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  1. Patch, Gideon - Gary Cooper in *The Wreck of the Mary Deare*
  2. I must confess, I continue to be intrigued by the notion of whether Webster's final speech to the jury may be construed as being a symbol of something altogether larger. For it is important to remember that Webster's main goal at this juncture is to keep the Devil from taking Jabez's soul - and his own. His line of reasoning seems to be that to keep "the country from going to the devil" they can start out by releasing Jabez from his obligation. How were audiences in 1941, before Pearl Harbor, supposed to feel about this? Were they really expected to draw a parallel with the world situation
  3. > {quote:title=ChipHeartsMovies wrote:}{quote} > FF, you must let me know if you visit Our Town so we can have a drink together. I would most certainly like that! I don't get out to NYC as much as I did when my mom lived there, but if I ever do, I'll be sure to let you know.
  4. Perhaps one can hate Belle as a character (and everything the character represents) while still admiring the tres belle Simone Simon for being such a talented actress. Same goes for Walter Huston - hate the character, love the actor! :x
  5. Vivian Pickles also was in *O Lucky Man!* - with fellow BBC alum, Helen Mirren B-)
  6. *Why? If I were a provocateur, I might say something like: More wonderful noirs were made before Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) and after Touch of Evil (1958) than were made during the Classic Age of Film Noir. I took a few minutes and thought of these favorites of mine that I have proudly standing beside the best of 1940-58:* Those are truly a wonderful selection of films, ChiO. Even the most jaded and cynical noir fan should be persuaded that noirs shouldn't be limited to just what came between 1940 and 1958. B-)
  7. Maroon, Colonel Clint - Gary Cooper in *Saratoga Trunk*
  8. Sounds like we have a very exciting year coming our way. Kudos to the programmers and all others at TCM who are working very hard to make this a very special year for us viewers. B-)
  9. Sara Haden was in *Our Vines Have Tender Grapes* with _Frances Gifford_
  10. Thelma Todd was in *Counsellor at Law* with _Isabel Jewell_
  11. *Here are some more Unconquered screencaps. I'm just posting the links so they won't take up too much space.* Makes more sense that way, imho! Thank you again for mentioning the paint.net program, it's really a thing of beauty! B-)
  12. > {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote} > I've never seen that version of "Titanic" before. What or *who* did they blame for the sinking? A capitalist iceberg? (j/k - I haven't seen it either)
  13. Kurin, Dr. Pavel Grigorich - Walter Huston in *The North Star*
  14. Has TCM ever shown Leni Riefenstahl's documentaries? I would think *Triumph of the Will* and *Olympia* would be great picks for the "Sunday Import" time slot.
  15. > {quote:title=ChipHeartsMovies wrote:}{quote} > I know their recent autograph mobbings in New York and shout-outs from the stage at Tippi Hedren events in LA aside haven't turned any of our pals into fameballs. I _know_ nary a one of them begrudges a juicy check going to Ernest Borgnine. Well, I wouldn't think any of them would begrudge it, whether it's Ernest Borgnine or anyone else who might be worthy of a "Private Screenings" taping. But the cost factor added to the lack of availability of some of the stars who might be considered stacks the odds against TCM. All the more reaso
  16. One of the comments I found intriguing was in regards to the possibility that William Dieterle might have wanted to send an anti-Hitler message with certain scenes in *The Devil and Daniel Webster*. I don't think a strong case has been made for that, although it certainly is perfectly possible. Of course, Dieterle was among the luckier of the emigres, having come to America around 1930, before the Nazis and Hitler were in power. It is certainly true that even by 1930, however, Germany was beset with mass unemployment and widespread business failures. William Dieterle > And this is
  17. Well I take it you must be watching *Lured* at this very moment. I'm just recording it for later. At least the print looks pretty good. I looked it up and it seems to be a PD film, there's several versions out on DVD and I don't know if any of them look very good.
  18. > {quote:title=ChiO wrote:}{quote} > 17. Burt Lancaster as "J.J. Hunsecker" (Sweet Smell of Success): I tend to be ambivalent about Lancaster as an actor -- sometimes he's painful for me to watch -- but this may have been the role he was born to play. Nasty, cruel, cynical and in love with his younger sister...and maybe Sidney Falco, too. Who says I ain't a romantic? > That is a nice list, ChiO. I'm not sure about Hunsecker being in love with Falco, though. I don't think he was his type. And I'm not sure Hunsecker could ever really love anyone as much as he loved himself!
  19. > And who knows what fees are paid to the celebs? Probably _a lot more_ than the fees paid to the fan programmers!
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