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  1. The movies I have been looking forward to are "Going My way","Holiday Inn", "White Christmas", and "The Miracle of The Bells". I am very disapointed not to see that one on any one's lineup. I also have not been able to find a copy and fear it may just not be available.
  2. My absolute favorite is "Calamity Jane" and I was really mad when I found outt that there was never a sound track album realised!
  3. What is the name of the movie that starred Edmond O'brien and Jane Wyman, where Edmond is an alcholic. I think he is the one who starts AA.
  4. That is sooo cool! My sister and I are planing a trip in the future and You all have left some of the coolest stories! Thanks to everyone who has posted here. It makes me want to go out there sooner. I just wish I had the finances for it. But we are working on it. Thanks again.
  5. Hey, listen that is sooo cool, thanks.
  6. Ok, and it is accross the street from one of the studios, right? Everybody goes there, right? Sounds great! If anyone else has suggestions of places to go, let me know. I want to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, too, but will probably find it too expensive. But I figure at least I can say I was there, once.
  7. There is a short film that Ben Mankiewitz makes with a friend of his, where the two of them are driving up a popular street in Hollywood. They talk about places to go, then they stop in at a popular resturant. I want to know the name of the resturant. The only thing I know about Hollywood are what I see in old movies or on I love Lucy reruns. Seems Schwabs drug store is long closed, The Brown Derby is not there anymore, and Cerios, where Lucy gets a match book, is now I think a comedy club. My sister and I are planning a trip to Hollywood, California. I would like to visit some of the "o
  8. Wow! I too like her in everything she was in. And I wondered what ever happened to her. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  9. I would like to reply that I once read the book "Cagney by Cagney". In it, Cagney talks about also coming from New York, being tough and being type cast as a bad guy, when he would have preferred to be a song and dance man. I also believe he says that he and George were good friends and even when they got to Hollywood they still hung around together. When they went out with friends to the 'bar' they were sometimes referred to as the Irish Mafia, because they were all Irish, but very approachable and perfect gentlemen. Not at all like the characters they played in the movies. So all of the
  10. I have seen some English movies lately, all of which have been great and I believe most of them were made by the MGM studio in London.Two of them were "Mrs Miniver" and "Goodbye Mr. Chips", and I also loved the movie "The White Cliffs of Dover". I would like to know if there was a book written about the MGM studio there that might include a list of all of the films they made. I would like to start a collection.
  11. Dear People, My sister says she wants a copy of a movie for christmas. Seems like a no-brainer till I hear which movie she wants. It stars 3 lady's: Carol Lynley; Ann Margaret, and a third lady she can't remember. The movie is about 3 girls who travel to Spain. She thinks it may have come out in the late 60's. She has no ideal what the title of the movie is and i've never heard of it. If it sounds familiar to anyone do let me know, and thanks.
  12. Thanks, guys, and I will try to tape it tonight!
  13. TCM does not say when any of their shorts will be on. The one I like the best, though I have not seen it lately, is called either 100 years of movies, or 100 years at the movies. First does any one know if will be shown again? Will they update it and maybe add more snip-it's to it? and is it available to purchase? If I see it, I like to see if I can name all of the movies.
  14. I saw a movie once on the TCM chancel and would like to request that they show it again, but I don't know the title. The star of the movie was someone that I like but can't think of her name. The lady is in a coma at the beginning of the movie. I believe the whole story is a flash back to when she meets the handsome soldier, played by George Reeves. It is a war story about a large group of nurses stationed at a hospital on some island. I can picture the lady, she is the same one who plays with Fred MacMurry in "The Egg and I". But just can't recall her name. Does any one know the film I
  15. to all of you who answered me, thanks you guys are the best Loralie
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