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  1. Hi Miss Goddess, Yes that is Frank as Barney Sloane in "Young At Heart". The look on Doris`s face when she listens to Frankie sing Someone To Watch Over Me" in the noisy nightclub, and Frankie keeps looking over at Doris while singing, it doesn`t get any better for me. I will always love this movie. Framk and Doris at the top of their game. In the DD biography coming out next month, I am interested in reading what went on behind the scenes of this film.
  2. Hi Theresa, We agree that Loretta never took a bad photo. It was bothering me what the title of the movie was that Loretta costarred in with Robert Taylor. Since I had never seen them in a film together, my movie guide told me the title was "Private Number" 1936. Loretta played a maid who falls in love with her employer`s son RT. Please tell me if you or your grandma have seen this film.
  3. Hi Randy, Loretta and Tyronne at the Cafe Metropole is the movie from the set that I want to see the most. Jeanine Basinger wrote glowing of the movie in her book "The Star Machine. She included chapters on both Loretta and Tyronne. Fortunately I taped "Because Of You" many years ago. I agree that this movie is a tearjerker.
  4. When I purchase the Ty gift pack, "I`ll Never Leave You" will be a first viewing for me. My longtime desire has been for a Loretta Young collection to be released.
  5. Unfortunately, I do not have have the FMC, but I am happy that you were able to see Ty with the other ladies. When the new Tyronne Power gift pack is released in July, I will be happy to buy this collection. Cafe Metropole is the film that I am eagerly anticipating.
  6. Hi Theresa, Who said that Loretta wasn`t sexy! I love the photo of Loretta in the two piece bathing suit at the side of her pool. This photo was a first showing for me too. Thanks
  7. Hi Mongo, It has been almost six years that I saw "Woman Obsessed", and the film has stayed with me. Susan Hayward was a widow with a young son who lived on a farm in the wilderness. I remembered that she married Stephem Boyd, but conflicts soon arose. Stephen had different ideas how the boy should be raised. I wish this movie was on dvd.
  8. Hi Mongo, Stephen will be garning more than a mention in the two Doris Day biographies that are coming this summer. They made a great couple in "Jumbo".
  9. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the feature on Stephen Boyd. I have only seen four of his films. "Ben Hur", "The Best Of Everything", Woman Obsessed", and "Jumbo". I couldn`t take my eyes off of him when he was in a scene. It Hope Lange awhile to see Stephen`s attribute`s in "The Best Of Everything", but the last scene said it all.
  10. Hi Ava, I am happy that my video library contains many of Bill`s movies. Years ago I bought some titles, and other movies were taped from TCM and AMC. Tonight I watched "The World Of Suzie Wong"Hopefully my vcr won`t breakdown because I was able to see "Ruby Gentry" with Charlton Heston and "Road House" with Richard Widmark. .
  11. Hi Ava, TCM did run a full slate of Bill`s movies for twelve hours, but they weren`t all gems. "The Bridges At Toko Ri" is."The Key" will be shown on Wednesday, June 11, at 8 pm. This movie stars Bill and Sophia Loren.Have you seen this film?
  12. A Happy 90th birthday today to William Holden. I started my day by watching "Boots Malone" for the first time. What a nice little movie watching Bill change thru the admiration of young Johnny Stewart. It was my good fortune that I taped many of Bill`s earlier movies "The Remarkable Andrew", "Blaze Of Noon", "Apartment For Peggy", "Streets Of Laredo", "Dear Ruth" "Force Of Arms", "The Moon Is Blue", and "Forever Female". Bill never gave a bad performance, and he acted in many types of films."Toward The Unknown' and "The Proud And The Profane" are two movies that I have seen..
  13. Hi Mongo, I just finished watching the wonderful interview with Gene Wilder by Alec Baldwin. Mr. Wilder said that he saw "Death Of A Salesman" on Broadway when he was 16. Fifteen years later Gene had the opportunity to act with Lee J. Cobb and Mildred in the televised version of the play. He spoke very highly of Ms. Dunnock.
  14. Mongo, I would like to see the movie "Bad for Each Other" not only for Mildred`s performance, but it also stars Charlton Heston. He plays a doctor in a Pa. miningtown. Have you ever seen this film?
  15. Hi Mongo, Thank you for spotlighting this fine characther actress actress. With all the fine performances that Mildred gave along with her Oscar niminations, I do not understand why she was not asked to repeat the role of Big Mama in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof". Burl Ives was able to repeat his role as Big Daddy., and in my opinion Mildred would have made a better Big Mama.
  16. Hi Mongo, Thanks for shining the light on one of my favorite character actors, Wendell Corey. Maybe some movie fans found Wendell wooden or playing the same type of role, but not me. Wendell played the bookeeper caught in the middle in the nifty film noir "I Walk Alone".As a police detective, he doggedly pursed Loretta Young in "The Accused". I can still remember the line in "The Furies" when Barbara Stanwyck asks Wendell if he would like to slap her face. Sure enough Barbara gets what she was asking for. "Loving You" was Elvis Presley`s second movie, one of his best. Wendell played Tex the le
  17. A favorite film book will be published soon. "Glenn Ford A life In Film" is written by his son Peter and a co writer. I have checked out Peter`s website at PeterFord.com, and there is a link to some marvelous family photos and the cover photo. I read Peter`s bio on this site, and he speaks lovingly of his mother tap dancing MGM star Eleanor Powell. Glenn Ford was an underrated actor, and he went from dramas, westerns, film noirs, and comedies with equal skill. A Glenn Ford film "Terror On A Train" is featured on TCM tonight.
  18. Helen Broderick in the Astaire Rogers musicals "Top Hat" and "Swing Time".
  19. My suggestions for a third Joan Crawford box set would be the MGM titles "Possessed" 1931, "Rain" 1932, "Forsaking All Others" 1934, "Mannequin" 1938, and "The Shining Hour" 1938. "
  20. Hi Chandler, Thank you for sharing the imformation on the release of Tyronne Power"The Matinee Idol Collection. I am looking forward to seeing the Ty Loretta films, and the other films in the collection. A few years ago I saw "Johnny Apollo" on the FMC, and it was an enjoyable film noir.
  21. Hi Ava, It took me awhile, but here are my comments on William Holden. In my opinion, he was the best looking actor in the movies, and my all time favorite. He was so sexy and virile, and Bill could play both drama and comedy. It is a shame that he lacked self confidence. Barbara Stanwyck helped him immensly thru "Golden Boy", and Bill never forgot Missy for her kindness. He always sent her a dozen roses on the anniversary of the statr date of "Golden Boy". The movies that are favorutes of your are also on my list. I have some Bill Holden films that I also enjoy: "Invisible stripes", "Rachel A
  22. Thanks Mongo for posting the photo of Richard Widmark. He was a fine actor who could play villian or hero with equal authority. "Kiss Of Death", "Yellow Sky" "No Way Out", and "Road House". Richard showed his other side in "Panic In The Streets" Pickup On South Street" "Don`t Bother To Knock", and his hilarious visit to "I Love Lucy" Lucy decides to take a souvenier from Richard`s estate, and she gets locked in."The Tunnel Of Love" is not a favorite of mine, but it is watchable because Richard costars with Doris Day in a comedy.
  23. Hi Miss Goddess and April, My volumn I of the Loretta Young Show doesn`t contain any episodes with Bobby Driscoll. There is an episode called "Little witness" which features Johnny Crawford of "The Riflemen" as Loretta`s son. I need to purchase Volumn 11 soon.Many years ago when I watched the series, there was an episode where Loretta played a nurse in a hospital. She took care of a man who had lost his sight because of an injury. The man fell in love with her, but Loretta worked in a Catholic hospital and she was a nun.I saw this episode over forty five years ago, and I can still remember.
  24. Yes, Mongo I own "Sitting Pretty". It is a funny movie, and I have always liked Maureen O`Ohara and Robert Young who costarred. Have you seen "Holiday For Lovers" with Jane Wyman?
  25. Hi Miss Goddess, Loretta was the first actress to win both a Academy Award and a Emmy. I own the first volumn of The loretta Young Show which contains seven videos. Loretta showed her versatily in the roles she played on her TV show for which she won three Emmy awards. I am very happy that you saw an episode of Loretta`s show. She will always be my great beauty of the movies and TV.
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