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  1. Yay for Tom. He does drama and comedy equally well. A case in point is "The Terminal" and "Road To Perdition'. A combination of both comedy and drama in one of my favorite Tom Hank`s film is "Catch Me If You Can". Mike Nichols chose wisely when he cast Tom as the fast living congressman Charlie Wilson in "Charlie Wilson`s War". I enjoyed this movie so much that I went back a second time.
  2. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the lovely photo of Celeste and Maria Cooper Janis. It is hard to believe that Maria is 70.
  3. Hi Miss Goddess, Maybe I am in the minority, but I would have opted for the other ending. Ronald was far more interesting and attractive to me in "Talk Of The Town" than Cary Grant. My all time favorite Ronald Colman performances are a tie Robert Conway in "Lost Horizon" and Charles Rainier {Smithy" in "Random Harvest". I cannot forget the look on his face when he leave Shangra La and his love, Jane Wyatt. His face shows the pull of his emotions. The love story in "Random Harvest" is my favorite of all time. I am fortunate to have in my video library "The Light That Failed". "Lucky Partners",
  4. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the pic from "Come To The Stable". This film is a holiday favorite of mine. The scene where Celeste almost won the tennis match with her doubles partner is a highlight.
  5. Mongo, Whenever Charles Coburn wore his monocule, I wondered how he kept it on. Dumb question, but I was always curious.
  6. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the photo of Coach Steve Williams and Father Burke of St. Anthony`s College in "Trouble Along The Way".
  7. What a wonderful choice Middle Of The Night! The director Delbert Mann recently passed away, and it would be a nice tribute to him to show this movie.
  8. Hi Rick, I haven`t been able to see all of James Cagney films shown on TCM. The films that I have seen this month are Public Enemy, White Heat, The Roaring Twenties, and Angels With Dirty Faces. Doris Day is one of my favorite actresses, and I love Jimmy`s performance as Marty Snyder in Love Me Or Leave Me. He remembered Doris`s talent in the lousy West Point Story, and he wanted to do this film with her.Two great performances were the result.
  9. Hi Mongo, You have a knack for selecting the most interesting actors to profile. Two of my favorite Charles Coburn performances 1939 was James Stewart`s stingy boss in Made For Each Other, and Cary Grant`s father In Name Only. It was worth the wait for Charles to tell Cary`s greedy wife Kay Francis where she could go at the finale. I also enjoyed his performance as Father Burke in Trouble Along The Way 1953. This movie is not a typical John Wayne film, but it is very entertaining. In order to keep St Anthony`s College open, Charles recruits former football coach John Wayne to reorganize the p
  10. I do not remember Robert Osborne chatting with the ladies of film noir. A few years ago the actor Scott Glenn moderated a a discussion of film noir. The actresses who participated were Audrey Totter, Jane Greer, Colleen Gray, and Marie Windsor. Sadly Jane and Marie passed away a few years ago. Does anyone else remember conducting these recollections?
  11. Hi Cinemaven, DORIS DAY! The Grammy`s knew what the Academy has forgotton. Doris was a great singer, and she will be honored with their lifetime achievemnet award on February 9. Doris was one of the few stars who could do it all, act, sing, and dance.
  12. Sorry for my mistakes in posting my comment. I wanted to add that Rose`s selection of films for the new season are interesting. The Apartment is not shown often on TCM.
  13. I am pleased with the choci e of Rose McGowan as the new host the Essentials. Her comments and cho I am pleased with the selections of Rose McGowan as the new host of The Essentials. She made good choices of films in November, and her comments were interesting. Let`s give Rose a chance before passing judgement.
  14. Hi Rick, Since you have seen the majority of James Cagney`s movies, did you enjoy the film Come Fill The Cup?A few years ago I taped A Lion In The Streets, Run For Cover, and Never Steal Anything Small. Unfortunately I have never seen Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye either.
  15. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the wedding photo and the formal pic of Peggy Ann. I cannot remember The actor Richard Hayes. Did he make any well known movies?
  16. Hi Mongo, Thanks for posting the lovely photo of Peggy Ann Garner after winning her special Oscar. She looks very pretty and happy in the pic. Peggy Ann was marvelous as Francie in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Her scenes with James Dunn were especially moving. In Name Only is a favorite film of mine, and I watched this movie during the holidays.
  17. Hi Forever Garland, Hope that you are feeling better and the holidays were good to you. The youngest photo of Barbara Stanwyck does remind me of Jennifer Jason Leigh also. She did a wonderful voiceover for Barbara when Missy was TCM`s SOTM. I still feel bad that a current actress did not do the same tribute to Irene Dunne last month. Thanks for posting these lovely photos.
  18. Hi Mongo, Thanks for the pics from Mister 880 the film that I would like to see. Happy New Year to you!
  19. Hi Theresa, Tonight is the end of Thursday nights with Irene. My daughter gave me the book "The Star Machine" for Christmas. Jeanine Bassinger included a chapter on Irene. Two movies that she mentioned were "Unfinished Business" costarring Robert Montgomery, and "Together Again" with Charles Boyer 1944. Have you seen these movies?
  20. Hi Mongo, Who can forget Edmund Gwenn`s hands in Foreign Correspondant? Mr. Gwenn received his second Academy Award nomination for Mister 880, Has anybody seen this movie?
  21. Whit Bissell had the sad task of telling Melvyn Douglas that all his cattle had to be destroyed and burned. The movie was "Hud" 1963.
  22. Hi Mongo, Robert Walker was the heart and soul of "Strangers On A Train". He was truly frightening in the role of Bruno Anthony. I consider this movie to be one of Hitchcock`s best, due in large part to Robert Walker.
  23. Hi Mohrfan, I remember Gerald in two fine movies. He was the father of the baby that Eleanor Parker had out of wedlock in "Detective Story" and he played a poker pal of Omar Sharif in "Funny Girl".
  24. Hi Theresa, Tonight was my first viewing of "Theodora Goes Wild". It was Irene`s first foray into comedy, and she should have won the Oscar for her performance. The Academy seldom honors a comedic performance. The AFI came out with a 10th anniversary list last June of the 100 best movies of all time. Some movies were dropped and other movies were added from the list then years ago. If the AFI decides to have a 10th anniversary list of the 50 greatest stars of all time, I would add Irene.
  25. How sad to hear of the passing of Frank Capra Jr. He did the introduction to the video that I own of "Meet John Doe", and it is the only version that I will watch. His comments about the making of this film were very interesting.Frank Jr. and his brother Tom were both advocates of their father`s films. I wish we had more Capra filmakers now.
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