonn, and Barbara Marx. The segment with Gene Kelly was delightful. Did you ever hear that Gene Kelly was set to direct Robin And The Hoods, but he quit because Frank wouldn`t rehearse? Yesterday I purchased "The Tender Trap" and "The Man With The Golden Arm" on sale for $8.99 each. I wasn`t interested in the whole gift
  13. Hi Miss Goddess, I guess Joey Bishop was recuperating from the hectic filming schedule when the four rat Pack members had their photo taken. The same thing happened when "Sergeants 3 was filmed. They shot during the day, and performed in Vegas at night. "Ocean` Eleven was a better film. While checking thru my old videos, I discovered some lost Sinatatra tapes. AMC honored Frank in 1998. I taped "The Man And His Music Part 1 and II, and Francis Albert Sinatra, Does His Thing. The guests on the fourth special were Diahann Carroll and The Fifth Dimension. The same day I taped "Meet Danny Wilson".
  14. Hi Theresa, I am catching up on my replies because last week I was on vacation to Disney world with my family. "The Men In Her Life" is another loretta film that I haven`t seen yet. The photos make it a must see.
  15. Thanks Mrs. Cooper for the pics of Loretta, and the you tube sister act clip. Polly Ann was missing and Geogianna was too young to participate. I taped "The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell" years ago, so I was able to see the four sisters together.
  16. Hi Miss Goddess, Thanks for posting Loretta`s appearance at the Command Performance. It was a first time see for me, and she wore the lovliest gown.
  17. Miss Goddess, Have you seen Frank and Spencer Tracy in "The Devil At Four O Clock? I wish that we could have seen "Tony Rome", "The Lady In Cement", and "The Detective", but they are Fox movies. It has been years since I have seen "CanCan" another Fox film. Today I joined the Sinatra family website. If a person wants to post a comment, they need to submit a photo.
  18. Hi Miss Goddess, Thanks for posting a pic from "Pal Joey". It took many years for this film to be madem but it was worth the wait. The perfect Joey Evans was found. I cannot imagine anyone else in the part but Frankie. In every photo Kim Novak looked stunning. I enjoyed the third special on Sunday night. Maybe I am being greedy, but my preference was the first special. I like Frank alone with the mike, the orchestra, and the audience to do his thing.
  19. Thanks Miss Goddess for the reply. Maybe the Sinatra children had a voice in what movies were chosen for their father`s tribute. Frank perssonified Pal Joey. I am happy that TCM choice the photo of Frank from this movie for their May Now Playing cover.Besides your favorite song, I love Frankie singing "I Could Write A Book" with Kim Novak in his arms.
  20. Hi Miss Goddess, Last Sunday I left for a vacation to Disney World thanks to my son and daughter-in-law. I missed the second Frankie special with daughter Nancy. I was wondering what your review was of the show. Today I went to my place of employment and purchased the cd "Sinatra Nothing But The Best". The box includes the new postage stamp and liner notes. My local post office has a nice Sinatra display. Recently you said that TCM should have scheduled "A Hole In The Head" at an earlier time. I couldn`t agree with you more. Frank was well cast. and it was so nice to see him in a family role.
  21. My choices are "Cheaper By The Dozen" "I Remember Mama", "Stella Dallas", "Please Don`t Eat The Daisies" and " Rachel And The Stranger".
  22. Hi Miss Goddess, Here is the web site for the jazz festival. www.Rochesterjazz.com. The site has a nice article on Frank Jr.
  23. Hi Miss Goddess, You are so right! Frank only needs a microphone, a simple set, and an orchestra to set the mood. The Sunday night special was terriffic. The major networks wwould broadcast a classic special anymore. I switched my viewing to cable years ago. The local PBS station here has shown Frank`s black and white specials from the 1950`s during their fund raising campaigns. I saw the show that featured Elvis and Peter Lawford. Frank Jr. will appear at the Rochester, NY International Jazz Festival in June, "Sinatra Sings Sinatra".
  24. Hi Mongo, Thanks for including the pic from "Goodbye My Fancy". This movie hasn`t been shown in ages, and Eve was always terrific support in comedies or dramas. She was hilarious in "My Dream Is Yours". Poor Eve! She gave Doris`s pooch a shampoo, parted with her mink coat, and sold her car.
  25. Hey Theresa, I think that you have been wondering about my age heehee. Tina Sinatra is two and a half months older than me. If I looked like her, I wouldn`t be watching Franks`s movies by myself. heehee
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