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  1. I don't remember having seen first-person POV in a movie before, so I was pleased to watch this opening clip from Dark Passage. I liked its use as a new way to open a film, and it let me get inside the mind of an alleged criminal. I have not seen this film, so I would be interested in seeing the entire movie, to see how it all comes together.
  2. The opening scene of The Letter, with its shocking onscreen killing of Mr. Hammond as Leslie empties the fully-loaded pistol into him without a flinch, is followed by an almost equally shocking scene when Leslie orders the foreman to get the police and tell them that there's been an accident! She is emotionless, as if this is almost a daily occurrence, in my opinion. Perhaps she is in shock. After all, the plantation workers were merely feet away when this happened and watched the scene unfold from the moment Leslie and Mr. Hammond came outside. This was no accident, many of them must be
  3. The opening scene of the train in La Bete Humaine is thrilling in the same way that Life is thrilling whenwe're on a new adventure. This scene can be interpreted as a metaphor for life. We are hurtling ever forward, mostly expecting positive things. Suddenly, there is darkness in front of us; it is an unknown for those of us who have never traveled down this road before. The sound of the train, the screeching of the whistle, the blackness of the tunnel. We escape from the darkness after a brief period and see our destination approaching. We breathe a sigh of relief because we believe that we a
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