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  1. A friend recalled a movie with a minimal amount of information. Any ideas. Black and white film. Folks visiting a mansion on a cliff above the ocean. A secret door opens in one of their rooms and ocean creatures kidnap them through the secret door down a seaweed filled cave like corridor and out under the ocean ... \ Thanks.
  2. I was watching the IBM getting it done commercial and found it interesting they used a shot of the building from Towering Inferno @44 or 45 seconds - https://www.ispot.tv/ad/oJf4/ibm-problems-inspire-us
  3. Any ideas on this movie - A female reporter or student gets lost or her car breaks down near a town with a mysterious past history. There is some history of the town dying off and coming back when clock chimes ring. The inn she checks into has an innkeeper but things she see are not really there disappear - like the fire in the fireplace, dancers at a party, and the inn keeper who shows her to her room. There is an underground tunnel beneath her bedroom where the reporter wanders down and get taken by a cult or something. I believe her brother and boyfriend find the town a
  4. 3 or 4 years ago I saw a movie trailer, pretty creepy movie but can't remember the name. This couple comes home at night and when they look in the back yard, a guy is standing by the pool, with his back to them, the lights are on. The husband arms the security system which responds by voice with "system armed". The wife is on the phone with the police when the lights go out. The security system reports "power failure". Then they hear a door open, the alarm goes off and the security system again responds with "door open". When the lights come back on the guy is standing in the bed room beside t
  5. Nope - the scene after NBNW - more like 19 and 20 - the camera from the bed shot and the young female actor expression.
  6. Still like listening to the December 2015 promo with Sam Dew Air. What is the movie at 18 & 19 seconds in this clip. May have to paste in. https://vimeo.com/147649228
  7. Is there a listing or area on TCM to watch or identify the fill-in segments that TCM runs between movies. These are the travel logs, educational movies. There was one early this morning right after The Great Escape (2/16) that looked interesting but I was half asleep.
  8. A Classic - looking at the VHS case from Sinister Cinema right Now. Mesa of Lost Women (1953) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesa_of_Lost_Women
  9. Solved - Was watching Bill Cosby Himself last night and he was doing the part about how during the wedding vows men remember Love and Honor and women focus on Obey.
  10. I can recall the candy assembly line episode where Lucy and Ethel get behind on the candy line. But I seem to recall a show that did a take on the same idea but it was pies, that needed to be placed in boxes and eventually the pies and boxes piled up in the corner. Anyone else recall this episode or sketch.
  11. The radio and TV broadcasts running in the background as the horror unfolded really intrigued me. I picture todays broadcasters reading from scripts versus what was unfolding in the background as the house was being boarded up. Radio Announcer: Because of the obvious threat to untold numbers of citizens due to the crisis that is even now developing, this radio station will remain on the air day and night. This station and hundreds of other radio and TV stations throughout this part of the country are pooling their resources through an emergency network hook-up to keep you informed of all d
  12. We have a whole series of DVDs we can play on Saturday or Sunday when the weather is bad and we feel like watching some fun Sci/Fi and horror movies - they include Them Monolith Monsters Tarantula When Worlds Collide it Came from Beyond Space The Day the Earth Stood Still The Monster that Challenged the World Various Godzilla movies The Blob The original The Thing And so on.
  13. Check out the link http://rondoaward.com/ Our very own Svengoolie picked up best horror host for 2009 - woot. Some pretty interesting horror categories.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation that I did not dream up the program . Great mention on the black and white TV. We had one of the large console black and white TV that stood on the floor. Had the large 2" or 3" channel knob for channels 2 to 13 and then the UHF knob for higher channels. I remember when the knob broke off there was a slotted stem left. We would use a screw driver to turn the channel. That screw driver off course stayed on top of the TV set so it was always handy. When the slotted step eventually gave way we needed to use a vise grips to grab what was left to turn the channel. That w
  15. Ok - I am not sure if this was a movie. I think it might have been an episode of Night Gallery or The Outer Limits or something like that. As I recall - there were a number (3 or 4) of people that needed to stay overnight in a house. Not sure what the reason was for the stay over but there were these worm-like furrows throughout the house that freaked out the people staying there. As the night progressed and the furrows become more numerous the people in the house kept getting more freaked out and either turned into worms or killed who they thought was the culprit. A little fuzzy at the e
  16. Was watching Bringing Up Baby last night and I see that actor Virginia Walker was only in a few movies, was sister-in-law to Howard Hawks, and she died at a young age (30). There were not details on her life or on her death. Anyone know what happened to her in December 1946. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0908294/
  17. Would love to see this classic on TCM.
  18. For all you Mamie Van Dorn fans - Svengoolie on WCIU-Chicago channel 26 will be running The Navy versus the Night Monsters on Saturday August 2nd. Suggestions have been made to WCIU via the Sven Blog to stream or offer the Svengoolie show on the internet for fans to watch worldwide.
  19. Many a time from 1970 to 1976 do I remember watching Creature Features on WGN. The link below has an original sound track from the opening with a re-creation of the monster montage - video is about 1/2 way down the page. According to the notes all the original video tape on the show openings was erased. Enjoy the Mancini music - Experiment in Terror http://www.wgncreaturefeatures.tvheaven.com/custom2.html Here is the poem voiceover if interested. http://wgncreaturefeatures.tvheaven.com/images/creaturespoemold.jpg
  20. Many a time from 1970 to 1976 do I remember watching Creature Features on WGN. The link below has an original sound track from the opening with a re-creation of the monster montage - video is about 1/2 way down the page. According to the notes all the original video tape on the show openings was erased. Enjoy the Mancini music - Experiment in Terror http://www.wgncreaturefeatures.tvheaven.com/custom2.html
  21. I caught part of Guadalcanal Diary this weekend and there was a scene where William Bendix and Richard Jaeckel (I think) were working on digging a trench - with several others. They were singing some sort of folk song inspiration song while digging, did not catch any of the words - any ideas what it might be? Message was edited by: longshot2
  22. Vallo - I had worked the route you suggested but most of the actors playing guards do not have photos and even with google searches on names images did not come up that rung a bell. At first I thought it might the brother of James Cameron - Mike - not sure by the photo I saw. Might have to pop the DVD in again and take a look.
  23. Towards the end of Schwarzenegger film Eraser as they are hitting the docks. The Mob group, Tony Two Toes, Little Mike etc are trying to get by the dock guards. One Guard says something like we have a situation here and other guards go to help out. The taller guard says something like - Actor - This is a matter of national security. Clear this area immediately! Tone 2 Toes says - Are you threatening us Actor - Absolutely. Anyone know which actor said those lines. Can not remember the characters name in the movie. Solved - Brian Libby http://www.filmdope.com/Galler
  24. Thats the movie. The part that stands out was the victim that was encased in clay - I will leave it at that for now for those that want to tune in on May 6th.
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