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  1. I saw this movie years ago. I thought it was named "Flowers in the Attic" but that is not it. The story is a woman who lives with her mother and daughter. The Grandmother is a man-hater. The teenage girl has long blond hair. Everyone is always telling her to beware of men. Mom gets a boyfriend who treats the teenager kindly. The girl starts acting strange - cuts her hair and turns out to be a boy who had been raised as a girl his entire life. Very creepy movie Any ideas?
  2. I looked through IMDB for George Raft. I only found him with Bogart in one movie "They Drive By Night" Raft has acted with everyone from Mae West to Gary Cooper. I will look again to see if I missed it.
  3. When this movie first came out our film class ended up watching it 15 times, for one reason or another. There was a scene where Burke was asked to stay with Regan. While he is there he went into her room with the crucifix. She blew him out of the window. Why was that scene cut from the movie? That is how the crucifix came to be in the room and that is why Regan's windows were open. Am I the only one who remembers this scene?
  4. Been there - Done that March 13, 1979. And they said it could not be done!!!
  5. I joked with someone that I had seen their clone today. He said "There were 9. I am number 7". I laughed but can not place the quote. I will need to identify it within the next 30 minutes but can not place it. Please help. Thanks
  6. It was an assignment because it used techniques others had not tried. It did not make my list of favourites either. Thanks for the comment. Lamisi
  7. I love that movie and it became a favourite of my children. Glad you found it. Lamisi
  8. Does anybody else remember this scene? Lamisi
  9. It seems like Vincent Price was in it but he was in a suit. I have his collection and do not see the movie in question. Do you remember a sitting room with a door in the wall high off the floor with someone looking out? (wall not ceiling- not "Hell House") Why did you say the blade was gold? Was it in colour? This was B/W or maybe it was just my television was B/W. Thanks for commenting. Glad I am not the only one who saw this. Lamisi
  10. It was probaby in the early 60's? The people are trapped in a room/house. It is not House on a Haunted Hill. All I remember is they try to use the phone and a blade comes out of the receiver and kills someone. Not much to go on. Sorry. Thank you, in advance, for answering a question we have been researching for many years. Lamisi
  11. When the "Exorcist" came to the screen I was in a class that required me to see it many times as we watched for different concepts and did audience reactions. I recently watched the movie with all deleted scenes restored. There is a scene I remember but can not find it. It is the scene where the movie director takes the cross to the little girl's room. I am not sure why this scene was deleted and even more why it was not returned. If you have any information please advise. Thanks you in advance. Lamisi
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