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  1. Hi Mongo, How interesting to learn that Clifton Webb introduced "Easter Parade" on Broadway. My favorite Clifton Webb movies are "Laura", "The Razor`s Edge", "Cheaper By The Dozen", "Stars And Stripes Forever", "Three Coins In The Fountain", and " Women`s World".
  2. My second guess is "The Squall" costarring another beauty Myrna Loy.
  3. Hi Laffite, Could the photo of Loretta be from "Laugh Clown Laugh"? If not, I am slipping. LOL
  4. TCM will be showing two more of Loretta`s pre code films in June. "The Truth About Youth" will be shown on June 12th at 9:30 am. "Grand Slam" is scheduled for June 30th at 8:45 am. "The Farmer`s Daughter" will be shown on June 28th in a salute to the films of Ethel Barrymore.
  5. Hi Theresa, Wow! A Man`s Castle" will finally be shown on TCM Monday, June 30 at 10am. I have waited a long time to see the film where Loretta and Spencer Tracy fell in love.TCm will also be showing "Bedtime Story" in June. They have enough films of Loretta`s in their vaults to give her serious consideration for SOTM.A night of Loretta`s pre code films would be very desirable.. !
  6. Thanks Momgo for your profile on Betty Garrett. She was hilarious in "On The Town", and she showed her multi talents in "My Sister Eileen". Larry Parks career was destroyed in Hollywood, but Betty stayed the course through their marriage. I admire her.
  7. Hi Miss Goddess, Darn I missed "Weedend For Marriage" on Tuesday. My vcr hasn`t been recording properly, and I didn`t notice the movie in my Now Playing. I enjoy Loretta`s precode movies too, and I have never seen this movie before. Norman Foster was soon to be Loretta`s brother in law, and we both enjoy George Brent.
  8. Hi Theresa, No I have not seen "Road To Lourdes". I know that it is available for sale on her website, and another Loretta site that I recently discovered. Loretta has a my space.com site that is worth visiting. Photos are posted, and her son Chris and daughter-in-law Linda have written nice memories of Loretta.
  9. Hi Mongo, Thanks for including a photo from "There`s Always Tomorrow". It is a favorite Douglas Sirk film of mine, and it is seldom shown. Fred MacMurray is the owner of a toy factory who is not appreciated at home by his wife and children. Barbara Stanwyck is a fashion designer who comes to town. She once was an old flame of Fred`s, and the sparks almost rekindle. Douglas Sirk had a keen eye for American mores of the 1950`s.
  10. Hi Chandler, Thanks for the good news. I will defintely buy the box set when it arrives on the market. The only movie that I have seen Tyronne and Loretta in is "Suez". What a pleasure to see Judy Lewis at the taping. She loved her mother, and I eagerly awaite to hear what you both say.
  11. Hi Laffitte, I haven`t seen all of Loretta`s early 1930`s movies. The beautiful white satin gown and beaded hat that she wore in the nightclub scene stayed with me. Loretta was stunning in this movie.
  12. Hi Laffite, The photo of Loretta is from the early 1930`s. My guess is "Midnight Mary" a pre code that she made in 1933.
  13. Hi Mongo, I enjoyed Burl Ives performance as Big Daddy in "Cat ON A Hot Tin Roof". Thanks for the imfo that the role was originally written for him, and he played the part on Broadway. Now you know why I enjoy your "In The Spotlight`s" so much. It is true that Burl won the best supporting award for "The Big Country". He also gave a fine performance as the strong willed father. The scenes that I remember best are with his weakling son and his confontrations with neighboring rancher, Charles Bickford.
  14. Hi Miss Goddess, Thanks for sharing the photos from "Teacher`s Pet". Many of Doris`s fans here love this movie. The scene in the nightclub where Clark Gable grows more uncomfortable watching Mamie Van Doren perform and Doris keeps her opinion to herself is priceless. The expression on Doris`s face says everything.
  15. Hi Theresa, I knew that you would enjoy the Loretta Young website. The categories are all neatly organized, and I enjoyed seeing the photos of Loretta thru the different stages of her career. Did you read the mention of Jane Wyman in Ed Funk`s tribute? It would make many of her fans happy if TCM would consider Loretta as SOTM.
  16. Hi, Yes I own a vhs copy of "Christmas Eve". Loretta deserved her Golden Globe. I have admired Loretta`s career thru her pre code films to the many comedies and dramas she acted in. Thank you for your kind words on the Loretta post that I started. Loretta acted with many of the top male stars of the day. Taxi, Platinum Blonde, Call Of The Wild, Employees Entrance, The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell, China, And Now Tomorrow, The Stranger, The Farmer`s Daughter`s, Rachel And The Stranger,The Accused, Cause For Alarm, Key To The City, and Because Of You are some of my favorites. Loretta Young.com
  17. Hi Laffite, Thank you for your kind words. I own a dozen of Doris cd`s including the soundtrack to "Love Me or Leave Me". Doris brought all her talents to the role of Ruth Etting singing, dancing, and the gamut of dramatic emotions. If Doris could have won an Academy Award, I wish it would have been for this performance. The sad fact is she wasn`t nominated. Robert Osbourne has said that this is Doris`s best performance.Do you agree?
  18. My Now Playing cover is in front of me, and Doris was star of the month in January 2003. TCM only played twelve of Doris`s movies. Molly Haskell the film critic and former cohost of The Essentials is a huge Doris fan. I think that Doris would be flattered if a star did a voiceover on her career. Renee Zellweger comes to my mind. In August 2007 I began the Let`s Discuss Doris Day post on My Favorites. Doris was the featured star of the day for the Summer Under The Stars. Today I posted a new item. Doris has many fans.
  19. Hi Theresa, The only movie that I have seen of the photos that you posted is "Suez",Loretta received glowing reviews for "Zoo In Budapest". I wonder if the photo of Loretta in front of a home is her own. She lived in a lovely home with her mother.
  20. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch. The top baseball movies are "Pride Of The Yankees", "The Stratton Story", "Fear Strikes Out", "Bull Durham," and "Major League".
  21. Definetly Maybe I saw this movie today, and my rating is A.
  22. Ann Vickers, John Loves Mary, Carrie, Annie Oakley, Michael Clayton, Michael,Susan Slept Here, Nancy Drew,Stella Dallas, Tom Jones, Ray, Abe Lincoln In Illinois, Billy Bathgate, Ivy
  23. I have asked this question before. Irene Dunne, William Holden, and Glenn Ford also were gypped. TCM programer can you give us an answer. The stars mentioned were too good not to a a profile done on them.
  24. Hi Theresa, I finally found the Today show home page. Everyday I check the news online at msnbc.com. You have to click on that site, and at the top the Today show is listed. Click Today and scrowl down to fashion and beauty. The current issue of Glamour magazine is shown, and you will find the photo of Loretta from 1941. The other movie stars are Vivien Leigh, Olivia deHavilland, Helen Parrish, and Eleanor Powell. When you see the photo of Eleanor, please me if you think that it looks like her. This photo looks nothing like the best tap dancer of the 1930`s and early 1940`s.
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