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  1. soundtrackers, thanks for the info on which movie this might be, it sounds like an interesting one from 1965 about the revolution in Mexico i checked the tcm mdb and it doesnt say when it will air or re air, so i dont know how to confirm which movie it might be, but i will try to keep my eye out for it to air sometime in the future Message was edited by: cinekeen
  2. thanks all for the info, Time Life is putting the complete tv series onto dvd via their own website, its an expensive buy, but all the episodes are available at once in stead of season by season release which in some cases not all seasons get onto dvd if they dont sell its a bit too expensive for me to order this dvd collection until the box set is released thru most online retailers a year from now, as it stands i think they want over $200 for it, im sure it will come down in price once its exclusivity is gone so TCM is providing me with just a sample taste of the compiled tv show
  3. Does anyone know if the upcoming (Tue 6th Nov) Man from Uncle shows are actually movies or compilations of the tv series?
  4. Hi, There is a scene clip from the world cinema promo (Sundays 2am) where there are 3 knights (with white crosses on their robes) standing in front of an oncoming train (tracks)... Does anyone know which movie this is?
  5. Has anyone seen this war movie, they show it often. I am really into old WWII war movies. From black and white to color, all decades. Kirk Douglas was in another favourite of mine- Paths of Glory directed by Stanley Kubrick. I think Telemark was exciting with the snow and ski sequences and battling the evil nazi's in Norway. Great Location work. It is based on a true story. Richard Harris in an early role and Kirk Douglas very good role. Important story of history, to deny Nazi Germany of the atom bomb. Resistance fighters and commando's. Some of my favourite war films ar
  6. I'm right with both of you guys' comments... You're favorites are mine too, yet, I tend to like almost all of the Hammer films. I'm building up a collection of them on dvd. Since like you said, its hard to catch many of them on tv. I think its amazing how Christopher Lee is still going strong for his age with the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars films. I am sure he is proud of himself, I wonder what kind of life he has had, it would be interesting to read biographies of Peter, Christopher, and Vincent Price. I'll have to look up any on a book website.
  7. RobinsHood, Thanks for the concern about my mom's passing. I think you are right about Errol's new popularity and fans. I remember another of his movies, The Dawn Patrol, also starring his friend, David Niven. I found his acting really admirable in this one. I just finished watching his first major movie, Captain Blood, and he was a dashing hero who gets the girl Olivia... no wonder he went on to early success after this one. Later tonight I will be watching The Sea Hawk and tomorrow, Robin Hood. I think your book sounds worthwhile, good luck in this endeavor. I di
  8. I just saw the Adventures of Errol Flynn documentary that i recorded or my dig vid rec... I thought Errol lead an exciting and rewarding life, the documentary was well done... to die at age 50 is short though, my mother recently passed at age 59, and I think in both cases this is too early and cut short...and tragic I will be watching Captain Blood, Adventures of Robin Hood, and the Sea Hawk, tonight and tomorrow.
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