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  1. I like the music for The Third Man Psycho ReAnimator - which the theme is a faster/slightly altered version of the Psycho theme The College Girl Murders ( it has a certain hip hop make me dance type of feel) I love the early Godzilla movies where Akira Ifukube did the music...basically doing most of the G movies from the 1960s, as well as the first Godzilla...plus Terror of Mechagodzilla & he did Godzilla vs King Ghidorah in 1991 A lot of the Bernard Hermann stuff I like, which was Psycho and a few others... The Indiana Jones theme, Star Wars, and Superman and right up there as w
  2. This is where I got Lifeboat from and I just got Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte..
  3. VCI is releasing the Phantom Creeps next month
  4. Digitalbits updated their classic coming attraction..
  5. I still think Roan Group is better, but if you are happy with DOA from Alpha, thats cool
  6. I have a lot of Alpha titles, some of their 1 hour obscurities are cool to watch.. There are a few movies I have seen that are just dull , a few prints that are too murky & dark, such as Condemned to Live.. They are like Sinister Cinema except Alpha does real DVD not DVDr...
  7. Funny, I just ordered the Red House & got it in, now I dread the print LOL I checked and it appears no other company seems to have a better print...well see
  8. 2 things about Oldies Media Mail is the best bet for them, as priority mail is way over priced, at least for a single DVD..and they do have tracking for their shipping Alpha titles will always be hit or miss as far as prints and movies good Sometimes a print will suck and the movie will be great, but you cant see anything if the print from Alpha is murky Its also possible for a vice versa with that..a good print for a crappy movie Suggestion - before buying from Alpha . not only read movie reviews about the movie, check on print quality as well...also see who else is selling the same tit
  9. DOA from The Roan Group is better quality than the Alpha One, or any other one for that matter.... I usually order Alpha Titles from Oldies ,but I found a seller on Amazon who sells them for even less and the shipping time was great on top of that
  10. Sony is releasing Sleuth on 3/11 on DVD and BluRay
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