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  1. Hi Theresa, I went to the People.com site, and they had a galley of photos from the Oscars.y favorite gowns were worn by Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Renee Zellweger, Keri Russell, Laura Linney, and Amy Ryan. Nicole Kidman`s gown wasn`t so bad, but the necklaces were too much. I saw the third hour of the Today show this morning, and they showed covers of Glmour magazine from the 1940`s. Guess who was on one of the covers! Loretta in a white pant outfit with matching jacket and wide legs. The issue was from 1948. They showed other covers of Glamour, and models ca
  2. Hi Mongo, My two favorite Herbert Marshall roles are his evil father to a loving daughter in "Foreign Correspondant" and his loving father to an evil daughter in "Angel Face". Herbert graced every movie that he was in.
  3. Hi Theresa, My daughter and I watched the Oscars together. We always critique the gowns, and my daughter said that Tilda Swinton`s gown looked like a hefty bag. E fashion police didn`t agree, and they felt that Kelly Preston and Nicole Kidman`s gowns were more unattractive. I disagree. When Angelica Huston won the best supporting award for "Prizzi`s Honor", I did not like her gown either. My perference is sleeveless, short or long sleeves, or strapless. The appeal of one arm covered and the bare elludes me. What do you think?
  4. Theresa, I missed seeing this film because my vcr is not taping. TCM has only shown the film once during the Ford At Fox salute, and it is not for sale individually.
  5. Hi Theresa, Wow a photo from "Taxi", and you finally saw the film. Aren`t the scenes with Loretta and Jimmy great? I knew that you would enjoy this movie. Did you watch the Oscare ceremony Sunday night? I bet the presentation sixty years ago when Loretta won the Academy award , and she wore the green tafetta gown was more exciting.
  6. Thanks for posting the photos of Loretta. Loretta was only 18 when she made "Platinum Blonde", and she was already a beauty. I wonder what the title is of the other movie photo that you posted.
  7. Hi VP19, "Taxi" "Employees Entrance'", "Hereos For Sale". "Midnight Mary", and "They Call It Sin" are pre codes of Loretta`s that I enjoyed.
  8. I am not perfect and neither was Loretta. She did not have an abortion, but she gave birth to her daughter Judy. Loretta lived with her mother until she married Tom Lewis in 1940. She supported herself, and the only way not to destroy her career or Clark Gable`s was to place Judy in a priviate institution. Loretta adopted Judy eighteen months later.
  9. I don`t know why "The Farmer`s Daughter" is not available on dvd. My copy is vhs. Actors or actresses do not usually win Oscars for a comedy performance. I have read that some movie fans did agree with Loretta winning for her performance. In my opionion, I totally disagree. Loretta was Katie Holstrum in this role.
  10. Hi Forever Garland, Loretta will always be the great beauty to me. Last night I was looking thru my Oscar fashion book. The green tafetta gown that Loretta wore when she won the Oscar for "The Farmer`s Daughter" still is a beauty.
  11. My favorite Jennifer Jones movie is "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing' 1955. She stars as a Eurasian doctor who falls in love with a unhappily married war reporter in Hong Kong. The couple`s swim to friends home is very sexy.
  12. Hi Theresa, Thanks for the four pics of Loretta especially the photo with Tyronne Power. It was a first time view for me.
  13. Sorry Mongo, I had my facts mixed up. William Shatner`s second wife was Marcy Lafferty. I think that her father was a TV executive also.
  14. Thanks Mongo for featuring Phyllis Thaxter. She was an underrated actress who also played Gary Cooper`s wife in "Springfield Rifle". Phyllis stayed with Burt Lancaster thru the highs and lows in "Jim Thorpe All American" a favorite film of mine. Phyllis`s daughter is the actress Skye Aubrey who at one time was married to William Shatner.
  15. My outlet every week is to see a film at the movie theatre. The recent films that I have seen are juno, No Country For Old Men, Into The Wild, Charlie Wilson`s War, Enchanted, and Michael Clayton. The next movie on my list is There Will Be Blood. Yesterday I rented Away From Her from Blockbuster to see Julie Chrisitie`s Oscar nominated performance.
  16. Yes, Barbara Stanwyck was attractive, and she wasn`t afraid to let her hair go naturally gray. I have followed her example.
  17. My favorite performance in "Network" came from William Holden He has always been a favorite of mine, and his scenes with Faye Dunaway and Beatrice Straight were top notch.
  18. Susan Hayward was nominated for an Academy Award five times. She finally won in 1958 for her portrayal of convicted murderer Barbara Grahame in "I Want To Live".Susan was a natural redhead.
  19. Thanks Mongo for another fine profile. You said that Virginia was one of six children. Doris Day`s second husband was George Weidler a musician. My question is were Doris and Virginia sister-in-laws.
  20. Hi Miss Goddess, Today I read an interview that Christopher Plummer gave on the death of his costar Heath Ledger. They were making a movie directed by Terry Gillian in London, and many of the scenes were shot outside at night. The cold and and damp hit right to the bone, but Heath insisted on doing his own stunts. The movie isn`t half finished, and interiors were to be shot in Vancover. Christopher had only the nicest things to say about Heath, and Heath wanted to make this movie to work with Mr. Plummer. "The Insider" was my favorite movie. and he was perfect as Mike Wallace.
  21. Hi Mongo, A favorite Alice Faye movie is "Stowaway" 1936 starring Shirley Temple and Robert Young. Yes, Shirley is the main attraction. but it is fun to watch how she gets Robert and Alice together.Alice sings a lovely song in this film too.
  22. Stanley Ridges who played Thelma Jordan`s defense attorney also costarred with Barbara in the 1937 film "Internes Can`t Take Money". I have never considered Wendall Corey bland, and he gave fine performances in "I Walk Alone" "The Accused" "Not Sad Song For Me", 'Holiday Affair", "Carbine Williams" and his two other movies with Barbara "Sorry Wrong Number" and "The Furies". Unfortunately, I missed his costarrting role in "Harriet Craig". Wendall was only 54 when he died in 1968.
  23. Blue is my favorite color so "A Patcht Of Blue" "The Blue Veil", "Blue Hawaii, and "The Blue Gardenia".
  24. Hi Pecos, I read the article on Mayo Methot featured in the Movie Morblocks section. It was a very interesting to learn of Mayo`s life before she met Humphrey Bogart and the movies that she appeared in.
  25. The RCM programmer has been listening. "Middle Of The Night", "Primrose Path, "The Rat Race", and a 90th birthday salute to William Holden.
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