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  1. Pride of the Vaseline ? Message was edited by: dsclassic
  2. Hey is that a jar of Vaseline in his hat ?? Gary NO ~~!!!
  3. I though of Lucille Ball myself..
  4. In the wake of Hot Red Heads Lets hear it for hot Asians in movie? Are there any ? Of course...I cant think of anyone NOW...but.....wait here they come Well Lucy Liu ? Monster Zero (Godzilla) had Miss Namikawa Dagora the Space Monster had a **** in there Mie Hama ?? the Girls from Green Snake ... Im trying to think of some older movies, but they were stereotyped back then... I love Asian girls !!!
  5. I did...and well.. JESS SAY NO Terrible movie Slimy characters, utter boredom..we are talking MST3K material The DVD Cover to this movie, the artwork is the same as another horror title, I cant think of the name of it but the covers both have the upside down woman....
  6. Night of the Living Dead by far ! My all time favorite horror Others It Conquered the World MANOS - The Hands of Fate ! Giant Claw Basically most of the Samuel Z Arkoff James Nicholson AIP wonder flicks Ring of Terror Im sure theres more
  7. I have this movie, its a treat when youre in the right mood to watch
  8. My friend was looking forward to Batman with HL as the Joker...now it takes an all different meaning I personally didnt know him too well...
  9. Charade is great, but better than Hitchcock ? Some yes, but not all... Charade and Arsenic and Old Lace were 2 of the best movies I saw late last year
  10. He is in the Lost Horizon, right ? Its up there in queue.......
  11. For me it depends on the take...I wasnt into Rope, but I liked Lifeboat a lot
  12. Another actor found in many movies, but he comes across as a spoiled brat...he does he fit with the classic movie stars Yea(YAY) or Nay I give this one a much deserved NAAAAAYYYY
  13. How about the movie Zodiac ..is one of them an Astrology movie? "No DS,now shut up!!"
  14. I love variety Tonight if I can stay awake I will watch these 2 They Made Me a Killer The Vampire
  15. Waaah WAAAAAH Crybabies ...good grief "Its only a movie" has never meant so much or so little
  16. Ive seen all the Psycho type horror films I have wanted to see except for the Death Wish movies and if I missed any Noirs that have a headcase in it... My netflix queue has almost 60 movies in it basically in addition to what I mentioned I have in queue Bette Davis Volumes 1 & 2 Robert Mitchum box set (Macao, The Yazuka,etc) 3 select Gary Cooper movies (dingdingding there goes the stock market) Alpha Titles Metropolis Several Alfred Hitchcock movies VCI Forgotten Noir (I heard these were best forgotten) Alibi Lolita DragonWars (I know this will suck, but I like giant monsters)
  17. I very much enjoy the Bogart/Bacall box set I have with all these movies...these are the movies that made me enjoy, appreciate classics to the point where I am checking out everything from everyone
  18. I like the music for The Third Man Psycho ReAnimator - which the theme is a faster/slightly altered version of the Psycho theme The College Girl Murders ( it has a certain hip hop make me dance type of feel) I love the early Godzilla movies where Akira Ifukube did the music...basically doing most of the G movies from the 1960s, as well as the first Godzilla...plus Terror of Mechagodzilla & he did Godzilla vs King Ghidorah in 1991 A lot of the Bernard Hermann stuff I like, which was Psycho and a few others... The Indiana Jones theme, Star Wars, and Superman and right up there as w
  19. What a bunch of **** crybabies...."mommy they're playing those modern movies again waaah wwaaah sniff sniff " Sorry but to see people whine and moan and boohoo over TCM programming especially when its Oscars month & all the movies they play have something to do with the Oscars you know modern movies are going to be there and people still whine, and complain rant and rave...like a bunch of cranky crabby old women !! Maybe thats what they really are...! Sheesh !! Get over it, get a life thats not glued to TCM for Pete's sake The February schedule is full of great films from all eras - b
  20. Im doing well Frank... Next on the Gary Cooper list... Its going to be awhile, but it looks like it will be the Fountainhead Maybe I will bump it up a little..Ive got my Netflix queue pretty set up for the next few weeks - I have Baby Doll, Lured, Phantoms of Death, Lost Horizon, Warner Gangster Collection Volume 2 titles, The Godfather 1 & 2 , The Tenant , Criterion's Insomnia & Lord of the Flies all before I get to my next Gary Cooper movie, but somewhere in my queue I might do a switcheroo for the Fountainhead, maybe instead of an Alpha title, I can view The Fountainhead... Iv
  21. There you go again mr old timer preaching people to watch older movies... JAWS is a paramount classic picture People will see what they want to see....contradictory to what you think
  22. I thoroughly enjoyed White Heat with Cagney going over the top !!
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