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  1. Marie Osmond is a much better actress than Jane Fonda. I'd like to see Erik Estrada and Marie Osmond in a remake of "The Barretts of Wimpole Street".
  2. Marie Osmond is a much better actress than Jane Fonda. I'd like to see Erik Estrada and Marie Osmond in a remake of "The Barretts of Wimpole Street".
  3. >I usually ignore such twaddle< Mongo Baby, What about some twiddle?
  4. If MGM owned the property, Van Johnson would have starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire" with June Allyson as Stella and Jane Russell (on loan out) as Blanche. It would have been great acting at it's height. On the other hand Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando would have been perfect in "Good News". I better get some rest. Tommorrow I have an acting lesson with Marie Osmond who is preparing for her role in the remake of "A Lion in Winter", co-starring Harvey Fierstein. Directed by Charo, of course!
  5. Kyle seems to have a problem with "Lesbians in Des Moines". Never you mind - God Bless America and my best to all Lesbians living in Des Moines. Especially the lesbians that hang out at Home Depot in Downtown Des Moines.
  6. I agree! Take a chance, Cinemaven, take a chance!
  7. Hey Mongo - Thanks for posting that - very interesting. Dredm - Gable was king and you are a peasant. Marco44 - ditto! Bartlett and Fred Rule!
  8. Gosh - I am still so popular to the Janie Fonda fans.
  9. My cousin lost his leg in the Korean War, but is one of the happiest men I know today. I'm sure he would love to have a tribute. How about a month for parapalegics.
  10. It was a great movie with a 14 year old Annie Miller - but what is the point of this thread? Whoops - time to hit the "ignore button".
  11. An Ignore button is very important! I concur!
  12. It'll never stop: The Gays in June and the Blacks in February. Oh Dear! How about the Jews in October to commerate Yum Kippor! What could be next! Diversity! Diversity! Diversity! How the world loves Diversity!
  13. Well I can't imagine Esther Williams having the same kind of appeal today, because the world today is very different than it was in the 40's and 50's. No kidding! And that's where having an opposable thumb comes in handy - just click that little button on your remote and change the channel whenever there's a movie on you don't feel like watching. Wow! - We can actually change the channel - We all didn't know that! It would be great if you would add something intelligent to this thread than just stating the obvious. It's really annoying when the only reply someone has is 'Just
  14. Don't apologize. I also think Esther Williams was terrible! - You wrote a very interesting post with very thought out opinions. All these limited-in-thought posters can say in response to your post is that they don't agree on Esther Williams when you wrote so much more of interest, or they totally belittle your opinion by accusing someone of liking "High School Musical" if you don't like MGM corn. I don't agree with all of your post, but I do appreciate your offering an intelligent opinion all your own. I'll PM you on my thoughts, as not to also get the wrath of these posters. Not everybody
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