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  1. Hey gang. It's nice to see you all again now that the holiday has passed. Hope it was a good one for ya. Frank, Mogambo is one of my favorite Ava movies, so those screen caps are quite a treat. I'm really liking them right now. As April said, they're wonderful! I hope that you keep them coming. And wouldn't you know I've got more pictures to post..
  2. More for your viewing pleasure
  3. Photo from Night of the Iguana And two with Kathryn Grayson on the set of Showboat
  4. Dear Santa, All we want for Christmas is for you to stop sending us letters asking if we'd go and work in your workshop. We're not elves. Sincerely, The citizens of Munchkinland
  5. April, I don't think the photo of Ava and Bogie was from a scene in the movie, I think it might have been a publicity photo or something. But they do look great together in it, don't they? Like you, I was also hopping that they would get together and was a bit disappointed when they didn't. They were quite a pair, it would have been a great romance. I wasn't too fond of the ending either, I think they could have gone a different route with it, but I guess they did what they thought was best. It was still a great film none-the-less. Hi Shonna- I don't think I've ever heard that quote by Elizabeth either. Considering that she was also known to be one of the most beautiful women at the time, having her say that is quite a compliment. I wonder if Ava ever knew that she had said that?
  6. I love 'em. You seem to be posting the very sexy ones, by the way. I really thank you for that! I aim to please and I post them just for you, Frank ;-) Here's Ava with some of her leading men... Ava with Rob Mitchum ( I love this photo of them) With Rob Taylor and with Bogie
  7. That is a beautiful photo of Ava, April. And she looks beautiful in it, and not the glamourous kind of beauty, but the simple kind. It's like we're seeing the real Ava. It is now one of my favorites :-)
  8. Lauren, That's a great photo of Betty Hutton! So sad that she's passed on... Yes it is sad, I was a bit upset when I heard that she had died. She seemed like such a nice lady. But like all the others, at least she'll live on through her films and music.
  9. Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I would like a nice new pair of shoes. I ruined my last pair while I was dancing and singin' in the rain. Your pal, Don Lockwood
  10. I don't think I've ever seen Three Godfathers, what is it suppose to be about?
  11. Ava with chairman Mao. She looks like she's really enjoying herself, doesn't she?
  12. Lauren! Welcome back to Grabtown! Where'ya been, honey? I love the picture with the blue background, our girl's radiant there. I recently received in the mail the biography by Lee Server but I don't know when I'll get around to reading it. Thanks so much for breathing new life into the joint. Hey there April and thank you for the welcome back! It's like I told Frank, I just needed a bit of a break, to get out and do things in the real world for awhile. But I couldn't stay away for long, so here I am:-) I read the biography not too long ago, and I thought that it was really good. Once I started reading it, I couldn't seem to put it down. I think you'll like it. Frank- Thank you. I'm calm. I'm calm. Ohh heck, I love the phone pic! Yes, I'm screaming with joy. In that picture she's looking right at home in that red checkered dress. If anyone can pull off the country girl look, it's Ava.
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